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Babies born on Mars may be new subspecies

Babies born on Mars may be new subspecies 1

Image Credit: NASA

What would life be like for someone born on Mars ?

Children born to parents living in a colony on Mars will be the very definition of the word ‘Martian’.

In a recent study, scientists looked at the biological, social and ethical challenges of conceiving and giving birth on another planet – something that will inevitably occur in the not-too-distant future.

“We assume that human reproduction in a Mars settlement will be necessary for the long-term success of an outer space mission,” the study authors wrote.

“The central issues are how a Martian colony should maintain a balance between reproductive rights and the need for reproduction in the inhospitable Martian environment.”

In addition to the dangers of being away from the Earth’s protective atmosphere, a child born on Mars would also need to adapt to the Red Planet’s lower gravitational pull, making them physically weaker.

There are also concerns that children born on other worlds could suffer from a range of health problems due to continuous exposure to harmful radiation both before and after being born.

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Ultimately, genuine ‘Martians’ may even be classed as a whole new human subspecies.

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