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Bill Gates strikes again: There are more threats to humanity on the way!

Bill Gates strikes again: There are more threats to humanity on the way! 1

The founder of Microsoft, who had “predicted” a pandemic in 2015, estimates that the planet is living under the threat of new, even more dangerous crises, for which he is not prepared and thus seems to feel “obliged” to prepare us.

In 2015, the founder of Microsoft estimated that a virus could infect humans in a direct and easy way. He pointed out that it would not be war that would destroy millions of people around the world, but a very contagious virus, while warning that the planet was not ready to face a deadly pandemic. Gates predicted this immediately after the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014.

“People are simply not prepared to deal with a disease, a highly contagious flu, for example, that infects large numbers of people very quickly,” he said. 

“Of all the things that could kill 10 million people or more, the most likely is an epidemic,” he added.

Six years later, Bill Gates is back with new grim predictions, admittedly scary, always for our own good.

In an online interview, Gates predicted two new threats to humanity:

“There are a lot of infectious respiratory diseases, which are very scary because you can get them anywhere.” Some of the ones we have to wait and prepare to deal with? “One has to do with climate change. The death toll could be higher than we have in the pandemic.”

The other threat? “Bioterrorism. Someone who wants to cause widespread harm to all of humanity can create a new deadly virus. The consequences will be disastrous” Of course, no matter how much he doubts the readiness that the planet could develop for such possibilities, he does not fail to emphasize that “we can even increase it”.

Gates’ “soon to face” 2021 prediction is not so optimistic. But on the other hand, when was it?

WHO experts find “important evidence” in Wuhan, China

“Important evidence” revealing Wuhan as the epicenter of the coronavirus infection was found by the staff of the World Health Organization (WHO), Bloomberg reported on February 7.

The WHO experts made their conclusions based on the results of their own investigation of the causes of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to one of the WHO staff, zoologist Peter Dashak from New York, his colleagues, during a study of the local seafood market, found some “evidence” exposing Wuhan as the source of COVID-19.

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It is reported that 14 WHO experts conducted their research in China together with Chinese colleagues and at the same time visited various “hot spots” where it was assumed that infection was possible.

Disagreements among scientists over the possibility of transmission of infection from infected bats to humans have led to the assumption that the virus could spread around the world from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


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