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Armageddon is scheduled for July 26 2022: Gary Parkers’ alien announcement on the ‘great arrival’

Armageddon is scheduled for July 26 2022: Gary Parkers' alien announcement on the 'great arrival' 1
Photo: Twitter kann_news | Smoke at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

After a compelling, telepathically spoken dream, Gary Parker had a revelation for an alien visitation on July 26th 2016; He claimed that all answers are in NASA photos and this is where his story began: aliens return to Earth on July 26th, 2022, in Jerusalem, at the Temple Mount.

One of the interesting properties of human psychology is the amazing ability to forget all sorts of prophetic warnings that are given to people for years to come. A good example of this is, for example, the forgotten story about aliens from planet Pluto, who in 2019 promised the start of the Third World War in 2022.

There is another interesting vison about 2022, aliens and Armageddon this summer by a Gary Parker, who, being a contactee, once heard a voice in his head with the command: go and see! He was ordered to go online and study Google maps in the area of ​​the Great Pyramid.

Image credit: Gary Parker
Image credit: Gary Parker

Gary complied with the voice’s request and began to carefully examine the area highlighted on the map, where he saw fairly clear huge symbols similar to the date July 26, 2022.

It is curious that this inscription is made in Hebrew. However, Parker could not explain why the ancient Jews were suddenly aliens from outer space. But he still translated the inscription from Hebrew into English.

According to him, it says that “the records were left by the creator of all things”, and also that – “people should expect a great coming.”

Speaking to the media with this message, Parker also claimed that the theory of the construction of the pyramids by an alien race was almost completely proven, mainly due to ancient inscriptions.

He posted a complete set of pictures on his website back in 2017, but the image hosting site is not supported now and the pictures have been removed – we provide a fragment of the map from his video screenshots. 

Image credit: Gary Parker
Image credit: Gary Parker

When Parker began to be puzzled over this enigmatic date, he again heard a voice in his head that told him that on July 26, 2022, the aliens who created humans would return to Earth and land in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount.

He made his appeal, including on one of the American radio stations, where he explained his version of things to come. 

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It will not be possible to say how true this prophecy is until July 26th, but according to the prophecies, a two hundred million army from the east will have to come to Jerusalem, as the eschatologists think the army will be Chinese. But, according to the same visions, they will be stopped by some kind of aliens who will appear over Jerusalem and give a spectacular space battle show: the eyes of the warriors will burst, and the bones will turn into lime dust. 

The question remains unclear: will the Chinese be able to carry out such a grandiose transfer of forces and means in the remaining couple of months? And do they need it?

It took the US a year to prepare for Desert Storm, despite the fact that they were definitely not transferring 200 million soldiers. For these reasons, the participation of the PRC in Armageddon on July 26 (if it takes place) seems extremely unlikely to us, however, a well-known psychic said that something will happen in Jerusalem on July 26. 


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