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Asteroid explodes on Earth and came from beyond Mars

Asteroid explodes on Earth and came from beyond Mars 1

An asteroid coming from beyond Mars, specifically the asteroid belt, it exploded on Earth recently.

According to its flight path, it was estimated that the space rock came from the asteroid belt in our solar system, and that it is located beyond Mars.

Astronomer Peter Brown published a status on Twitter explaining that the asteroid came from the asteroid belt. In addition, he commented that the rock had approximately 10 kilograms and the size of a softball.

Brown also explained that the rock was moving at a speed of approximately 15 kilometers per second, and produced a slightly lower brightness than the full moon.

The remains of the asteroid provided an impressive light show in the sky, to finally impact the lake huron, located between the USA and Canada

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The incident that occurred on Mars on January 21 at night was corroborated by numerous witnesses who claimed to have witnessed a large ball of fire through the sky.

So far no damage has been reported to buildings or people affected due to the impact of the asteroid.

In 2013, a large meteorite entered the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded, causing damage and several injuries in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

Source: RT


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