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Beyond ‘Talking Poltergeists’ and ‘The Nine Pattern’

My longtime readers may remember that it was eighteen years ago, August 1995, when I went to rural Oklahoma to interview a family experiencing what had been reported to be a ‘talking poltergeist’ haunting.  The predominant manifesting entity was known as ‘Michael’ in a case encompassing some UFOlogy aspects. This reflective article begins with considering a somewhat humorous instance of flying saucers and ‘The Nine Pattern’, keeping in mind previous blog articles when I reflected about aspects of human creativity and mentioned circumstances of the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” and of the popular song “Hotel California”.
During the 1950s when Frank Scully, Donald E. Keyhoe, Truman Bethurum, Daniel Fry, Meade Layne, Orfeo Angelucci, Bryant and Helen Reeve, and others published books about flying saucers, the makers of many American movies considered the question of life on other worlds as entertainment, including:

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951

“The Thing” (1951)

“Invaders From Mars” (1953)

“The War of the World” (1953)

“Forbidden Planet” (1956)

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956)

And then there was “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (1959) with Bela Lugosi.  The low-budget sci-fi movie was originally going to be entitled “Grave Robbers from Outer Space” and deals with a plan involving the resurrection of dead Earthlings by space people.
Directed and written by Edward D. Wood Jr., “Plan 9 from Outer Space” is sometimes promoted as one of the worst movies ever made yet this entertainment showed a wry sensibility devoid of any pretense of ambition toward achieving any semblance of dramatic pathos.

Ways to ‘resurrect the dead’—or at least temporarily converse with humans who’ve made the transition to the ascended realm—may be found in the annals of transcendental communications.  Consider the work of Direct Voice mediums such as Leslie Flint and ‘physical’ (materialization) mediums such as Helen Duncan, both subjects of previous blog articles.  There are also the fields of Instrumental Transcommunication and the processes of ‘channeling,’ encompassing such aspects as trance mediumship, automatic writing and Ouija Board messages.
The transcendental communicators have often commented about the need to explain metaphysical truths in a metaphorical way due to the limited understanding of people on Earth.
As I mentioned in the article reviewing Yada Speaks (1979), Yada di Shi-ite (among a group of transcendental teachers known as ‘The Inner Circle’) spoke through the entranced Mark Probert to make a statement where masses of people were compared to “the living dead.”  His meaning was that they were not awake to spiritual knowledge and thus when they “leave the physical structure in what is called death, [they] enter only what is called the low-level astral plane” rather than “the highest realms of being.”
It is easy to understand the popularity of vampires, zombies and other monsters such as Frankenstein that provide examples of ‘the living dead’ for contemporary people seeking amusement.  For some individuals, movies and novels provide a brief distraction from the problems and uncertainties of everyday life.  However, considering individuals who have some knowledge of continuing life in the ascended state through reading esoteric metaphysical sources and reflecting about their own experiences — if they are like me they would not find it worthwhile to allocate time to such foolish diversions.  After all, there is so much to learn and only a limited amount of time to accomplish good deeds during our ephemeral Earth lives.
Those who have read my case study book Testament (1997) know that my spiritual awakening was extremely unusual.  I had read about a case involving “America’s Talking Poltergeist” in a Fortean Times magazine article.  The ensuing events resulted with my ‘resurrection’ into a more spiritually conscious life.  I also became aware of synchronicity of certain words in paranormal case studies, including variations of the name ‘Michael’ and of the word ‘bell.’
Another field for reflection in considering the perpetuity of existence would be cases suggesting individual physical reincarnation where physical resemblance and visions or memories of a previous life are a factor.  Two such cases have been profiled in other blog articles.  In some cases such as my own, an individual will learn about a pattern of life events from another epoch that shows parallels with the current lifetime.  On one occasion, I found an odd relic in an antique store in the vicinity of my home when I was living in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles.

The round silver ‘pendant’ displayed the countenance in profile of what appeared a rather grandiose ancient Egyptian who distinctly resembled me.  I learned that there was a period when Italy created replicas of Egyptian artifacts so the object described by some people as a medallion and by others as a coin seems to be one of these.
The antique store owner, Minnette, had traveled internationally to purchase antiques for her modest shop and I could only wonder about the origin of some of these items.  I recalled that among the press kits I had written as a Paramount publicist was one for “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”  I found an assortment of intriguing items at other local, comparatively inexpensive antique stores and also purchased remnants of a collection assembled at the Los Angeles Philosophical Research Society founded by Manley Hall.  Here are some of my finds.

My shopping mission to find lost antiquities and art treasures in local L.A. antique stores resulted from a theory that perhaps one way how Michael could prove His existence was by leading me to find lost art treasures through transmitted conscious thoughts.

