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Bad Karma in the Dharma

Bad Karma in the Dharma 86

by Dan Green

When Indian sage guru Padmasambhava, also known as the Second Buddha, prophesied more than one thousand years ago;

‘When the iron bird flies and the horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men (America)’

The writing was on the Monastery wall.

It was always going to happen whether it be national karma or simply destiny enacted by Chinese intentions to fizzle out Tibetan national identity. A country whose hoisted upon them claim to fame is the title of perhaps the most mystical representative upon earth, found their culture traveling to the West, a newly born babe there of only 200 years, in order to maintain its culture and its individual brand of Buddhism.


What Padmasambhava either didn’t think of at the time, or didn’t want to announce, was that Tibetan Buddhism as it was known would have to alter somewhat noticeably in order to survive in the West (where non-attachment is 99.9% unrealistic and impossible), acceptable, one supposes, when a premier tenet of the philosophy itself is that everything is impermanent, must change and cannot remain the same. Ironic perhaps that this should occur when the Dharma did arrive in the West. Once upon a time Lamas were  entirely oriental, now they train up those considered dedicated enough and who in time are then entitled to call themselves a ‘lama’,  in turn they are the teachers of the Western enlightenment seeking Sangha. In the same way that it is near impossible to accurately translate Tibetan language into English, is it just as near impossible to translate Eastern Buddhism into an acceptable complimentary Western form?

TibetNaturalHomeofTibetanBuddhismTibet – Natural Home of Tibetan Buddhism

Contemplating that, we have had a lengthy queue of ‘bad boy’ lamas who have happily succumbed to the ways of the West and whose lifestyle are more akin that of a rock star, with, yes, a smattering of sex and drugs and rock n roll thrown in. How can this be so? Verse 307 in Chapter 22 of the collections of sayings of the Buddha, the scriptural Dhammpada, even warns; ‘Many with the yellow robe on their backs are of evil character and uncontrolled..’ and so, with human nature on trial, perhaps little has changed as of yet, for even right now here in the UK former celebrated Holier-than-Thou celebrities are being exposed in public for their masked hidden evils, we are to be vigilant for the saintly frauds.

The first Tibetan centre in Europe was at Samye-Ling in Dumfries, Scotland, and it was here that perhaps the first of the controversial lamas was placed. Chogyam Rinpoche more than any other was responsible for the introduction of ‘Crazy wisdom’ in the west, and perhaps his craziest moment was when he crashes his car into a joke shop whilst drunk. That it was a joke shop makes one wonder, again in our understanding of the karmic sense of things, perhaps a greater source was trying to tell Chogyam something. Certainly unfunny was that as a legacy of his high jinx he was left quite paralysed down the right hand side of his body. Earlier, he had renounced his monk status, decided that robes where ‘props’ that he felt no longer necessary to wear in the West, and  at 30 took a wealthy sixteen year old young bride, Diana Mukpo.

ControversialChogyamTrungpaThe controversial Chogyam Trungpa

Of all the people in the world that I should have met but never, it was Chogyam. He had left Samye by the time I had arrived, having fallen out with my own teacher Akong Rinpoche his friend and co-founder of Samye-Ling. Appallingly, this authentic and compassionate lama was murdered last year in China during a robbery at his home.

Akong had accused Choggy of betraying his ‘Tibetan-ness’ (a bit like Michael Jackson turning ‘white’) and becoming a Westerner, only tolerated Trungpa’s drinking and sex on the grounds that he kept it private and hidden,  eventually having to explain to students that he had gone crazy. Trungpa would be an easy target to dismiss had he not been such an inspirational and brilliant indisputable teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, a forerunner in introducing Vajrayana to the West –  it was the behaviour in his own personal life that split the decision on whether he was fit to teach anyone or not, judging by his own example whilst away from Tibet. Further controversy beckoned when Trungpa chose his dharma heir, the Westerner Osel Tendzin, who whilst infected with HIV was sexually involved with his unaware students, one of them going on to die from him infecting her.  When Tendzin had asked Trungpa what he should do, it was advised he kept his HIV a secret as all would be okay if he continued with his purification rituals.

