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Bizarre MUFON case in California: X-Files on one of the Tracks

Recently, a video has appeared on several UFO channels, which shows either a UFO or a UFO-like object, most likely belonging to the US military. The video is interesting not so much with a picture as with a description of this whole story by an eyewitness – a truck driver.

The video was posted on MUFON on June 17, although, as the author pointed out, the incident itself took place back in 2016. What prompted the driver to release the video just now? Is the driver the author, or some CIA agent involved in the disclosure of contacts of the US military with aliens? The answers to these questions are a mystery. 

The aforementioned object is most likely a UAV, since it is rather difficult to shove the pilot into a box measuring 5 X 7 meters. There are, of course, precedents, for example the XF-85 Goblin, which was just about the same dimensions, that is, 5 meters long and 7 meters wingspan.

It was an experimental airplane that was suspended as a bomber and had to undock and engage in battle only when enemy fighters appeared. 

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It is unlikely that the US military would prefer to to go into more depth, so it was either a UAV or an airplane controlled by something. So, for example, there is a conspiracy theory according to which “little green men” are actually nothing more than a product of genetic engineering of the US military, created specifically to control new devices – a person’s brains are sintered in them.  

In general, although everyone now has a lot of questions, the main thing that is clear and obvious is that the US military has some secret ‘devices’ that fly without propellers, on some other principles. 

The situation with them is somewhat similar to the appearance of the first reagents by the Germans: the Allied pilots saw them quite often, but kept silent so that they would not be removed from flights and sent to the madhouse because “planes do not fly without propellers”. However, as we can see, they do fly! 

Moreover, not only without propellers, but also some fans and other jet turbines. Probably, we may soon see the combat use of these ‘devices’. 

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