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Bill Gates reacts to the “vaccine conspiracy theory”

Bill Gates reacts to the "vaccine conspiracy theory" 1

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, in an interview for CCTV, outlined his views on the global standoff of COVID-19 and international anti-epidemic collaboration. He donated over a billion dollars to support research to counter the disease, reports the information service of the mobile application.

Assessing China’s struggle with the spread of coronavirus, Bill Gates recalled that the Chinese government has taken strict measures to reduce contacts and strengthen isolation since the third decade of January, which has yielded effective results. This provided a model for confronting the virus with other countries whose economic development level is comparable to China or higher. Now, during a pandemic around the world, self-isolation measures in many countries are effective.

China, as the first country to survive the epidemic, is also the first to encounter post-viral problems. Now Chinese enterprises have basically restored their work and production. The Chinese government provides all possible assistance to other countries by providing them with the necessary medical supplies.

In the United States, the version is spread that the virus was born during the development of a vaccine supported by Bill Gates. To this, he replied that it was ridiculous to hear those who were seriously fighting the epidemic. According to Bill Gates, he donated over a billion dollars to support research to fight the disease. The RNA vaccine development platform has been operating for over 8 years. It has the necessary resources for their large-scale production. For this, the Gates Foundation will select 8-10 vaccines.

In conclusion, Bill Gates expressed his sincere gratitude to the Wuhan people for their contribution to the fight against the epidemic. He praised their efforts to overcome difficulties and confront the virus. China should be proud to reduce the number of new COVID-19 infections to a very low level, said Bill Gates and expressed the hope that the Chinese people will be able to restore their normal lives as soon as possible.

Biological Software?

The danger of global warming will lead to a war for resources (water, oil, etc.). The one who will own the resources will own the world. The most important resource is man. Global warming, which will put humanity on the brink of survival, can be used as a means to create control over the person himself. For example, a reduction in population growth needs to be promoted. How can this be achieved? Through abortion, reproductive methods and vaccination.

Bill Gates reacts to the "vaccine conspiracy theory" 2
An enlarged image of an array of microneedles that can deliver quantum dots to the skin

The vaccine, in turn, can serve as a kind of biological software in the human body, performing various tasks. In turn, universal vaccination can be achieved only if there is a real or imagined threat to human life. So, we need a pandemic, which we must immediately use to achieve these goals. Well, control will be carried out through the labeling of a person. The end result is the creation of biological software that will become the future for the development and control of humanity. The task now declared is virus protection. But can someone guarantee that “biological programmers” will not succumb to the temptation to perform other processes with the human body?

It is probably no accident that many people now seriously fear that the coronavirus vaccine will become mandatory, despite any objections based on parental rights, health reasons, or religious beliefs.

Gates himself, apparently, does not see any alternative to his vaccines. In the already mentioned interview, he said that in order for billions of doses of the vaccine to be ready as soon as possible, it is necessary to immediately begin the construction of factories for the mass production of each of the potential vaccines during testing.

According to him, 7 prototype vaccines are already ready, two of which will be used in the near future. And he is in a hurry. In a hurry. According to him, “after an outbreak of coronavirus, it is important to act quickly – even faster than it was before.”

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Bill Gates also believes that the coronavirus epidemic will cost trillions of dollars and also take hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. But, “for the next pandemic, we will be much more prepared than for this.”

And now humanity, can face a very serious moral and ethical problem. On the one hand, they can offer us technologies that will allow us to radically change medicine for the better, perhaps even give excellent health. On the other hand, people who have adopted these technologies may be completely dependent on bioengineers, who, in turn, will carry out teams of people paying them salaries.

Today, such biotechnological opportunities, as well as the choice actually presented, may seem like science fiction. But let’s think that the way you read this article was a complete science fiction for a person who lived a hundred years ago. Let’s think that most of the people who live with us consider science fiction about what has been said in the Holy Scriptures about the last times.

We do not claim to be on the verge of these times. But you need to be ready for the choice now.


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