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“Birth is not a beginning. Death is not the end.” Researcher D. Hodson expanded knowledge about life after death with the help of clairvoyance

“This topic always arouses the highest interest, because what person has not experienced the bitterness of loss, and at the same time the desire to find out where the people we love go, and where we will someday have to go. In times like these, labors like this are comforting. This record of clairvoyant research is being published in the hope of expanding public knowledge about life after death.”

This is how the philosopher and researcher Geoffrey Hodson greets his readers in his book Clairvoyant Research on Life After Death. Contemporaries of Hodson, who lived in the last century, argued that the researcher has amazing abilities and uses them to study and describe the subtle world in which the soul of every living being is born and lives.

The known unknown world

At the beginning of the book, Jeffrey Hodson says that he has to tell his readers about one important fact. It will obviously be difficult to believe in it, but the researcher himself did not doubt the melon fact. Hodson said that the world to which each of us will go after the end of life is not so unknown. According to the researcher, a person visits this world every time during sleep.

When the physical body sleeps, a person is awake in the body in which he will stay after the end of earthly life. Geoffrey Hodson finds the difference between sleep and death only in the fact that during sleep our connection with the dense body is not lost.

What happens to a person at the moment when the connection with his physical body is cut off forever? According to Geoffrey Hodson, thanks to research done with the help of clairvoyance, he discovered that in most cases a person is not even aware that his earthly life is completed. Events from his life with all the victories and losses, as well as the results to which they led, appear in his mind. According to the researcher, the moment of such viewing is very important, since from it a person extracts the wisdom of the life he has lived.

After the end of the viewing, there comes a time of complete unconsciousness. This stage is individual for each person and can last up to 48 hours. After that, the person awakens in a new life, often without realizing what has happened. At this moment, a person is met by one of the relatives or assistants who support the newcomer while he is getting used to his new life.

Having settled into the new world, a person continues to engage in the business that aroused the greatest interest in earthly life. Scientists, for example, continue their research work, the results of which are now becoming more fruitful. Because in the new world they discover new knowledge in the structure of matter and evolution, which were hidden in earthly life.

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In the same way, people who are passionate about painting in earthly life continue to strive for beauty, creating new creations with the help of the mighty power of thought. Musicians will be able to discover a deeper understanding of art.

Clothing, shelter, food and other earthly goods

The mighty power of thought in the other world creates not only new works of art, but also those benefits that interested us most in earthly life. For example, clothes and jewelry can be changed instantly by willpower.

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Blood is created in the same way. True, according to Geoffrey Hodson, in the subtle world there is no need for it. As for food, it also loses its importance in the other world. Everything necessary for the subtle body is absorbed by it from the surrounding atmosphere. This happens automatically, like breathing in the dense world.

According to Geoffrey Hodson, the emotional component of a person’s life in the other world and its conditions depend on the way of life that a person adhered to while in a dense body. A friendly person will wake up in a friendly world, and for a pessimistic and proud person, the new world will seem deserted and gloomy. All the emotions that prevailed in a person in earthly life are experienced in another world with a force previously unknown.

For example, if a person during his lifetime was tormented because of some unsatisfied desire, this torment will be especially acute in his persecutor in the subtle world. But this suffering will not last forever. According to Hodson, they will end when the energy spent on indulging this desire runs out.

Passing through suffering and learning from them a lesson, a person learns it forever. The lesson learned will affect the next life. In it, a person will feel disgust for those desires and vices, because of which he had to suffer in the subtle world. Thus, a person rises to the spiritual knowledge of himself.

“The loss of a loved one is inevitably difficult, but it turns out that there is practically nothing to grieve about. Because death is a release and a transition to a better life. Birth is not a beginning. Death is not the end. Both the first and the second are only a repetition in the sequence of lives, thanks to which we approach inner perfection”, writes researcher Jeffrey Hodson.


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