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Binturong: A Strange creature that looks like a cat, otter, and bear

Binturong: A Strange creature that looks like a cat, otter, and bear 1

The animal has the appearance of a cat and a bear at the same time. They found it in the urban area of ​​Malaysia and the video that shows it goes through social networks.


The creature roamed the streets of an urban area of ​​Malaysia until it was found by a group of workers. The scare not only took them but also all users who were spectators of the images of the mysterious animal.

The video was published on Facebook and replicated on the other social networks and portals of different countries. A mixture of cat, anteater and otter.

People who ran into the creature felt the need to know more about her. So they decided to capture her using bananas as bait. Attracted by food, the being walked towards them. According to the residents of the town of Sungai Chon, it has a cat body and bear fur. In the networks, they have attributed similar aspects to other animals, such as the mustache characteristic of an otter.

An elusive species in danger of extinction

The mysterious being strolled around the place, slipping into the houses of neighbors and other places. They were the ones who called the Civil Defense Forces to take the unknown animal to the Department of Wildlife. There, they managed to identify the species in question: a shawl. The creature is also called Binturong or black dark cat.

The animal, which is rarely seen in urban areas, is in danger of extinction and is an omnivore unique in its genus. This creature feeds on fruits and insects and can reach 95 centimeters long.

The images of the video that went viral surprised thousands of users. Comments, shares, likes and horror faces seized the post on Facebook.

Source: Facebook


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