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Bioweapon? Monkeypox seems to be getting very serious as more cases are being identified

Bioweapon? Monkeypox seems to be getting very serious as more cases are being identified 1

Monkeypox should not be spread from person to person, but there are now shocking human cases in the UK and the authorities do not understand how it is spreading. As we saw with COVID, deadly diseases can mutate in dangerous, inexplicable and unpredictable ways. And, as we have also seen, a few human cases could eventually turn into a worldwide pandemic.

Monkeypox is a rare disease even in Africa, where it was first discovered, but it is exceptionally rare in Europe and the United States. Therefore, it is very strange how smallpox appeared in London.

Naturally, the UKHSA, the UK Health Security Agency, deals with these cases themselves, its employees are paid money just for this, but the interest of conspiracy theorists in the topic is completely free and lies in something else.

This interest lies in the fact that, according to probably hundreds of prophecies and revelations received during the pandemic, the next plague will be some kind of smallpox – that is, sick people around the world will also have some kind of blisters, this will be, as it were, the main second wave symptom. 

Where do all these strange mutations with monstrous consequences for humans come from? There are actually three versions, two of which are associated with special services and well-known “organizations”: Randomness (how many regular and inexplicable “accidents” must occur to be recognized as patterns?), artificial origin and disinformation, a psychological warfare.

Monkeypox in the UK

Just 24 hours have passed and the number of confirmed cases in the UK has more than doubled. This is a disease that should not be transmitted from person to person, but, inexplicably, in these new cases, person-to-person transmission has occurred. All four of the new confirmed cases are “gay or bisexual men” and none have recently been to Africa, according to British authorities.

Four more people in the UK have been diagnosed with monkeypox. All four of the new patients are gay or bisexual who contracted in London and had no ties to Africa, health officials confirmed as Metro reported yesterday.

Monkeypox goes Global

Meanwhile, even more news are flooding in that there are already 8 cases of monkeypox under suspicion in Spain, 5 confirmed and 15 under suspicion in Portugal, and smallpox has also moved to the USA, where there are already several cases:

Bioweapon? Monkeypox seems to be getting very serious as more cases are being identified 2

In the USA, they write the following about the monkeypox spread: 

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expressed concern about an unusual outbreak of monkeypox in the United Kingdom, suggesting that there appears to be at least some undetected transmission of the virus there and warning of the possibility of the outbreak spreading beyond the UK.

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“We have concerns that this is very different from what we usually think of monkeypox. And I think we have some concerns that it could be related to the spread outside the UK,” Jennifer McQuiston, a senior CDC official, told STAT.

Since the beginning of May, seven confirmed and one probable case of monkeypox have been found in the UK – an unusually high number given that human cases of monkeypox are rare and especially rare outside West and Central Africa. While one of the cases recently traveled to Nigeria, where monkeypox is endemic, others appear to have contracted the virus in the UK. 

As we all know and understand, in the case of pandemic coverage, the press works with some delay and reports what happened three days ago. Already yesterday, British tabloids are writing that there are not 9 cases, but dozens, and the US Department of Health (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC) is already offering vaccines:  

When properly administered prior to exposure to monkeypox, vaccines effectively protect humans against monkeypox. ACAM200 and JYNNEOSTM (also known as Imvamune or Imvanex) are the two vaccines currently licensed in the United States to prevent smallpox. 

ACAM2000 is administered as a live virus preparation that is injected into the skin by piercing the surface of the skin. After a successful graft, a lesion will develop at the graft site. The virus growing at the site of such a vaccination lesion can spread to other parts of the body or even to other people. Persons receiving ACAM2000 vaccine must take precautions to prevent the spread of the vaccine virus.

JYNNEOSTM is administered as a live non-replicating virus. It is administered as two subcutaneous injections four weeks apart. There is no visible lesion and, as a result, there is no risk of spread to other parts of the body or other people. People who receive JYNNEOS TM are not considered vaccinated until they have received both doses of the vaccine.

Monkeypox – symptoms in humans

Monkeypox begins with fever, headache, muscle aches, and exhaustion. The main difference between the symptoms of smallpox and monkeypox is that monkeypox causes swelling of the lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), while smallpox does not. The incubation period (time from infection to symptoms) for monkeypox is usually 7-14 days, but can vary from 5-21 days.

Because monkeypox has such a long incubation period, this would make it an ideal candidate for a global pandemic if it mutates into a form that can easily spread to humans.

According  to the CDC, monkeypox typically lasts 2-4 weeks. It has been shown to cause human death 10 times more often than COVID -19. So, can you imagine what a pandemic will do with a death rate 10 times higher than coronavirus?

Monkeypox, photo
Monkeypox, photo

It is now clear that the last four men contracted monkeypox in the UK. But what really puzzles officials is the fact that these four new cases had no contact with the case that was confirmed on May 7th. They also had no contact with the cases, which were confirmed on 14 May.

“Urgent investigations are underway to establish a link between the last four cases, although they do not appear to be related to either the case announced on May 7 or previous infections announced on May 14.”