LamaAkongRinpocheLama Akong Rinpoche

Roll the three major Marx brothers into one and you have a personification of Crazy wisdom, but does this mean anyone – perhaps an individual with mild learning difficulties or even a mild mental illness – could pass as an example of a crazy wisdom teacher? One thinks of the portrayal of Chance Gardener in the 1979 comedy drama ‘Being There’ whereby a simple, sheltered gardener mistaken for a genius becomes unlikely trusted adviser to an insider into Washington politics. Crazy wisdom, translated in Tibetan as ‘wisdom gone wild,’ keeps good company, with parallels in Indian and Buddhist traditions of Hindu, Tantra and Zen and, arguably and debatably, also with Sufism, Bonpo, Taoism, and Shamanism. But is it enough to qualify and allow certain teachers their outlandish behaviours when it includes sex, alcohol and drugs? You can imagine how welcome this form of Buddhism is in the West! Is it ‘Buddhism’ any longer or is this the ‘new face’ that allows it to survive there? Or is genuine in its aspirations and simply abused by charlatans who are no more actual lamas than the drunk in your local pub?

Sex scandals are, unfortunately, rife in our investigation into Western Tibetan Buddhism, and, disappointingly not restricted to the West only. Allegations of abuse of young monks in monasteries in Asia have escalated and are open to belief or disbelief depending on if you have an agenda. We must bear in mind that it would be unrealistic to think that the Chinese would not take advantage of propaganda in order to maintain and further along a character assassination of all that remains precious to Tibetan reputation. In October 2011 the Tibetan Buddhist community was stunned by the candid revelations of  21 year old Teacher Kalu Rinpoche (himself accused of sexual molestation in his previous incarnation!) who in a spontaneous YouTube video told of his rape at the hands of elder monks in his monastery, and his descent into drugs and alcoholism. Whether his story is true or not, this opened the monastery doors for other individuals to tell their own accounts of similar events.

WhistleblowerKaluRinpocheWhistleblower –  Kalu Rinpoche

Let us take a brief look at but a few of the bad boys of Buddhism, ably gathered together more comprehensively in an Internet article ‘Controversial Buddhist teachers and Groups,’ last year. Lama Choedak Rinpoche of Canberra, Australia, admitted to serious allegations of sexual misconduct, multiple affairs with his female students, and then there is the case of self-appointed Austrian lama Kelsang Chopel, and serious sexual abuse at the Mahayana Buddhist Centre, Middelburg, from 2003-08, where the lama, real name Gerhard Mattioli, had sex with his drugged students, one resulting in pregnancy. There are serious allegations of sexual misconduct against Geshe Kelsang Gyatso including Nepalese nuns, as of yet unproven as alleged victims will not publicly speak out, and Sogyal Rinpoche, Dzogchen lama of the Nyingma tradition, regular speaker at conferences around the world, and author of the best-selling ‘The Tibetan book of living and dying’ was subject to claims that using his powerful position he used this to have sex with some of his female students. A 1995 out of court settlement ended the previous year’s $10 million dollar civil lawsuit filed against him, with substantial damages paid out to the plaintiff.

ControversialSogyalRinpocheControversial  –  Sogyal Rinpoche

The good name of Samye-Ling has, unfortunately not escaped its darker moments either. In September 2000 a police investigation into sex abuse announced a scandal involving an unnamed senior monk  – later revealed as  an Englishman known as Tsering Tashi, real name Timothy Mannox  – accused by an 18 year old novice who had been a monk for a year of abusing him whilst he was 16, as well as claims of assault against three men, further accusations claiming that seniority  at the centre was turning a blind eye to drug use, sexual affairs, theft and deception. Whistleblowing Kevin Stevenson further alleged that he saw residents smoke cannabis and take LSD, going on to claim that a monk stole several golden Buddha’s from the retreat shop and pawned them for heroin in Dumfries, and some monks  behaving intimately with female visitors.’ Of more than a 100 residents there, probably only 20 are genuinely interested in Buddhism’ he added. Earlier in the year in June another monk, whilst a guest at the centre, Tenzin Chonjoe, had been convicted of assaulting a 14 year old girl. Drunk at the time and with an already drink problem, he was sentenced to three months imprisonment and placed on the sex offenders register. How could this have been the same Samye-Ling I had stayed at in1977? Worse was  to follow in October 2012 when over in Dijon at the Samye-Ling Centre in France, ordained  Lama Tempa Dargye was held in provisional detention when four women made allegations  of rape and sexual violence.

