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When you select candidates for astronauts, as you know, they test not only in physical, but also in psychological parameters. Therefore, there is no reason not to believe the stories of astronauts about strange and unusual phenomena that they happened to encounter in space. One of the most reliable testimonies about UFOs is theirs. 

To find themselves in space, these people undergo a thorough selection, including psychological, and still do not smoke and are not addicted to alcohol, so it’s impossible to attribute the observation of strange objects to the above-mentioned (as often happens in reality). 

It is also often believed that all the UFOs they saw are nothing more than space debris, that is, fragments from the upper stages of rockets or the remains of satellites. But not everything is so simple.

Some of the most unusual objects were seen by astronauts from the boards of Soviet and Russian space stations. At least if you believe the media in which this information was published, supposedly accidentally leaked, despite the secrecy. 

On September 29, 1977, the Soviet space station Salyut-6, the first second-generation station, which operated until 1982, was launched into Earth’s orbit. Over the years, 26 astronauts visited it, some twice each, and it is believed that they regularly observed UFOs, but this information was not strictly disclosed. 

Astronauts on Russian space stations saw UFOs and angels 95

In the 1990s, when the USSR collapsed and a real mess occurred in Russia in all areas, including those with classified documents, some of them “flowed” abroad, including to the United States. 

Several of these documents, which reported the observation of UFOs by the Salyut-6 astronauts, fell into the hands of journalist George Knapp in unknown ways in 1992 and were published in the journal Faith. 

The documents described that on June 17, 1978, astronauts Vladimir Kovalenok and Alexander Ivanchenkov were observing for a full day a strange object that flew around the station and moved so proportionately and logically that it looked like it was trying to examine Salyut-6 from all sides. 

“On the right, at an angle of 30 degrees, there is a small object flying above us. It looks like a tennis ball and is bright as an expanding star. Its speed indicators are lower than ours,” Kovalenok reported to the MCC.

On May 6, 1981, Kovalenok again noticed a UFO from the side of Salyut-6. This object pulsed and moved randomly, while not lagging behind, but persistently flew behind the station. Kovalenok spoke about this years later in an interview with various journalists. Also, this observation was recorded in the logbook. 

“On May 5, 1981, we were in orbit (in Salyut-6). I noticed an object that did not look like all the space objects I had seen before. It was a rounded object, like a melon, slightly elongated. In front of it was something that revolved. “

Astronauts on Russian space stations saw UFOs and angels 96

Kovalenok immediately called his colleague Viktor Savinykh, who decided to film the object on camera, but barely managed to point the eyepiece at him, as if the object had exploded, and only a cloud of smoke remained from it. Kovalenok then decided that they saw a plasmoid, and Savinykh was sure that it was a UFO or even an explosion of a nuclear bomb in space. 

In 1980, astronauts Valery Ryumin and Leonid Popov allegedly saw strange objects aboard Salyut-6. They claimed to be observing a “cluster of white shiny spots” that soared into space from the Moscow area. These objects rose so high that they were higher than the orbit of Salyut-6. The astronauts supposedly even managed to take photographs of these objects, but everything was immediately classified. 

An article about this case was published for the first time in 1991 in the newspaper Rabochaya Tribuna, and then was distributed by foreign media. The mentioned photographs, alas, were not attached to the article. 

In April 1982, the USSR launched the new Salyut-7 space station into orbit, which worked until 1986, when it was urgently removed from service, and in 1991 it burned down when it was put out of orbit into the atmosphere. While astronauts were on it, they also regularly reported UFO sightings.

On July 12, 1982, during the docking of Salyut-7 with the Progress transport ship, the astronauts Beregovoi and Lebedev saw a drop-shaped UFO flying right between the station and the ship. The object was observed from about 200 meters and in size it was no smaller than the space station. 

The following story looks particularly fantastic and completely unrealistic. Nevertheless, some sources are convinced that it actually happened: 

In July 1984, when Salyut-7 was on the 155th day of its mission and the usual work was going on at the station, the astronauts Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Solovyov and Leonid Kazim noticed a blinding orange light through the windows. When they began to look outside, trying to figure out what it was, they saw something strange. 

There in space, not far from the station, seven winged humanoid creatures soared, each of which was about 27 meters high. They had calm, bright, smiling faces, and the orange light was a glow that emanated from their bodies. These creatures exuded peace and tranquility, so the astronauts did not feel any fear, they were simply very amazed. 

Astronauts on Russian space stations saw UFOs and angels 97

According to an unspecified source, all three were later convinced that they saw angels, while this vision lasted at least 10 minutes and all this time the station flew in orbit at the usual speed, and the “angels” continued to stay close to it. Then they gradually “died out” and disappeared. 

There were assumptions that the whole crew became a victim of overwork and they had hallucinations, but the same crew of Salyut-7, who worked on it on the 167th day of the mission along with the first three astronauts, Svetlana Savitskaya , Igor Volk and Vladimir Dzhanibekov, seemed to also seen the same “angels”.

At some point, all six suddenly noticed a bright light, and when they clung to the portholes, they saw several large “angels” hanging in the blackness of space with the same friendly smiles. 

In 1986, the Mir space station was launched into orbit, which was finally assembled only in 1996. This station later gave way to the International Space Station, but over the years of its operation there have also been several UFO sightings.

On September 27, 1990, astronauts Gennady Manakov and Gennady Strekalov saw a huge silver sphere that floated in the region of the northern regions of the Earth. Later, in an interview on radio, Manakov explained in detail about this incident.