This situation hints at artificial infection. The UKHSA noted that all recent patients being treated for a viral infection identify themselves as gay, bisexual or those who have had relationships with other men.

“All patients in need of medical care are located in specialized infectious disease units at the Royal Free Hospital, the Royal Victorian Infirmary Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne and Guys’ and St Thomas’ Hospital,” the UKHSA said.

“This suggests that there are additional cases somewhere that the authorities are not yet aware of.” Gay and bisexual men in the UK are currently advised to look out for any “unusual rashes or lesions”.

“We especially urge gay and bisexual men to look out for any unusual rashes or lesions and contact sexual health services immediately.”

“We are reaching out to any potential close contacts of patients to provide information and health advice.”

Extremely dangerous pathogen

We are dealing with a virus and antibiotics are useless. Contagiousness (the ability to transmit a pathogen) in this disease is rabid, that’s what’s alarming. The pathogen itself (the main strain) is recognized as extremely dangerous – Bioterrorism Agents/Diseases, and is #1 on the list (Category A), variola major – natural smallpox.

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The US public health system and primary health care providers must be prepared to deal with a variety of biological agents, including pathogens that are rare in the United States. High priority agents include organisms that pose a threat to national security because they:

• can be easily spread or transmitted from person to person;

• lead to high mortality rates and can have a serious public health impact.;

• can cause public panic and social upheaval; and

• require specific public health preparedness measures.

Biological weapons, from the point of view of specialists, pose the greatest danger among weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological). It has the highest destructive potential compared to other types of weapons, according to the FBI, the number of victims as a result of dispersing 100 kg of anthrax spores in the air over any major US city will be much more than from a 1 Mt hydrogen bomb explosion. 

Unlike chemical weapons, whose potential agents are well studied and for most of them methods of detection, treatment of victims and disinfection have been worked out, in the case of biological agents a qualitatively different situation arises. In nature, there is a huge variety of microorganisms – viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause diseases in humans, plants and animals. 

According to experts, we know no more than a fraction of a percent of existing viruses, a few percent of microbes. Nature is constantly creating new pathogens – so-called “emerging infections”. Over the past 20 years alone, more than 30 new infectious agents have been registered, such as HIV, Marburg, Ebola viruses, against which there are still no means of treatment and prevention

Perfect Storm

We are already dealing with COVID and the new horrific bird flu pandemic, now monkeypox has been added to the list. It is still unclear where this virus got out from.

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At the same time, we are facing unprecedented economic challenges, the biggest land war in Europe since World War II, a rapidly growing global food crisis, a nightmarish energy crisis and the worst inflationary crisis in decades.

A lot of people are surprised by this “perfect storm” that is working according to the exact script. In addition, at the moment, almost every form of evil imaginable is growing around us.

It is possible of course that the monkeypox cases from London, Spain, Portugal and the US will not have any dramatic continuation: the Second Horseman, that is, the war, is still galloping and it is completely unclear how much more he will ride.

Unless of course, things will get a dramatic turn and the pestilence horseman will make a fiery comeback as John Paul Jackson and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj envisioned back in 2020:

There is coming another pandemic. It’s not the day after tomorrow but it is coming. And this one is a serious one. This pandemic – the problem is that, the first one that was coming wasn’t going to be that major, and that people would kind of make light of the next one. But the next one is not going to be that light. The next one is going to be a very stunning issue and there is going to be a lot of people – I didn’t see but in a way it looked like a chickenpox type of thing again or like a smallpox type of thing again, where there are sores of the skin that take place. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know what to call that. I don’t know what they symptoms might be called, but there were sores on the skin that erupted because of this issue.John Paul Jackson

So when this great wind comes, it will sting people like a hornet’s stinger. When a hornet stings a person, a person feels hot, with fire-like sensation and swelling like boils appears on their bodies. In the same manner, when this wind stings a person, that person will feel hot like fire over them, and their temperature will rise above 100°F, above 38°C. So, the feelings will be hot like fire burning all over their body, and fever will shoot up in their bodies, more than 100°F, and boils will develop all over their faces and bodies, especially in the chest area. These are the physical symptoms when this virus stings.

Now doctors and scientists will be baffled and perplexed at not being able to discover at all any medicine or vaccine for this. This morning I read in the news, a scientific report about this coronavirus, that the scientists are still trying to understand the DNA of this virus. And they say, a vaccine will still a long time away. So there is no medicine; there is no vaccine. And by that time they claim that they have found something, this hornet will come to sting. But this time, the doctors and the scientists will not be able to discover any way how this virus works, and they will not be able to discover any medicine or vaccine. And when He spoke the word “wind,” it was made for me to know this. Another great wind, worse than coronavirus pandemic is going to sweep this whole world. The world is shaken with fear and trembling because of coronavirus, but the word of the Lord came to say, another, worse than coronavirus, is going to come. When that comes, it will make this coronavirus look like child’s play.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

The Third Horseman, that is, famine, is so far visible only on news page future articles and is rising from the knees of countries such as North Korea and Iran. 

The fourth horseman will come after that, most likely not earlier than next year. 

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