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Arizona UFO with “Appendages” Looks Like “Madonna of the UFO” Painting

Arizona UFO with “Appendages” Looks Like “Madonna of the UFO” Painting 5

A photograph of a recent UFO sighting over Arizona has many people comparing its shape to a famous painting that has come to be known as the “Madonna of the UFO” because of a strange flying-saucer-ish object in an upper corner. Is the Arizona object a ship? Is the Madonna UFO? Are they related or the same? Is this a ploy by art majors and museum curators to get people interested in paintings again?

“Oval in shape, on zoom appeared to have some sort of landing appendages.”

They had UFO trackers at “landing apendages.” This summary and the single photograph was sent to MUFON on April 3, 2019, but was taken on March 23, 2019. According to case #99519, the sighting took place in San Tan Valley, a Phoenix suburb near Arizona’s San Tan mountains. The “landing appendages” can be seen under severe magnification (see magnified photos here courtesy of TexasUFOs)  and, while the appendages description is true, the ‘landing’ part is … imaginative.

“A black speck in the sky above plane contrails. From the camera image on zoom the shape was a dome like 1/2 of a ball. There were appendages from the sides and the bottom of the rim of the structure.”

Always throw in “contrails” if you want to get picked up by search bots, even if they’re not obvious in the photo. Comments compare the object to a jellyfish-type UFO and it definitely could be an unusual drone (where are the props?) or a balloon. The most interesting observations noted its resemblance to the “Madonna of the UFO” painting.

Arizona UFO with “Appendages” Looks Like “Madonna of the UFO” Painting 6

The painting is generally referred to as “Madonna and Child with the Infant St John,” which is a common grouping painted by many artists, including Leonardo da Vinci. The web site Florence Inferno says this one’s artist is unknown but suspected to be either Sebastiano Mainardi, Jacopo del Sellaio or Filippo Lippi. The UFO version is located in the Hall of Hercules on the second floor of the Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence and a major museum of art. Prior to that, it was at the convent of Sant’Orsola in the district of San Lorenzo in Florence.

This particular Madonna and Child with the Infant St. John is the only one with what appears to be a UFO in the background being watched by a shepherd and his dog. While it looks like a flying blob, many have come to believe it’s a flying saucer or alien ship and proof that ETs visited Earth either at the time of the birth of Jesus or at least at the time it was painted. Art historians say it’s most likely a representation of an angel in a cloud, possibly a depiction of the angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she would bear the Messiah. The rays fit the descriptions of angels being surrounded by bright light and a shepherd covering his eyes in the presence of a clouded angle is seen in other paintings of that era. To further confuse both UFO believers and Christians, in the upper left-hand corner is the Nativity Star and three smaller stars meant to represent the Madonna’s virginity before, during, and after childbirth. Throwing all of these events into one painting of Jesus playing with his cousin John the Baptist means it’s far from historically accurate, but at least it explains the UFO.

Arizona UFO with “Appendages” Looks Like “Madonna of the UFO” Painting 7

Or does it?

What about the sighting in Arizona? There don’t seem to be any other eyewitness reports, which puts the needle on the balloon or drone side. On the other hand, Phoenix news stations were recently playing an audio account released by the FAA of two commercial pilots discussing a UFO, possibly reflections off of a weather balloon, over Arizona in February. The Fox news report mentions that Arizona has had “more than 4,500 reported UFO sightings dating back to 2001.” And … Phoenix! You know, the lights. Like a high fly ball to deep left field, they’re all up in the air.

Spring training is over, Arizonans! Get back to watching for UFOs!

Source: Mysterious Universe

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