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Astronauts observe several UFOs near the International Space Station

Astronauts observe several UFOs near the International Space Station 7

Recently, several UFOs were seen near the International Space Station during a live broadcast from NASA.

Also, according to the alien life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring, a Russian astronaut aboard the ISS was heard on the radio talking to the NASA control center, in which he noticed that a trio of objects appears in space. Everything happens in a live video broadcast by NASA.

Astronauts observe several UFOs near the International Space Station 8

Waring wrote on his website: “This is one hundred percent real proof that NASA knows that alien ships fly around the ISS.” The strange images were recorded last Wednesday, November 20, 2019. Waring said: ” The non-hidden anomalies are filmed moving slowly upwards in the live broadcast “. “There is a recorded conversation that begins after the appearance of alien ships.”

Waring suggests that the footage shows 3 UFOs, each of which shares a similar long-tailed design. “So, 50 seconds after the ISS video clip, you can see what part of the L-shaped object on the left side of the screen seems to bend.” The clip features the voice of a Russian cosmonaut, believed to be Oleg Skripochka or otherwise Alexander Skvortsov who is on the ISS.

Astronauts observe several UFOs near the International Space Station 9

The crew member is in the middle of an apparently normal conversation with the NASA control, and is heard to say “it’s a ship ..” when the strange lights come into view. It is at this point that you hear a NASA ground control member saying “Copy everything, it’s with you, thank you.” They add, “Did you do something that is part of maintaining the source, other than what is reported?”

Waring states that NASA’s ground control interrupted him when the astronaut himself observed the alien ship before he could reveal too much. He said: “that astronaut already seen the alien ships in the camera and the NASA control center on Earth followed the event live. So he reacted quickly, before he could talk about it too much, but he already said the most important thing he could … it’s a ship! “

Astronauts observe several UFOs near the International Space Station 10

The UFO sighted by the Russian astronaut seems to be an organic object that changes shape. Spatial garbage is excluded

Waring says that NASA also tried to hide the incident by interrupting the live broadcast shortly after the alleged extraterrestrial encounter. “They noticed the video was clear, but when the UFOs appeared, they caused a disturbance in the technology and dulled the video.”

“Here is real evidence that NASA and Russia know that aliens often visit the International Space Station.” These statements by Scott Waring have caused controversy on the Internet. Watch the video!!

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References: Scott Waring (ETdatabase)


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