According to him, a huge sphere hovered somewhere near the island of Newfoundland and it was clearly visible, because the sky was very clear. The object hung above the ground at a distance of 20-30 km and was very large. Manakov observed it for only 6-7 seconds, after which the sphere suddenly disappeared. 


Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can’t take water from this African lake

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 110

In the northeast of the Republic of South Africa is the picturesque, but mysterious and ominous Lake Funduji. The local population considers the lake sacred and tells legends about it.

Despite the problems with fresh water in Africa, the tribes never settled on the banks of the Funduji, did not fish there and did not even replenish the water supplies from this lake.

This is because, according to local legends, it is impossible to take a drop of water from Lake Funduji, and anyone who touches the water, or even more so drinks it, will soon die. Also, people made sacrifices to the mythical monster Funduji to appease him.

The general public learned about Funduji at the beginning of the 20th century, when deposits of chrome ore were found in the vicinity of the lake. When expeditions from Europe began to come to this area, the lake was finally mapped.

Scientists listened to the stories of the locals about the ominous lake and the monster, but in the course of geological research, nothing mystical was found.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 111

In 1955, Professor Henry Burnside and his assistant Thacker decided to check the legend about strange water that cannot be carried away from the lake. Scientists collected water in several containers made of different materials – glass, porcelain and plastic, and walked several kilometers, intending to examine the samples.

But it was not possible to carry out the analysis: in the morning all the containers were empty. Then the scientists decided to return to the lake and take new samples. This time, Burnside dipped his finger into the water and tasted it: the taste of the water was bitter-rotten.

Throughout the day, scientists observed the containers, but no changes occurred, and by morning the vessels were empty again. Burnside intended to go back to the lake and examine water samples on site, but the plans were prevented by a sudden deterioration in his health: the professor was hospitalized, and a week later he died – as it later turned out, from intestinal inflammation.

It would seem that there is evidence of sinister legends, but there is still a scientific explanation for the phenomena of Lake Funduji. In fact, chromium ore deposits are the cause of the anomalies.

Chromium salts are very toxic to humans, and the concentration of chromium in the lake was so high that a couple of drops killed Professor Burnside.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 112

The disappearing water phenomenon is also explained by the high chromium content. At temperatures below 19 degrees Celsius, chromium particles in water crystallize (therefore, the water “disappeared” at night, when it was cooler). In fact, the liquid from the vessel does not go anywhere, but turns into a solid state, scattering along the bottom and walls of the vessel.

To be fair, some of Funduji’s riddles have not yet been solved – for example, it is not clear why a large number of crocodiles live in the poisonous lake. It is also unclear what these reptiles eat, because there are no fish in the lake, and other animals do not go there to drink.

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Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops

Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops 113

The pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the world. This is one of the largest ancient buildings, which contains many secrets. Recently, some experts have been worried about what hides the blocked tunnel near the underground chamber.

Blogger Ben van Kerkwick, who hosts the UnchartedX YouTube channel, managed to get into the tunnel. The video is two hours long and shows the entire journey. Ben was surprised that the tunnel helped to find the descending and ascending passages, although, according to the idea, they cannot be found.

The blogger explored the Cheops pyramid with his team. All passages were covered with granite blocks. The group followed to the Great Gallery, and Ben van Kerkwick – to the underground chamber. 

Archaeologists noted that the mysterious passage crosses the rock on which the base of the pyramid is located. The blogger was struck by the skill of the engineers: the discovered 87-meter passage turned out to be perfectly straight.

The underground camera was incredibly deep. There was a mysterious door there, where it led is still unknown. This confirms the opinion that the structure keeps many secrets.

The pyramid was erected 4.5 thousand years ago for Pharaoh Cheops, who was the ruler of the 4th dynasty.

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A giant pink ball cloud appeared over the site of a meteorite in China

A giant pink ball cloud appeared over the site of a meteorite in China 114

A giant pink ball appeared near the place where a cosmic body fell in China. It arose immediately after the collision of an asteroid with the Earth and a powerful explosion. A giant spherical cloud formed over the meteorite impact site. 

The meteorite fell on December 23 in Qinghai province (PRC). According to eyewitnesses, immediately after the explosion of the fireball, a giant spherical structure appeared over the crash site, which hovered over the Dealing highway.

The strange pink formation hung in the air for about 40 minutes and then evaporated. Locals used various metaphors in their descriptions of the sphere, for example, someone compared this phenomenon with a “bright pink moon”, while others called it “a leisurely round cloud”. Someone remembered that a meteorite had already fallen in China last fall, and then a coronavirus pandemic began around the world. Moreover, its distribution began from the PRC.

The first thing that ufologists-conspiracy theorists immediately start thinking about is the appearance of Nibiru, which is hidden from us almost all the time by chemtrails, but from time to time the wind blows the fog away and strange appearances begin in the sky:

What is noteworthy is that the temporary distance between the meteorite that fell on Tibet on December 23 and this pink object was only 12 hours and the observation sites were relatively close by the standards of China – that is, everything happened somewhere in the northern part of Tibet. Therefore, maybe in the morning not quite a meteorite fell there. 

If it was Nibiru, then its appearance as a separate astronomical object suggests that its trajectory has slightly changed and it will now begin to appear in different places in the Solar system. Something similar is predicted in a number of ancient and not very apocalyptic prophecies of Christian mystics.

Nibiru itself is not directly mentioned there and, perhaps, this fragment was simply removed by the censor at one time, but the prophecies say that before the End of the World “there will be two winters and two summers”. That is, the arrangement of seasons in a year will become quite dense. One of the possible explanations for such strange changes involves the appearance of another star in the solar system. 

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