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Astronauts talk about strange sensations in space, sounds and UFOs

Astronauts talk about strange sensations in space, sounds and UFOs 94

Since humanity has set foot on the moon, more than 400 astronauts and astronauts from all over the world have flown into space. In the logbooks, they recorded many unusual personal experiences and feelings.

Some astronauts have seen UFOs, others have heard mysterious noises in outer space, and others have felt that they are turning into aliens themselves!

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Professor Kirill Butusov, who works in the radio astronomy department at Pulkovo’s Main Astronomical Observatory, has collected a wealth of materials with astounding stories recorded by astronauts. He tells the media about some of the incredible events that astronauts have encountered.

Astronauts talk about strange sensations in space, sounds and UFOs 95


In 1995, in his speech at the Kozyrev International Institute for Space Anthropology, test astronaut Sergei Krichevsky stated that many astronauts had a strange feeling of rebirth.

One of the astronauts told Krichevsky that he felt he was in a dinosaur’s body. He felt he was on an unknown planet, moving with the flock, crossing gullies and abysses. The astronaut described in detail “his” nails, flakes and membranes between the toes. He could feel horn tiles moving on his back.

Other astronauts have described themselves as “reincarnating” into another person or even aliens.

Meetings with mysterious creatures

Professor Butusov says:

“Many Russian astronauts say they have heard God’s warnings.” Some believe that other living things have observed them in orbit. They even heard a certain being speak to them in a quiet voice. The meaning of what is said is approximately the following: “Baby, you came too early. You must not come here! Believe me, because I am your ancestor! Hurry back to Earth and do not violate the laws of the Creator.

To be believed by humans, a creature usually tells stories related to the families of astronauts. “

The astronaut Grigory Grechko shared with Professor Butusov:

“There are really other intelligent lives in the universe. They are more advanced in knowledge and technology than we are. “

The famous American astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell, who received his bachelor’s degree in aviation engineering and is a doctor of aeronautics and aeronautics, landed on the moon in 1971 as part of the Apollo 14 expedition.

In an interview with British radio Kerrang !, Mitchell talks about some of his experiences. He tells the presenter that while in the space capsule, he suddenly felt that he had come into spiritual contact with representatives of other intelligent life in the universe.

Mitchell says:

“I really saw UFOs and aliens in space. Therefore, when I returned to Earth, I immediately left NASA and began to study supernatural phenomena! “

Astronauts talk about strange sensations in space, sounds and UFOs 96

Sounds in Space

Although it must be quiet in outer space, astronauts often hear mysterious sounds when flying in space. The astronaut Vladislav Volkov describes in detail such sounds:

“I saw Earth from above. Suddenly I heard … a dog barking. Then, I distinctly heard the crying of a child! Then some voices. “

Volkov adds that he cannot explain all this, but thinks it is real!

Gregory Grechko also has a strange incident when he is in space orbit. Their ship flew over Cape Horn, where many ships were sunk in ancient times. Suddenly he felt a sense of dreadful danger. Grechko said the feeling had shaken him and he had a hard time overcoming it.

Some believe that the “space whisper” is the product of alien civilization. Aliens use hypnosis, penetrating the mind and subconscious mind, to convince humans of their existence and to banish humanity from the universe that belongs to them.

Armstrong has seen three UFOs

For the first time in years, Armstrong’s assistant and former NASA employee admits that when the Eagle’s moon module with Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin touches the surface of the moon, they detect three unidentified objects with a diameter of 15 to 30 meters!

Astronauts talk about strange sensations in space, sounds and UFOs 97

When Armstrong excitedly reported what he saw at the Houston Flight Control Center, NASA experts quickly moved to the “secret” channel to prevent information leakage.

Werner von Braun, who heads the US lunar program, confirmed that a total of 25 astronauts have met with UFOs.

Another former head of the NASA Center – Christopher Kraft, after leaving, talks about the shocking conversation of Apollo 11 astronauts with the NASA Space Center.