Although I estimated the purchases could be evidence for skeptical or materialistically-oriented people, occasionally it would become dismaying that I was spending money in this manner when so many people throughout the world were starving to death.  I would sometimes have second thoughts about my decisions and choices.

One way of looking upon my life as chronicled in my books is that an evolution is shown from a corporate Hollywood publicist to a more spiritually aware person.  Earlier in my life, after high school my moviegoing pastime became related to career goals to some extent.  The movies I had admired—by such directors as Bergman, Fellini, Bunuel, Fassbinder and Goddard—were very different from commercial mainstream movies and I eventually realized the corrupting influence of the profit-driven corporate mentality.  The publishing industry also now seems too highly preoccupied with profit. As a child, I saw the science fiction movies listed at the beginning of this article along with a multitude of all genres of films that were broadcast on TV or projected at the many local theatres in Pasadena, California.  The TV shows included “Superman,” “The Outer Limits,” “The Twilight Zone,” “Lost In Space,” “Star Trek,” “The Munsters,” “The Addams Family” (and just about everything else).  In fact, when I worked in the entertainment industry as a talent agent and then as a movie publicist I met an enormous quantity of TV and movie stars so the illusions of celebrity and glamour were eradicated in my younger years.  I began by being Mickey Rooney’s ‘assistant’ in his talent agent’s office, which resulted with me eventually becoming a franchised agent myself.  My job as publicist (staff writer), senior publicist and then a consultant to Paramount Pictures resulted after I helped my twin brother Mike (who then was Director of National Publicity) on some freelance assignments writing press kit production information for films that became big hits for the studio.

My goals upon accepting each of my entertainment industry jobs had been to develop connections for my original screenplays, including “Wonder of the World” based on my research into the life of Julia Pastrana; and an adaptation of Robert Silverberg’s science fiction novel To Live Again.  Among the Paramount movies I helped publicize were the “The Addams Family,” “Braveheart,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Forrest Gump,” “Ghost,” “The Godfather, Part III,” “Scrooged,” “Star Trek” movies, “U2 Rattle and Hum,” and reissues of “1900” and “The Ten Commandments.”

My brother Mike still works in public relations and continues to watch TV and movies although he recently mentioned to me that it has been obvious for many years that there are fewer and fewer worthwhile movies being made.  Since Mike is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he receives through the mail DVDs for convenient viewing.  He and his partner earlier this year reached a settlement on their lawsuit against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  One of my previous articles considered being an identical twin: “Twin Telepathy by Guy Lyon Playfair”.

Back in the 1980s and first half of the ’90s, I couldn’t understand how my screenplays had never been produced, considering the questionable interest level of most of what was being made; however, I would not be the same person that I am today if I had become a successful screenwriter.  Having been a cinema major at USC, I have devoted much time to contemplating the art form of film and one of my insights is that the moviegoing experience is mostly an activity involving hype.  The idea of a particular storyline is first promoted and interest is engendered as one’s imagination is aroused.  The activity of eventually seeing the actual movie can never be as fulfilling as one’s expectations.  As a publicist, I realized there were times when it seemed that more creativity went into publicizing a movie than could be found in the actual movies being promoted.  In 2013, moviegoers aren’t needed by humanity; what is needed are spiritually aware benefactors.

After my 1995 interviews in Oklahoma, I returned home to Los Angeles and found the uncanny manifestations not only continuing but intensifying.  Due to the scope of the phenomena, I could only conclude that I was living my life in the Presence of an interacting Omnipresent Superconsciousness.  Previously, I had believed that circumstances relating to ‘God’ were beyond comprehension.  The expressions ‘Christ Consciousness,’ ‘Oneness’ and ‘Holy Ghost’ became recognizable as other ways of expressing (as I articulated in 2007) a “Spiritual Force that may be recognized through circumstances often described as coincidences and synchronicity, intuition and telepathy, prophetic dreams and visions, mediumship and trance channeling, healing, as well as events associated with such expressions as ‘hauntings,’ ‘talking poltergeists’ and ‘electronic voice phenomena.’  This predicament might be articulated as all living things having a shared Subconscious Mind and ‘Thought Conductor.'”

This photo was taken at the opening of a new Mickey Rooney franchise in 1980 with Ruth Webb just as I started working at her talent agency in the Hollywood Hills.  Below, in 1983 Ruth and I were photographed before attending the Academy Awards ceremony at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.  Mickey was being honored with an honorary award.  Mickey’s famous movie roles include  Puck in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Andy Hardy, and Ding ‘Dingy’ Bell  in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”


Metaphysics & Psychology

Man is able to induce controlled hallucinations without psychotropic substances

The human brain is so cunningly designed that accidental damage or malfunctions in the neural network can generate large-scale effects that do not harm a person, but, on the contrary, deliver a lot of new sensations. 

