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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Athonite monk predicted the terrible future of the United States and Russia in the 21st century

Athonite monk predicted the terrible future of the United States and Russia in the 21st century 1

Stefan Karulsky, a Serbian schema-archimandrite, prophesied terrible chaos back in the twentieth century. Soon, the flood will turn the world upside down, the United States will perish, and Russia will face an unthinkable transformation, he said.

The Athonite elders left many prophecies. Many of them seemed fantastic and incomprehensible to contemporaries. However, over the years, their meaning became clear, and the predictions came true.

Schiarchimandrite Stefan Karulsky lived in the years 1922-2001. While still young, he went to a monastery located in Serbia, was a novice. He went to Athos on foot from Serbia in the 50s. He spent most of his life on Karula (almost 40 years). He led a strict ascetic life, all of Greece knew about him. Thousands of people came to him for advice and help.

Invasion of demons

He more than once assured that the Mother of God and the devils appeared to him in visions, and at one moment he realized that he was capable of divination. Demons were often his guests.

“At first I was afraid of them. And then I think: I have a cross, this is my cell. Why are they walking around here? And now I see: forty demons come down to me from the mountain. Such, as on the icons of the Last Judgment, you can see: fire from the mouth, eyes burn. And they come to me. I lurked and think: let them get closer.”

As soon as the demons approached, Father Stefan began to baptize them with the cross.

“They run from the cross, are angry and shout:” You damned monks want to take our place! ” After all, the demon also sometimes blurts out … What is the meaning of a person’s life, by and large? To acquire holiness, so that the holy souls of men take the place of the fallen fallen angels at the throne of the Lord. Demons are traitors, have fallen away from God, and shout at the ascetic: you want to take our place! “

If a person takes the wrong path, then the demons will immediately try to do everything possible so that he joins them. And if he stands on the right one, then until the end of days they will interfere, seduce and tempt.


Many of his predictions and instructions are still remembered. One is a startling vision of the future of the United States and Russia. According to him, the whole world at the beginning of the XXI century will face the water element, which will radically change life on Earth for many years.

"The water element will destroy the country": the Athonite monk predicted the terrible future of Russia and the United States

His visions coincided with the prophecies of Vanga and Nostradamus that the country will suffer from a serious flood, many cities will go under water to be saved, people will be forced to move to other countries. “America will soon collapse,” and refugees will fill Russia and Serbia.

A natural disaster will affect all of humanity and people will be engaged mainly in subsistence farming. This is the only way they can provide themselves with food and survive. The world will be covered by hunger and devastation.

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“America is about to collapse. It will disappear terribly, completely. The Americans will flee, try to escape in Russia and Serbia,” the Athos monk predicted.

However, humanity will be adapting to this, there is no talk of the disappearance of people from the face of the Earth. Vanga shared a similar prediction. 

She believed that in the near future the country will be covered with “bloody rains”, as well as local armed conflicts will take place, no global war was foreseen. In addition, she stressed that the fight against the “new infection” will last long enough. However, humanity will be able to overcome everything, as a result of cataclysms Russia will become a superpower.


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