Apollo 11: These are giant snakes. No, no, no … This is not an optical illusion. There can be no doubt about it!
Houston: What? What? What? What the hell is going on? What is happening?
Apollo 11: They are here below the surface.
Houston: What is this? (muffled noise) Communication interrupted … (Control Center calls Apollo 11)

Apollo 11: We saw some “guests”. They’ve been here for a while, checking the equipment.
Houston: Repeat your last message!
Apollo 11: I say there are other spaceships here. They are located at the other end of the crater.
Houston: Repeat, repeat!

Apollo 11: Let’s explore this orbit … 625 to 5 … An automatic relay is connected … My hands are shaking so much I can’t do anything. Download it? If these damn cameras capture something, then what?
Houston: Can you shoot something?
Apollo 11: I have no more movie. Three photos of the plate, or whatever, ruined the movie.
Houston: Restore control. Are you okay? What about UFOs?

Apollo 11: They landed here. They are here and watching us.
Houston: Reflectors, reflectors … can you adjust them?
Apollo 11: Yes, they are in place. But those who built these ships can definitely come tomorrow and remove them. Once and for all.

“NASA doesn’t allow us to talk!”

According to information, this is not the first time UFOs have been observed in space. In May 1963, Major Leroy Gordon Cooper orbits the Earth using the Mercury-Atlas-9 ship.

Astronauts talk about strange sensations in space, sounds and UFOs 98

As he passed Mercury, he suddenly discovered that a dark green object resembling a disk was moving toward the ship. Cooper believes this was definitely not a human-made satellite, but most likely a UFO.

On June 3, 1965, the US manned spacecraft Gemini 4 flies into orbit around Earth. As he moves east of Hawaii, astronaut James Alton McDivitt suddenly sees a spherical, luminous object flying over the ship. Suddenly the subject changes its direction abruptly at an angle of 40 degrees. McDivitt was able to capture this object in a photo.

On May 22, 1969, during the flight of the Apollo 10 spacecraft, his crew successfully filmed several UFOs. Two months later, Apollo 11 astronauts also shot two unidentified objects.

But NASA has a policy under which such information cannot be disclosed. All photos are sent to secret archives.

Some astronauts confirm that “in fact, many have seen UFOs, but their superiors do not allow them to speak“.



Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can’t take water from this African lake

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 99

In the northeast of the Republic of South Africa is the picturesque, but mysterious and ominous Lake Funduji. The local population considers the lake sacred and tells legends about it.

Despite the problems with fresh water in Africa, the tribes never settled on the banks of the Funduji, did not fish there and did not even replenish the water supplies from this lake.

This is because, according to local legends, it is impossible to take a drop of water from Lake Funduji, and anyone who touches the water, or even more so drinks it, will soon die. Also, people made sacrifices to the mythical monster Funduji to appease him.

The general public learned about Funduji at the beginning of the 20th century, when deposits of chrome ore were found in the vicinity of the lake. When expeditions from Europe began to come to this area, the lake was finally mapped.

Scientists listened to the stories of the locals about the ominous lake and the monster, but in the course of geological research, nothing mystical was found.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 100

In 1955, Professor Henry Burnside and his assistant Thacker decided to check the legend about strange water that cannot be carried away from the lake. Scientists collected water in several containers made of different materials – glass, porcelain and plastic, and walked several kilometers, intending to examine the samples.

But it was not possible to carry out the analysis: in the morning all the containers were empty. Then the scientists decided to return to the lake and take new samples. This time, Burnside dipped his finger into the water and tasted it: the taste of the water was bitter-rotten.

Throughout the day, scientists observed the containers, but no changes occurred, and by morning the vessels were empty again. Burnside intended to go back to the lake and examine water samples on site, but the plans were prevented by a sudden deterioration in his health: the professor was hospitalized, and a week later he died – as it later turned out, from intestinal inflammation.