We are talking about hallucinations, influences on the sensory system, which stem from the inside of the brain itself. Modern technologies make it possible to purposefully launch such reactions without harm to humans.

The technique of guided hallucinations is based on the Ganzfeld effect, which states that when the brain receives a powerful stimulating signal in only one area, it automatically begins to “think out” signals in other areas. 

For example, if you peer into the darkness and listen to white noise, the brain draws an imaginary picture, although the eyes do not receive a single photon of light. And if you run noise on the screen in absolute silence, the brain will complement them with sound hallucinations.


One interesting experiment with guided hallucinations was conducted by TV host and inventor Derek Müller, who locked himself in an anechoic and completely darkened chamber for 45 minutes to conduct a sensory deprivation experiment. 

His brain, which at once lost 90% of the signals from the outside world, remained fully functional, and Derek did not go crazy. Moreover, in the absence of external stimuli, he began to feel the subtlest vibrations of his heart and the flow of blood through the veins. 

It was not a hallucination, it was just that the brain switched to processing the signals that remained at its disposal, amplifying them and presenting them in the form of sensations understandable to the mind.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Angels showed the End of the World to a child from Indonesia?

In early October, on many eschatological and conspiracy sites (The End Times Forecaster ,, a video was posted by a girl named Jacqueline, who lives in South Africa. The video tells that on September 16, in some altered state of consciousness, similar to a lucid dream, Jacqueline was given a warning: on October 10, 2020, there will be some kind of nightmarish geological catastrophe – either a volcanic eruption, or an earthquake. 

Jacqueline does not specify where the catastrophe will occur, but immediately after the volcanic eruption, she saw President Trump in Washington and the destruction of the Washington Monument with fiery stones falling from the sky. The full text of Jacqueline’s video was posted on the forum and can be viewed at the link, but her revelation itself is not very informative. It is only clear that on October 10 something may bang, and very strongly. Another thing is much more interesting. 

Since Jacqueline was shown truly creepy things, she, like anyone in her place, doubted that all this was true. However, she noticed that in her dream, before the horror broadcast began, she was shown a calendar on which she read the KIMIKO inscription.

“Kimiko” is a popular Japanese female name that literally means “wonderful unusual child”, so Jacqueline decided: if she got it right, then she needed to look for a girl from somewhere in Japan who would kind of hint at her deciphering what was shown in her dream. 

Kimiko was never found, but another girl named Catherine was found. She lives in Indonesia, is in 4th grade and is 9 years old. Jacqueline had her dream on September 16, and on September 18 some angels took this Catherine to heaven in a dream and showed her what would be on Earth in the very near future. 

According to Catherine, everything will begin on October 10, 2020, when some kind of catastrophe occurs – a catastrophe, most likely of a geological nature. Buildings will collapse and coastal cities will suffer from terrible tsunamis. At the same time, a terrible rain will pour, which in some regions will flood buildings up to the fourth floor. Thunder will thunder in the sky, which is 10 or even 20 times stronger than ordinary thunder, and after the thunder, hail will fall the size of a car windshield. But besides the hail, all the planes located there fall from the sky. 

However, the End of the World will not happen as life goes on and Trump wins the US election. After that, Israel will begin to restore the Temple, but they will not have time, since a war will start around. At this moment, the Earth will face unprecedented catastrophes.

A huge new planet will appear in the sky and the atmosphere will take on a reddish tint. It will get hotter. H achnut erupting volcanoes, and terrifying winds will become commonplace. And further, in the region of the Bermuda Triangle, a hole is formed in the lithosphere, and armada of some strange flying machines will appear from there. On TV they will say that these are good aliens. 

In parallel , a total vaccination will take place on Earth, after which people who have received the vaccine will be endowed with some unthinkable ability to communicate with their gadgets – phones will show them everything at the click of a finger and connect to subscribers with the power of thought. But happiness will not last long, because then the skin of the vaccinated will begin to turn green and many will be covered with ulcers. Further, these people mutate into a kind of zombie who will engage in cannibalism and those who have not taken the vaccine will become their preferred food. And for those who will not be eaten by mutants, aliens will chase in their flying cars, kidnap, throw bombs at them and burn them with rays. 

Finally, to top it all off, mutations will affect flora and fauna. So, insects will become gigantic, and algae will begin to crawl ashore and whoever gets into their nets will be devoured. Mutations will affect birds, jellyfish, and the rest of the fauna. Dinosaurs and real fire-breathing dragons will appear, which will fly everywhere and pour fire on everything. 

