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Atlantis paradigm: Who are the higher powers and why do they “permit injustice” on Earth?

Atlantis paradigm: Who are the higher powers and why do they "permit injustice" on Earth? 1

Why higher powers allow injustice in their “domains”, in one form or another? This issue can be approached from different angles, but at the same time, the essence of it is one.

Why does so much suffering happen to people on Earth, where do the higher powers look? The higher forces, which are called upon to protect us, allow what we consider unfair.

What and Who do we consider “higher powers”?

Roughly speaking, for some, those who somehow surpass our civilization in development are already “the highest powers” and at their level, there should be eternal goodness and grace. This next stage of development after us should be a kind of super-fair authority, which should immediately “punish” all troublemakers, bad people, and so on.

In fact, everything is much more complicated. It is worth objectively recognizing (although this is not easy) that our planet is rather low in terms of the level of spiritual development. Even if the Atlanteans were recognized as a “developing society” of a low level, then we, all the more, are somewhere “at the bottom of the hierarchy”.

The universe is arranged in such a way that a higher level has the ability to influence a lower dimension. However, since we are practically at the very bottom of this ladder, it would be strange to expect that only one level above us is the same “eternal goodness and justice.”

For example, the Atlanteans had rather humane Curators. However, at the same stage of development as them, there were Reptilians, whose behavior did not cause much enthusiasm

In any case, we would not classify either one or the other as a higher power. Rather, they are the very “mare-bride” whose competence does not included in ensuring that everything is always fair with us.

It can be said that beings similar to us, only of a slightly higher development, are a step above us. They also make mistakes, may go down the “light” or “dark” path, and have their own experiential levels.

Who can be attributed to the higher forces, and what is within their competence?

First of all, it will be a mistake to personalize these highest powers. That is, to consider that some almighty being “sits” somewhere, which personally deals with all the world’s evil – punishes violators and “avenges the suffering of good people.”

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Everything could be much more complicated and easier at the same time. Higher forces manifest in the form of the existence of certain laws. Absolutely everything is subject to these laws and each Soul at any stage of development can become an “instrument” of this rule.

For example, the derivative of the global Law of balance is the Law of karma. It works always and everywhere. However, its manifestations are not always linear and obvious. This can confuse many – it will seem to them that “justice does not exist.”

Take the same destruction of Atlantis. We believe that those Atlantes that survived the moment of the Reptilian invasion and all subsequent troubles were “specially assembled on one ship.” In other words, these were the Souls who, for various reasons, needed such an experience.

We suspect that most of them could be in the past “on the other side of the invasion.” Roughly speaking, they could once colonize some planets in a similar way, and now it’s time for them to learn the other side of these actions.

How can that be? some readers may ask. – Most of the Atlanteans were “indigenous”, that is, their race was created on Earth, and they began to incarnate in it.

Any soul is eternal, which means it lives forever. The creation of Atlantis was for all “local” Souls just another stage in their existence. It is quite obvious that before that they lived somewhere else. Let in other, earlier cycles of development.

That is why we believe that there were no “innocent lambs” who absolutely undeservedly fell under the “arbitrariness of the Reptilians” at that moment among the incarnated Atlantes!

If some Soul did not need such an experience and did not have the corresponding obligations, then it simply did not incarnate at that time! Or in general, she left Atlantis shortly before the events described, and began to live in other worlds.

That is why we are not supporters of blaming “Evil Reptilians”, “overlooked higher powers” and the like for everything that happened. Rather, it happened because it had to happen.

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A tiny summary

All of the above could be true not only in relation to Atlantis, but also applies to our civilization and to the fate of an individual.

You should not consider higher powers as some kind of “creatures with a club” who must immediately run away and punish all the guilty. At times, every person or even civilization can become their tool, that is, act as an “encourager” or “punisher”.

However, at the same time, the higher powers should not be identified with any person or organization. We cannot blame them for “not watching”.

Higher powers, they are higher for that, that it is extremely difficult for us to understand their work from our low level. However, even by observing how certain laws operate in this and other worlds, we can say with confidence that justice exists.

In order to at least start understanding this justice, spiritual growth is needed.

The majority of us are at the beginning of the journey – there is still much to be learned and realized. However, there is an unequivocal conclusion that nothing ever happens out of coincidence. 

Everything we live is the result of own past actions. Therefore, there is no point in blaming anyone but ourselves for them.

Understanding this fact is very difficult for most of us. But when it finally arrives, a lot will fall into place.

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