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Bad omen: The days when Putin’s Huge Face Appeared in New York and New Brunswick

Bad omen: The days when Putin's Huge Face Appeared in New York and New Brunswick 1

Internet users around the world are discussing a seemingly random but highly mysterious phenomenon that Taiwan-based renowned virtual archaeologist and UFO blogger Scott Waring reminded them of.

In August 2015, Sheryl Gilbert posted a video on the Internet, the unknown author of which, moving in the back of a truck, filmed a flock of birds. They rushed back and forth and at some point grouped into an image. The audience saw in it a portrait resemblance to Vladimir Putin.

The Washington Post then drew attention to the “demonstration”, considering the “portrait” a sign – a kind of appeal to the Americans and the whole world. At that time, interpreters of the sign, deciphered it as an omen which will hatch plans for a future war.

In fairness, it should be noted that some Internet users saw portraits of other very famous characters in the image woven by birds – Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple Corporation and actor Robin Williams.

Murmuration, and only

The phenomenon in which birds gather in huge flocks, similar to clouds, is familiar to ornithologists. This is the so-called murmuration. More often than others, crows, jackdaws and starlings behave in this way. They tend to cluster at sunset and in anticipation of weather changes. They move randomly: some in one direction, some – at the same time, some up, some down. Therefore, the appearance of bizarre realistic figures, including some kind of a portrait, materialize in random.

Starlings most likely “murmured” over New York but what for? Ornithologists don’t really know. They only have hypotheses. For example, when in grouping formations, birds teach young birds to fly or they protect themselves from others – birds of prey, portraying a huge living creature with their flock in the hope of fooling the enemy and intimidating him.

As shown by studies that scientists at the University of Warwick conducted back in 2014, while silmulating the phenomenon of murmuration, the birds are located inside the article in a very meaningful way – so as to see most of it, and not just their closest neighbors.

Putin’s face in New Brunswick

Four years earlier, clouds acquired bizarre shapes in Grand Falls, New Brunswick and a video was posted online on 1 August 2011 by Denis Laforge. US residents saw Putin’s face in the sky, prompting an active discussion on Russian elemental weapons.

Bad omen: The days when Putin's Huge Face Appeared in New York and New Brunswick 2

“Well, for sure, Russia is sending us a sign!” – some users wrote in social networks.

Many, of course, reacted to this video as a funny joke but some took it quite seriously and demanded that their government somehow influence Russia.

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On the other side, the cause of Putin’s face appearance in New York and New Brunswick may be completely different – not yet identified. They could be messengers of thing to come.

Beast from the Abyss?

Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine on 02/24/2022 4 am. By counting the numbers 2+4=6 2+2+2=6 2+4=6, we receive an extraordinarily revealing total: 666.

Before the attack on Ukraine there were explosions of houses with people in Russia. This was a breakthrough to even greater sacrifices – the war in Chechnya began, followed by Transnistria, Georgia, Crimea, Donbass, Syria.

Over the past ten years, resolutions, decrees, by-laws have been signed not by Putin’s personal signature, but by facsimile, these documents have apocalyptic signs. Through biometrics, digitalization… lead humanity to the seal of the Antichrist.

Putin could be the Antichrist, whose coming is predicted in the Gospel (the revelation of John). In the near future, all of us, regardless of the country of residence, are waiting for very difficult times.

God chained him in the Underworld.
He dreamed of freedom for a thousand years.
But soon the cry of the people thundered –
Hey! Get up, cursed one!
And He rose up, tearing down
His children’s chains to the battle, calling on
the people, and that hour His children led the people, and all those who fell into His nets.


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