SamyeLingTibetanCentreDumfriesSamye-Ling, Tibetan Centre, Dumfries

As if sex scandals aren’t damaging enough to Tibetan Buddhism, there is also the Dorje Shugden controversy, which in short is as follows; The Dalai Lama is head of the newest school of Tibetan Buddhism the Gelug whose protectorate is that of Dorje Shugden, a figure that some say is a vengeful and wrathful spirit whilst others view him as a Buddha. As far back as 1976 The Dalai Lama publicly  urged the followers of Shugden to give up their devotion, claiming it was promoting sectarianism. The earlier mentioned  Tibetan born monk Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, founder of the ‘New Kadampa Tradition –  International Kadampa Buddhist Union’, responding to this edict, branded the Dalai Lama as a religious persecutor, opposing the human rights of those wishing religious practice and of spreading untruths –  basically calling the overall spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism  a liar and a bully. The Shugden Supporter Community now organise protests against the Dalai when he appears on his European and American tours.

Tellingly, it has been uncovered that the Chinese Government as part of their regime of character assassination against the Dalai Lama are behind the scene financing Shugden activity and within their controlled territory demand monks to worship Shugden whilst denouncing the Dalai, subsidising the construction of Shugden temples and monasteries.

ControversialDorjeShugdenWrathfulControversial – Dorje Shugden….Wrathful spirit or Buddha?

Given that in 2011, by changing strategic law, the Chinese have just about stated that they will select the next reincarnation of a Dalai Lama, thus the likely situation will be that we will witness two reincarnations, one Communist state backed and the other by Tibetans, just as we have had the equally ridiculous stand-off with the selection of the  Panchen Lama, the highest ranking lama after the Dalai,  who at the age of six was recognised by his Holiness before being immediately kidnapped by Chinese Government officials never to be seen again, replaced by the son of two  Communist party members. Clearly, the future of Tibetan Buddhist in the East is being severely jeopardised, if it continues to exist at all. Thus, more pressure to keep its essence is placed on the West. with a changing face to suit Western capability, and further challenge from supporters of Dorje Shugden seeking to supplant the Dalai Lama.

ManhattanDorjeShugdenprotestManhattan Dorje Shugden protest

What is going on?  Drawing upon my tools of the lost Mother Tongue, confirmation of the connectivity of all things as confirmed by Quantum Entanglement, and thus with a cosmological perspective, I will offer my own explanation. Studies have linked the public health crisis of excess sugar consumption, now as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco and eight times more addictive than cocaine, not only to obesity and diabetes but also to heart disease and depression.  The word ‘diabetes’ contains in anagram, the place name of Tibet, the country that has had much of its population forcibly exited by the Chinese. I have explained in an earlier Blog that the word ‘Chinese’ is, in Mother Tongue, ‘Chines es’, a phonetic for ‘Kinesis’, a word that in its combining form denotes movement, its adjective having its roots in the Greek  word for motion.  Kinesis moves, and this has been overtly demonstrated by the Chinese forcing or politically moving of the Tibetans out of their own land.

ChineseKinesisMovingTibetansoutChinese Kinesis – Moving Tibetans out

The Mother Tongue also reveals within the word and the part of the brain called the Hypothalamus, which plays a key role in hunger, the Pothala, once home of the Dalai Lama – hy POTHALA mus, as well as the term ‘High Lamas’ – HY potha LAMUS.  Now, a threat to Tibetan unification, is Dorje SHUGden, and so it is no surprise that the name contains ‘Shug’, (phonetically pronounced as ‘Shuga’) is a word not only short for ‘sugar’ but also means ‘to crawl, to sneak’, indicative of Chinese intentions. It is the Gelug School that has embraced Shugden, and it is they who are alternatively known as the Yellow Hat sect. Cosmologically, we are to view their chosen donning of their yellow hat in a medical sense, for this mane haired headwear unconsciously resembles the digestive organ of the pancreas, located behind the lower part of the stomach and which plays an important part in diabetes. A sign of a problem with the pancreas is when the skin turns yellow.

GelugYellowHatsPancreasGelug Yellow Hats –The Pancreas

ThePancreasThe Pancreas

One of the two major hormones produced by the pancreas is called glucagon, and from the word we discover a veiled ‘Gelug’ – phonetic ‘Gluc’. In type 1 diabetes, beta cells  (find ‘beta’ in ‘Tibetan’) producing insulin are attacked by the body’s immune system and as more of these cells are killed off the pancreas struggles  to produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels down and the symptoms of diabetes begin to appear. Too much sugar eaten frequently forces long term wear on the pancreas causing it to age more rapidly than elsewhere in the body resulting in pancreatic failure – diabetes.

