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Beginning without end or a limit to space? The Universe could be much more simple than most people think

Beginning without end or a limit to space? The Universe could be much more simple than most people think 1
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What’s beyond the stars? What’s even further, beyond the borders of the universe? These are some of the questions arising when you look at the night sky. Many of us while craving to find the answer to these questions, immerse ourselves on online sources but it so happens that only partial answers come up.

Studying the existing theories of the Universe and Space, to surprise and disappointment, we all soon discover that there are more questions than answers. In addition, many things seem absurd and ridiculous thus begins the reasoning about the structure of the Universe based on the results of available observations. 

Nevertheless, in our understanding, a complete picture of the world order as a whole has emerged where everything is in order.

Forces of the Universe

Probably the main question on the basis of which all processes in the Universe occur. What forces exist in it and what are they capable of? Consider a lone star. It emits light. But not only. The nuclear reactions of stars release enormous amounts of energy. Where does this energy go? Only into space, the surrounding space. Can this energy disappear into nowhere? No. This means that, like light, it scatters from the star in different directions. We don’t know the speed. And we don’t know anything about it. Let’s call it “star energy” for further discussion. And, if a star exists for billions of years, a conditional ball has formed around it, filled with directed energy, billions of energy years in size (similar to light years). 

The direction of energy is clear – from the center of the star. If there is directed moving energy, under certain circumstances it can create a force acting on bodies in the direction of its movement. We have a force in the Universe, let’s call it “the power of the stars.” Naturally, all the stars of the Universe in all directions possess this energy and potential force. In the Universe there is the energy of stars, the power of stars. 


Let’s consider a material object located in the space of the Universe. If the energy of one star were acting on an object, it would push the object away from itself. The object would begin to move. If a lot of stars are located around an object, the energy of the stars, as well as the forces applied to the object, influence it from all sides and compensate each other (for now we have somewhat idealized the situation). The object is in zero gravity, without movement. 

Let’s place the object on the surface of the Earth. The energy of the stars also influences from all sides. But from the Earth’s side, the energy of stars cannot pass to the object. The Earth’s core absorbs the energy of stars, creating a kind of natural screen that prevents the energy of stars from affecting the object from the Earth. Then the object is affected by the energy of stars from the sides and above. There is no impact from below. The energy from the sides is compensated, as it is directed towards each other. 

The energy from the stars acting on an object from above creates a force that pushes the object towards the Earth. This is my understanding of gravity. It is not the Earth that attracts objects, but external forces that push the object towards the Earth. Similar hypotheses were put forward at one time by Nicola Fatio de Duillier in 1690 and Georges Louis LeSage in 1756.

Black holes

Consider a large cluster of stars in a small space. For example, our galaxy, only the space is filled with stars in the shape of a ball. There is a lot of star energy in a small space. A critical situation with energy develops in the center of the “ball”, where the energy flows of all the stars intersect, and even in opposite directions. Energy flows cannot overcome this section, but, having a certain speed, they cannot stop. 

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What happens is roughly what we see in the bathroom when we open the drain plug. Water in the bathroom rushes from all points to the drain hole and swirls into a funnel. The energy in the center of a cluster of stars turns from rectilinear motion into a sphere. This is the birth of a Black Hole. 

A black hole can grow to a certain volume, but the energy continues to flow. There comes a moment when the Black Hole does not grow, but begins to throw energy out of the poles up and down (by analogy with the Earth: North, South). Powerful, concentrated streams of energy from the poles repel stars located above and below the Black Hole. The galaxy gradually turns from a ball to a flat one. The black hole can also change, taking on a flatter appearance. Thus, a Black Hole is an accumulation of stellar energies directed in opposite directions and exceeding a critical level. 

Consider an object located near the boundary of a Black Hole. On one side of the object there are stars, on the other there is a Black Hole. From the side of the stars, the object is affected by energy, or the force of the stars, which pushes the object towards the Black Hole. There is no impact from the Black Hole. The energy that was directed towards the object from the opposite stars is absorbed by the Black Hole. The object is “pushed” into the Black Hole from the outside. But it is not attracted from within. 

Once in the Black Hole, the object will “unwind” into particles and spit out from the poles. Black holes are a gift to us from the Universe. We can observe and study the physics of stellar energy, leading to incredible discoveries.


Hypotheses about the existence of a certain interstellar medium, called the ether, have been present almost since the beginning of human exploration of the Universe. Some scientists tried to prove the existence of ether, for example, Mendeleev, who included it in his table, some used the hypothesis of the presence of ether in their works, for example, Nikola Tesla. But so far no one has been able to “see or touch” the ether. Therefore, ordinary respected scientists who value their reputation are not inclined to put forward ambitious hypotheses that could lead to failure and career disaster. That’s why we stand still, look at the sky and understand nothing. 

