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Astrology and the Sun Signs

Astrology and the Sun Signs 1

In the earliest times, mankind has believed the sun, moon, stars, and planets were all divinities: gods or goddesses. For many centuries, men did not separate the existence of planets and erroneously thought planets were stars that did not twinkle in the sky. And primitive men thought the stars were divine flickers of light without knowing why stars do not burn out.

The celestial objects seen in the night sky formed the basis for astrology and because the sun is not seen at night, astrology is not concerned with the sun. Ancient astrologers believed the moon was a goddess whose influence to people on earth pertains feminine things as sewing clothes and child birth. But some astrologers considered the moon as a god whose influence pertains to masculine things as fighting and hunting.

Venus, originally thought if a star, radiated an occult link of beauty, sexuality, and  Mars sent an occult wave of aggression and war because of its destructiveness to people on earth.

Mercury, a god who served as a messenger for the other gods and for the goddesses, radiated a sense of quickness and responsibility, but also moodiness.

Mars sent an occult wave of aggression and war because of its blood red appearance: Mars the angry red planet.

Jupiter, king of the Gods and hence an occult wave of extreme importance, ceremonial pomp, highest authority of man, and Saturn, a God of Harvest, planting, agriculture, farming, strength, and justice, and such virtues thereto.

These planets were the only planets ancient men and medieval men knew. Uranus was discovered in 1930, Neptune discovered in 1846, and Pluto discovered in 1930.

The Sun travels throughout the sky on the ecliptic path and journeys through constellations over the course of a year. The Sun, which radiates warmth, light, and life sustaining characteristics and in astrology, always a male god, would stand for enlightenment, power, might, physical and mental warmth; and  energy.

Astrology and the Sun Signs 2

The Constellations         Zodiac Time Frame                     Traits

Aries The Ram MarchMarch 21-April 19pushy; a fighter
Taurus The BullApril 20-May 20aggressive; a fighter, at times stubborn
Gemini The TwinsMay 21-June 20Desire to work in a pair or within a group
Cancer The CrabJune 21-July 20Biting; clawing; at times aggressive; mean


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Leo The LionJuly 23-August 22Assertive; aggressive; brave
Virgo The VirginAugust 23-Sept. 22Not sensual; shy with males; withdrawn
Libra The ScalesSept, 23-Octr. 22Someone who looks at both sides; tries to balance one’s life
Scorpio The ScorpionOct. 23-Nov. 21stinging; hurting, aggressive
Sagittarius The ArcherNov. 22-Dec. 1one who will quickly use weapons
Capricorn The GoatDec.22-JaN. 19one who will try to keep bucking for success, power, love
Aquarius The Waer BearerJan.20-Feb. 18one who likes to help others in need; a savior
Pisces The FishFeb. 19-March 20passive; peaceful, gentle
Astrology and the Sun Signs 3
Constellation  Divinity; celestial body
ScorpioPluto, Mars

Because Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were invisible planets for thousands of years, modern astrologers ascribed such traits to these planets;  Uranus-God of Usurper of Governmental Authority; one who steals; assumes power over a state, country, ruling government; can be a traitor or a liberator

Neptune-God of the Sea, rain storms, tidal waves; floods, or calm, clear waters and good weather. One who exerts extreme authority over the bodies of war.

Pluto-God of the Underworld. Occult; ghosts, spiritualism; mediumship

Astrology is considered a pseudo science by modern science. There is no proof whatsoever that the moon, sun, and planets tell personality traits unique to people born under a constellation or commonly known as a ‘sun sign’, nor can a person’s future be foretold by the influence and motion of the moon, the sun, stars, and the planets

Furthermore, in modern astrology, the personality readings and so-called future readings are so general that they apply to practically everybody in one form or another. If you read your horoscope, as well as another person’s horoscope; you will see both are so general that basically speaking, both horoscopes shall apply to you personally.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings”.

The quote from Julius Caesar act 1, scene 2, is by the character of Cassius; the play Julius Caesar was written by William Shakespeare(1564-1616), the famous English poet, playwright, and author, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon”.

When we examine the power of the moon on the earth, we know the moon’s powerful gravitational forces cause the tides to go in and out. People have theorized the moon’s gravity has to work on human beings since we are made up to about 70% water. In actuality, the moon exerts such a super low effect on humans that it is clear it is almost immeasurable.

With tides, there are many, many thousands of miles of water and each drop of water follows gravity waves. If two drops of water are placed extremely close to each other; their own gravity actually pulls them together to unite and become one big drop. The natural gravity within the water of oceans and seas is attracted to the moon’s gravity to produce tides. Tides help to wash out; wash away the waters of oceans and seas.


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