Tibet, it appears, is under attack in more ways than by the obvious and mundane, and with it its chief export – Buddhism, which is being eroded away at – reinvented and claimed by the Western world, often by dubious practitioners. I would like to clarify I am not suggesting we shy away from authentic Tibetan Buddhism or Buddhism in general – far from it – but that we make ourselves mindful that not all involved in Sangha activities may be what they profess to be, as verse 307 in the Dhammapada alludes.

KidnappedPanchenLamaKidnapped….The Panchen Lama

Copyright 2014 by Dan Green
Presented with permission


The Path to Repentance: The world is on the verge of the most terrible events

The Path to Repentance: The world is on the verge of the most terrible events 99

Elder Ephraim of Philotheou, who lived as an ascetic in Arizona, appeared to a woman in Northern Greece, a long-time spiritual daughter of the elder. At the time of the appearance she was with her daughter-in-law; she was not asleep but actually in a state of alertness.

At one point the woman was unresponsive, as if in ecstasy,* and this lasted for about 10 minutes, according to her daughter-in-law who was watching her. She did not realize or comprehend the time duration — i.e., for how long the vision lasted.

It was something new for her (the content of the conversation) because she has seen the Elder before, after his repose, both in her sleep as well while she was awake. Due to all this (her shock), she contacted her spiritual father and asked whether this experience was real or a deception by the evil one.

She saw Elder Ephraim and he was very sad and was imploring Christ that the ongoing [direction of] events be averted (all this, of course, is in agreement with what the elder said to many while he was alive).

And he told her:

‘Repentance repentance repentance. Christ is very angry…
We, modern people, should not be in such a deplorable spiritual state…
Huge disasters are coming, you cannot even imagine what scale..

Alas to all of you for what awaits you; you must repent as long as there is time…
You need to kneel and cry, to shed tears of repentance, that Christ soften…
This has to do with what is happening in America as well.
Many people will depart through all that is to come, many people will depart (they will die).
You are ruthless towards each other; you have no mercy.
You are so cruel that you are ready to devour each other….
Tell all of this to your spiritual father and to others….’

And as the elder said – so it will be.

The woman who saw this was a spiritual daughter of Elder Ephraim and was in communication with him often up until his repose.

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The ABC of Yoga: Opening the Sixth Ajna Chakra

The ABC of Yoga: Opening the Sixth Ajna Chakra 100

From Sanskrit “ajna” is translated as “order”. The fact is that the sixth chakra in the human body is a kind of command post in relation to other chakras. It is also called the “third eye” chakra, as it is located between the eyebrows. 

Ajna is responsible for memory, intuition, wisdom, objectivity, clairvoyance, willpower. Thanks to the sixth chakra, the right and left hemispheres of our brain, mind and logic, intuition and mysticism are balanced.

The ABC of Yoga: Opening the Sixth Ajna Chakra 101

Ajna’s color is indigo. Its symbol is an eye-shaped two-petalled lotus.
Stones that contribute to the opening of the sixth chakra are sapphire, amethyst, labradorite, lapis lazuli, blue aventurine. But the third eye chakra has no aroma and taste. Moreover, it is often associated with the cold light of the autumn and winter full moon.

Ajna is responsible for the functioning of the brain, nervous system, nose, eyes, ears, the main gland of our body – the pituitary gland. Therefore, if you have problems in these areas, they will first of all indicate a closed sixth chakra.

Also, about violations and blocking in Ajna will be prompted by such states as a lack of understanding of the goals and meaning of life, anxiety, fears, anxiety, illusions, pride, unwillingness to take responsibility, blaming others for their own failures, a sense of their own superiority or, conversely, a sense of their own failure , timidity, suicidal mood. 

Frequent satellites of the closed sixth chakra are headaches, insomnia, nervous disorders, alcoholism, staying in an illusory fantasy world, far from reality. The devastation of energy in Ajna can lead to such sad consequences as blindness, loss of hearing, smell, memory, brain tumors, etc.