However, the hypothesis of the existence of ether, some kind of interstellar substance, answers questions whose explanation by modern science is completely incomprehensible to the majority of us. Let’s consider the movement of stars in our galaxy. First, let’s conduct an experiment. Pour water into a round basin. In the middle of the pelvis, lower a small object into the water and begin to rotate it, for example, with a drill. The water in the basin will gradually begin to rotate. Faster near the center, slower towards the edges. Let’s lower a paper boat into the water between the center and edge of the pelvis. What will happen to it? It will begin to rotate along with the water around the center. If the boat is close to the center, it rotates faster, if closer to the edge of the pelvis, it rotates slower. 

Let’s return to the galaxy. In the center of it there is a Black Hole, which rotates at great speed. The space around it is filled with a certain medium – ether, to which the rotation of the Black Hole is transmitted. Further, everything is similar to the basin and the boat. The ether spins around the Black Hole, dragging stars along with it. Stars located closer to the Black Hole rotate faster, the farther from the Black Hole, the slower. By the same analogy, planets revolve around the sun, satellites revolve around planets. And no gravity attracts anyone. 

What is the size of the solar system? This is the size of the ether that the sun sets in motion. Moreover, over time, the radius of the ether rotated by the sun is constantly growing. Until it comes into conflict with the rotating ethers of other star systems. 

Can a satellite’s orbit not coincide with the planet’s equator? Of course, if a planet shifts its axis of rotation, it tumbles in space. The air and, accordingly, the satellite do not have time to rebuild. And if there are several satellites at different distances, the one closest to the planet will rearrange faster, and so on. The orbits of all satellites will be in different planes. 

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We could go on for a very long time. There are a lot of questions here, everything is not easy, but everything can be explained. But now about the main thing.

What’s beyond the stars?

Consider a star located at the center of the Universe. The energies of all the stars in the Universe act on it, creating forces directed from all sides and compensating each other. The star is at rest, not moving anywhere. But the universe is in constant motion. At some point, the balance of forces is disrupted and the star begins to move. It begins to be pushed out from the center of the Universe. 

As you move away from the center, the total difference in stellar powers will only increase. The star will begin to move away from the center with acceleration. As it approaches the edge of the universe, the star will be affected by the forces of other stars from the sides and from the center of the Universe, since there are no stars ahead of it in motion, no one is acting. The star will continue to accelerate into space, expanding the Universe. 

To what speed will the star accelerate? Obviously, up to the speed of propagation of stellar energy in space. Before reaching this speed, the acceleration will begin to decrease until it becomes a uniform motion. All the stars of the Universe move in this way from the center. Including our galaxy as a whole. 

Let’s look at our Universe from the outside. This is a sphere expanding in all directions. Stars located at the edge of the sphere fly away from the center of the Universe with approximately the same acceleration. This means that space on all sides of the Universe is free. There is nothing there, except, of course, the ether. And now, let’s say, we saw that in one place of the expanding sphere of the Universe the Stars move differently from the rest – the acceleration is less, or they stop altogether. So we have guests. The stars are acted upon by a force from the opposite direction. We are getting closer to another Universe.

A little more about the main thing

The energy of the stars of the Universe acts on the Earth’s core. Probably, by absorbing this energy, the core maintains a high temperature. Probably, the force of this energy rotates the core. This has happened over billions of years. There is a natural process going on. Then, human activities associated with the release of large amounts of energy will lead to artificial interference in the natural processes of the Earth. This could be, for example, a nuclear explosion or something similar. 

The energy of the explosion on Earth is much less than the energy released by the stars, but the stars are far away, from them the Earth receives a scattered, reduced part of the energy. And the explosion is here on Earth. By the time we realize that we have impacted the Earth, it will be too late.

If the ether distributes the energy of stars in space, then we can learn to transmit energy in space in the same way. Moreover, we can learn to extract the energy of stars from the ether. But there is a danger here. By building screens on the Earth, like solar panels, we will intercept the energy of the stars and the Earth’s core will not receive it. 

We can also build spaceships using the energy of stars. For example, by reducing the effective force of stellar energy on one side, opposite forces will begin to push us in this direction. Moreover, it is possible to accelerate almost to the speed of stellar energy. At the same time, it will look like a free fall on Earth, without overloads!

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We really respect the opinion of those who disagree with what we write and have their own view of the processes in the Universe. Although, everything becomes much clearer when described as above.


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