Biological warfare rehearsals and the fine art of “Dark Science”

In September 2001, Sir William Stewart (microbiologist and Chief Scientific Adviser to the English Government from 1990 to 1995) stated:

“There are those who say: The First World War was chemical. The Second was nuclear. And the Third – God forbid – will be biological”.

What Sir William Stewart did not say, of course, is that World War III began in 1954.

Speaking of this “Quiet War”, it has the character of a biological warfare. “Silent Weapons” are biological weapons, in the broad sense that they attack the vitality, the choices, the mobility of the members of a society, their sources of physical and social energy, as well as their physical, intellectual, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

But there are also biological weapons in the narrow sense, that is, weaponized pathogens (microbes, viruses, etc.).

In 1997, a group of American academic scientists met to discuss “the threat posed by the development and use of biological agents”, and the risk of biological warfare with genetically modified pathogens.

These scientists grouped the potential genetically modified pathogens into six broad categories:

  • Binary biological weapons
  • Engineered genes
  • Gene therapy as a weapon
  • Stealth viruses
  • Host switching diseases
  • Planned diseases

Note that, already at that time,  biotechnology had the ability to produce and store genetically modified agents. There were even rumors of biological agents targeting specific ethnic groups.

Both the scientific community and government authorities were convinced that genetically modified pathogens would be the “next generation” of biological warfare agents.

The biotech revolution was still in its early stages, but its achievements were already impressive and foreshadowed a controversial future. Like all science/technology, biotechnology is a double-edged sword – it can be used for either good or bad.

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Despite its potentially beneficial effects, biotechnology has enabled the production and use of biological weapons , which can be used both as “balancers” in an asymmetric war and as the main striking force in an undeclared or “quiet” war.

Of the six aforementioned categories, the three are most relevant to what we are experiencing today.

Gene therapy as a weapon

Gene therapy is a revolutionary method of treating genetic diseases, through the replacement of missing genes or the replacement (or inactivation) of defective ones.

Briefly, the following procedure is followed:

A (lab-created) functional copy of the missing or defective gene is inserted into a vector/transporter (usually a modified/inactivated adenovirus), which transports it into the patient’s cells and allows it to take up residence in the cell nucleus. Thus, the orderly production of the necessary protein is restored. The aim of the treatment is to effect a permanent change in the genetic composition of the individual.

In other words, we are talking about interventions and changes in human DNA. And here lies the dangerous trap:

Gene therapy can be used to introduce pathogenic genes. It can therefore be armed.

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The main categories of our cells are three:

  • Somatic cells
  • stem cells
  • Germ cells

While changes in the DNA of somatic cells affect only the person undergoing gene therapy and are not passed on to their offspring, changes in the DNA of germ cells can be inherited by future generations.

Already at the beginning of this century, the genetically modified vaccinia virus (a smallpox virus) was used as a vector to introduce genes into mammalian cells, as well as to produce a vaccine (taken orally) to prevent rabies.

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And this means that since then there has been the possibility of similar “vaccination” of people either to fight/prevent certain diseases or to introduce genes into cells.

The “dark” side of gene therapy is, therefore, obvious. Especially nowadays, when biotechnology is developing at unimaginable rates.

If in 2000 scientists were able to create highly lethal strains of the mousepox virus that killed even smallpox-vaccinated mice, or to insert a jellyfish gene into a female Rhesus monkey egg and produce a genetically engineered primate, imagine what they can achieve today.

To the vindication of us “conspiracy theorists”, it has been admitted that vaccines against the virus responsible for the current “pandemic” are a type of gene therapy.

Stealth viruses

These are genetically modified viruses, which are “smuggled” into the human genome and remain dormant until they receive an… external activation signal and cause disease.

We’re talking about a potentially perfect biological weapon.

There has long been a “conspiracy theory” in “conspiracy theorist” circles that wants 5G to play the role of an external trigger signal.

Planned diseases

Already at the end of the last century, biotechnology has been able to predict the symptoms of a hypothetical disease and create in the laboratory the pathogen that will cause that disease.

In addition, today the power of computing systems allows simulating the spread of a hypothetical disease and predicting the likely number of infections and deaths due to that disease.

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Engineered diseases can disrupt the immune system, cause cancerous proliferation of certain cells, lead to autoimmunity, etc.

While at the beginning of the “pandemic” scientists assured that the virus had a natural origin, now the belief that it was manufactured/modified in a laboratory is almost dominant – the fight is now over the identity of the manufacturers and the masterminds. Therefore, Covid could be considered a designed disease. 

Recall that on October 18, 2019, John Hopkins, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ran a simulation of a hypothetical pandemic that had many elements in common with the one that broke out just a month and a half later.

Biological warfare is, unfortunately, not a future possibility but an almost daily reality.


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