If Ajna is harmoniously developed, then a person is psychologically stable, has wisdom and good intuition, has a good memory, knows how to live in the flow, in the present moment, without dwelling on the past and not worrying about the future. 

People with strong Ajna tend to have psychic skills and the gift of clairvoyance. They manage to break the karmic connections of past lives and get out of the wheel of Samsara. It is often possible to hear from such people that they felt an enlightenment, that they received their knowledge from above, without ever learning it.

The ABC of Yoga: Opening the Sixth Ajna Chakra 102

Full opening of the sixth chakra gives an understanding of all the processes taking place in the Universe, acceptance of any life situations without anger and suffering. This is a kind of enlightenment, the highest wisdom, unconditional love for all living things, which, unfortunately, is given to a few. 

A striking example of the opening of Ajna is the Saints in all religions. Unfortunately, the majority of people with an undeveloped or poorly developed sixth chakra, a person with an open Ajna may seem strange, “out of this world”. These features can even make communication difficult.

It is no coincidence that the Ajna chakra is considered to be the link between the divine spirit and the human ego. Above Ajna, only the seventh chakra is Sahasrara. But the opening of the latter is impossible without a developed third eye chakra. However, it is also impossible to deal with the harmonization of Ajna in isolation. 

First, you should open the five lower chakras – Vishuddhi, Anahata, Manipura, Svadhisthana and Muladhara, which we have already considered on the previous yoga pages of our magazine.

The ABC of Yoga: Opening the Sixth Ajna Chakra 103

Why is Ajna blocked?

First , chakra clogs up when you stray too far from your true purpose. To get back to normal, ask yourself if you like what you do in life. If the answer is no, constantly ask yourself what you really want that would make you truly happy.

Secondly , Ajna blockage happens when you look at the world “through rose-colored glasses” and constantly live with illusions. Try to focus on the present moment and learn to be happy in it. Various meditations will help this. At the same time, you should not take other people’s negative emotions at your own expense, blame others for bad mood and failures. One should look at the present a little distantly, taking the position of an observer.

Thirdly , the sixth chakra enters into dissonance, when a person cannot accept some life circumstances, constantly scrolls in his head another potential scenario for the development of events, which is no longer destined to come true.

Fourthly , pride is a great evil for the development of Ajna. When a person thinks himself better or higher than others, falls into a star fever, spiritual knowledge is automatically closed to him.

The chakra of the third eye is activated by chanting the mantra AUM.

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Universal Computer: Formula for God’s existence

Universal Computer: Formula for God's existence 104

We all learned at school that “matter is an objective reality given to us in sensations.” That is, matter is something that you can touch. And if not? Sometimes there is an inextricable connection between completely different phenomena, which cannot be explained by any physical, material laws. 

Maybe this is the proof of the existence of the Higher Mind? After all, somewhere there must be information about the structure of all things in the universe, about the structure of atoms, planets, DNA, about their development, about the past, present and future of the infinite universe.

The language of the Universal Computer

First of all, let us take it as an axiom that our world is multidimensional. However, there is no doubt that all planes of being are connected with each other by some key structure. The Universe is a single information system, similar to a computer. The presence of subtle informational connections between its objects explains most of the phenomena that are now commonly referred to as parapsychology.

Nowadays, a new science has been born – linguobiology, which arose at the junction of linguistics and biology. It is based on the doctrine of language as a universal code of the universe.

In fact, this idea has been encountered earlier in some philosophical teachings. Thus, the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) in his work “Logical-Philosophical Treatise” (1921) put forward the concept of a “logically perfect” or “ideal” language capable of describing the entire body of knowledge about the world.

One of the founders of linguobiology is the poet and linguist Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996), who spoke about the process of language self-knowledge.

In general, there is an opinion that all words are the product of the primary semantic code of the Universe. Moreover, we are talking not only about words, but also about the macro- and microcosm, genetic and molecular structures.

But any operating system is based on a certain code language. Why not assume that the “Universal Computer” is also based on a complex system of codes that determine how the world “programs” work? Otherwise, chaos would reign in the world, and our existence with you would hardly be possible.

In other words, any event in the world is subject to a certain algorithm. Algorithms for different events and objects are able to coincide, differ, consist of repetitive commands, and so on. Moreover, information can be given to us in an explicit form: in the form of some symbols, records, drawings, numerical and letter sequences … Having learned to read these messages of the Higher Powers, we will be able to more accurately navigate this reality, more objectively assess the past and present and even predict the future.