It would seem that there is evidence of sinister legends, but there is still a scientific explanation for the phenomena of Lake Funduji. In fact, chromium ore deposits are the cause of the anomalies.

Chromium salts are very toxic to humans, and the concentration of chromium in the lake was so high that a couple of drops killed Professor Burnside.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 101

The disappearing water phenomenon is also explained by the high chromium content. At temperatures below 19 degrees Celsius, chromium particles in water crystallize (therefore, the water “disappeared” at night, when it was cooler). In fact, the liquid from the vessel does not go anywhere, but turns into a solid state, scattering along the bottom and walls of the vessel.

To be fair, some of Funduji’s riddles have not yet been solved – for example, it is not clear why a large number of crocodiles live in the poisonous lake. It is also unclear what these reptiles eat, because there are no fish in the lake, and other animals do not go there to drink.

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Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops

Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops 102

The pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the world. This is one of the largest ancient buildings, which contains many secrets. Recently, some experts have been worried about what hides the blocked tunnel near the underground chamber.

Blogger Ben van Kerkwick, who hosts the UnchartedX YouTube channel, managed to get into the tunnel. The video is two hours long and shows the entire journey. Ben was surprised that the tunnel helped to find the descending and ascending passages, although, according to the idea, they cannot be found.

The blogger explored the Cheops pyramid with his team. All passages were covered with granite blocks. The group followed to the Great Gallery, and Ben van Kerkwick – to the underground chamber. 

Archaeologists noted that the mysterious passage crosses the rock on which the base of the pyramid is located. The blogger was struck by the skill of the engineers: the discovered 87-meter passage turned out to be perfectly straight.

The underground camera was incredibly deep. There was a mysterious door there, where it led is still unknown. This confirms the opinion that the structure keeps many secrets.

The pyramid was erected 4.5 thousand years ago for Pharaoh Cheops, who was the ruler of the 4th dynasty.

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A giant pink ball cloud appeared over the site of a meteorite in China

A giant pink ball cloud appeared over the site of a meteorite in China 103

A giant pink ball appeared near the place where a cosmic body fell in China. It arose immediately after the collision of an asteroid with the Earth and a powerful explosion. A giant spherical cloud formed over the meteorite impact site. 

The meteorite fell on December 23 in Qinghai province (PRC). According to eyewitnesses, immediately after the explosion of the fireball, a giant spherical structure appeared over the crash site, which hovered over the Dealing highway.

The strange pink formation hung in the air for about 40 minutes and then evaporated. Locals used various metaphors in their descriptions of the sphere, for example, someone compared this phenomenon with a “bright pink moon”, while others called it “a leisurely round cloud”. Someone remembered that a meteorite had already fallen in China last fall, and then a coronavirus pandemic began around the world. Moreover, its distribution began from the PRC.

The first thing that ufologists-conspiracy theorists immediately start thinking about is the appearance of Nibiru, which is hidden from us almost all the time by chemtrails, but from time to time the wind blows the fog away and strange appearances begin in the sky:

What is noteworthy is that the temporary distance between the meteorite that fell on Tibet on December 23 and this pink object was only 12 hours and the observation sites were relatively close by the standards of China – that is, everything happened somewhere in the northern part of Tibet. Therefore, maybe in the morning not quite a meteorite fell there. 

If it was Nibiru, then its appearance as a separate astronomical object suggests that its trajectory has slightly changed and it will now begin to appear in different places in the Solar system. Something similar is predicted in a number of ancient and not very apocalyptic prophecies of Christian mystics.

Nibiru itself is not directly mentioned there and, perhaps, this fragment was simply removed by the censor at one time, but the prophecies say that before the End of the World “there will be two winters and two summers”. That is, the arrangement of seasons in a year will become quite dense. One of the possible explanations for such strange changes involves the appearance of another star in the solar system. 

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