In general, the girl tells something that is impossible to believe – no reality can stand that. However, the probability that reality is real, according to estimates of the theory of probability, is no more than 50%. That is, we live in the Matrix with a probability of 1/2, although nothing can be proved / disproved somehow. But if we take into account various strange quantum effects and other miracles, then the probability of the Matrix is ​​already seventy percent and 30% remain for a flat / round Earth, for the rest of “natural science”. Therefore, maybe we are now on the eve of the reboot of the Matrix, during which we will begin to load characters from other entertaining games. 

It is possible, of course, that all these stories were invented by her mother, but similar stories are told by other children, and even adults, who were thrown either somewhere into the astral plane, or into the next world, or generally into the deepest warp. Different, unrelated people cannot tell the same tale. Therefore, most likely this is not a fairy tale and there is something in all this. But what – here we do not know, so we just have to wait and see. 

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Clinical death helped the inveterate egoist to change his attitude towards life. He is grateful for this experience

William F. did not live the most righteous life. His selfish, authoritarian behavior caused a lot of suffering to the people around him, especially his wife. And it is not known how his marriage would have ended if one day William had not had an accident.

On that fateful day, November 6, 2019, a man was riding a motorcycle and crashed into a truck as it changed lanes. William tried unsuccessfully to get out from under the heavy truck, as his helmet got stuck under the front axle of the car.

A policeman was the first to come to help, then an ambulance arrived. The motorcyclist was evacuated by helicopter to the hospital. The man in the helicopter told William not to sleep, but he collapsed into unconsciousness.

What William saw in oblivion made a strong impression on him and changed his future life.

xusenru / / Pixabay License

William’s near-death experiences

The next thing I remember happened on a large field. There was a fence about 100 meters away from me. There was a black hole in the fence on the other side of the gate.

I was drawn to the gate. The closer I got, the more love and warmth I felt, the more selfishness and bad feelings went away.

When the gate was about five steps away, and I was about to open it, someone’s hand stopped me, grabbing my forearm. Looking at this man, I noticed a few more.

– You need to stop. I watched you for a long time, son, you made a lot of mistakes. Do you know where you are? The man asked.
“I’m not sure,” I said, looking around.
“You are dead,” he said.

I panicked.

“You’re scared,” he remarked.
– No.
“Then [during your life] you were always afraid of it for no reason,” he said softly. I nodded in agreement, and our dialogue continued.
– Do you feel that everything is under your control?
“I don’t know… no.
– You have never controlled anything in your life. It’s an illusion …
– Yes, you’re right, – I nodded again.
– You are given a choice that many do not have. God gives you a choice: come back and correct your mistakes, or you can go through the gate. If you enter this gate, all the regrets of life will torment your soul until you are given another chance. It will feel like eternity.

I still have regrets about my past life, ”he added after a pause. – If you come back and do not start working on yourself to become better, if you do not find happiness in the righteous way, you will always remember and crave the feeling that you are experiencing in this place now, but you will not get here again.
When you return, recover, heart and mind will be restored. You are given something great … But you understand that God already knows your choice.

Then he looked at me and asked:

– What are you going to do?
“I’ll be back,” I replied.

At that moment, the feelings that gripped me were gone, and I let go of the gate.

“See you again very soon,” he said at last.

Then I woke up and saw my mother. I told her that I was back for good and that I would not go anywhere. She had a tired face.

“You’ve been in a lot of pain,” she said.

I said that everything would be all right with me, and told that I saw Him. She clarified who exactly. I replied that I did not know for sure, but they gave me a second chance. Mom laughed and said that probably my grandfather kicked me in the ass to bring me back here.

William’s life has changed

William underwent several operations, but the doctors said that physically he would not be the same. Among other things, the man had to learn to walk again.

About a month after the accident, thoughts of the pain inflicted on his loved ones and loved ones flooded into William, so he focused on correcting the mistakes of the past and changing his future.

Five months later, William was walking without limping. Now she runs for several kilometers, and the only evidence of an accident is scars.

The biggest proof of the reality of what he saw during clinical death is a complete change in himself, says William.

haomao57 / / Pixabay License

“I saw mistakes, especially in my relationship with my wife, and I understand things that I didn’t understand before. It is strange to think that someone was watching my life from a distance and knew about my actions. If I had not changed, I would have yearned for death. “

“I used to have sociopathic tendencies and no empathy. I have never felt guilt or remorse. Now I am selfless and empathetic, I feel the emotions of others, and it is overwhelming. I know how people feel just by looking at them. This is a kind of intuition.

Remorse and guilt help me re-evaluate the past. I also notice that when I do something instinctively, in the old way, I realize it and I can stop. “

“People believe when I share my experience because they see a big change in me.”

Source: NDERF

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