What is Encrypted in the Bible?

At the same time, probably, almost none of us living, do not doubt the existence of God, or the Highest cosmic principle. But in the hands of researchers there is only indirect evidence of Divine intervention in life on Earth – information received from contactees and eyewitnesses of anomalous phenomena, which is often impossible to verify.

Thus, S. Pervozvansky, a contactee from Lvov, claims that all life on Earth is a single organism. The stages of its development are pre-programmed. At a certain stage, humanity begins to form, which is a nervous system. Then each of the “nerve cells” is endowed with a soul. Over time, they will merge together, and each individual will cease to exist as an independent person. An environmental crisis is also inevitable, due to the accumulation of waste products of the body. All cataclysms on the planet are also programmed.

It makes no sense to discuss how all this corresponds to reality. There is only one thing that attracts attention here – we are talking about the program. The program for the development of life on Earth!

This raises many questions. And above all, how did the Higher Mind manage to model such an all-encompassing sign system? In this regard, the discovery of the biblical code made by the Russian mathematician and programmer Eliyahu Rips who emigrated to Israel is of particular interest. Fate brought him together with the American journalist Michael Droznin. Rips offered him his computer program, with the help of which he continued his own study of the Bible. The result of this work was the book “The Bible Code. Cryptography of the future ”.

Droznin counted as many as six references to the word “computer” in the Bible! All of them are associated with the concept of “thought”, and four of them – with a description of the ark of the Lord, in which the ancient Israelites kept the tablets with God’s commandments: “The tablets were the work of God, and the letters inscribed on the tablets were the letters of God” (Exodus 32, sixteen). In this text, the message is encrypted: “This was done by a computer – the letters of God inscribed on the tablets.” There are also words: “The Bible code – sealed before God.”

It stands for this: “Computer – the words were sealed until recently.” “Sealed” – this is undoubtedly an encoded text. But why did you need to code it? Perhaps the answer lies in the word “computer”. The compiler of the universal program knew that over time, mankind will come up with electronic computers and find the code! However, in this case, why not give a forecast without encryption? Maybe at earlier stages humanity was not ready to perceive such information? Or … knowledge of the future should come to people at a critical moment in history and serve as a warning to them?

The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is about 4.24 light years away. If you try to cover this distance in a car at 100 km / h, you will have to drive about 48 million years.

“Axis of Evil”

There is also a lot of quite weighty, by no means mystical evidence of the presence in the Universe of some “outside” force.

Not so long ago, an American space probe designed to measure the temperature of radiation from different parts of galaxies discovered in space a strange linear region that permeates the universe. It turned out that it is this line that forms the spatial model of the universe.

So, according to the theory of relativity, the universe after the Big Bang developed chaotically. However, measurements of the temperature of the relict radiation indicate that a certain systematic order is visible in the structure of the Universe. At the same time, its entire structure is formed around a mysterious line, which has already been dubbed the “axis of evil” (its discovery casts doubt on all modern ideas about the origin of the universe and its development, including Einstein’s theory of relativity, for which it was given such an unflattering name).

Astrophysicists Stephen Hsu of the University of Oregon and Anthony Zee of the University of California believe that the “map” of the relic radiation is a kind of “message from the Creator” intended for decoding by a highly developed civilization. They calculated that a “cipher program” can contain about 10 kilobytes of information. Unfortunately, it is impossible to read it yet, since modern technologies do not allow detecting small temperature fluctuations.

Universal substance

But Stephen Enwin from the University of Manchester (Britain) claims that he managed to derive, no less, a formula … for the existence of God! For the calculations, the scientist used a formula that calculates the likelihood of rare events. As its constituents, various factors are set in it that can affect the possibility that an event will occur. Enwin suggested that in this case, such factors are various natural disasters, deadly diseases – “natural evil” – and belief in the Higher powers. Taking into account these influences, the probability of God’s existence is as much as 67%!

Most likely, we are talking about some kind of universal substance that defies description. In a sense, it is alive, for it permeates all life in the Universe. It is this Absolute that establishes the laws between the various categories of the universe. And we see its manifestations in every particle of being.

So there is a God! But we want to believe that we are not hostages of our own future and are capable of changing it at will. We have the freedom to choose: reason or madness, order or chaos, rebirth or disaster …

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