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Argentina, an “Alien Base with Dimensional Portals” could be found in the mountains

Argentina, an "Alien Base with Dimensional Portals" could be found in the mountains 1

Capilla del Monte is located in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, a stone’s throw from the Sierras Chicas mountain range, in the northern part of the Punilla Valley.

The main tourist attraction of the area is the Cerro Uritorco, a small mountain just 3 km from the city and the Ongamira Valley, both areas famous throughout Argentina to be the epicenter of paranormal phenomena, UFO sightings and alleged Extra-terrestrial bases.

Ongamira is a valley located 25 km from Capilla del Monte in Argentina and is famous for its caves and abundant vegetation. Ongamira is a site of interest for UFO and paranormal scholars, who assert that there are true dimensional portals where UFOs and mysterious beings of light are sometimes and repeatedly observed.

Paranormal researcher and UFO expert Gustavo Fernandez states in an interview with Mexican UFO journalist and expert Ana Luisa Cid that:

“it is not the first time, as it is known in the UFO world, that unidentified objects and strange beings are recorded by cameras and cameras, even if not at the same time, visible to the naked eye. Several scenarios have been illustrated on this, including one in which it is demonstrated that the appearance, that is the disappearance of the spontaneous phenomenon is so rapid that the human eye cannot grasp, and would make the camera and video camera presumably more sensitive. Basically, in summary, the human eye is different from the photographic eye and it can be able to immortalize mysterious objects and entities even in places where it is assumed that dimensional portals exist.

This is linked to the growing assumption of researchers of this phenomenon, as it would seem that these intelligences exploit interdimensional “shortcuts”, or space-dimensional portals very similar to the famous “wormholes” or “stargates” also studied in Astrophysics and that, to easily explain how they work, they allow to communicate two distant points of space-time, bypassing the intermediate points. Perhaps it is difficult for our logic to understand, but no more than other paradoxes of modern physics. Thus, Ongamira would be one of the many “dimensional portals” distributed on the face of the planet, where there would be no access to the intelligence level of our existence.  The image was taken in Ongamira and was sent to me by Pablo Dessy. Pablo said this photo was given to him by a friend who lives in this region.”

Little is known about this image (photo above), nor is the date and name of the author who took some photos with his camera near the cave, without perceiving the phenomenon at that moment. So here are manifested in a single frame two entities or beings of light that according to the opinion of Pablo Dessy (researcher of the paranormal) would be a male and a female.

An Alien Base could be located in the mountains of Capilla del Monte

As mentioned above, Capilla del Monte is located in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, a stone’s throw from the Sierras Chicas mountain range, and one of the main tourist attractions in the area is the Cerro Uritorco, a small mountain just 3 km from the city, famous to be the epicenter of paranormal phenomena, UFO sightings and alleged Extraterrestrial bases.

There is no shortage of testimonies, such as that of two girls who on 13 January 2012 at 12.13, had managed to document a UFO and some mysterious (self-luminous) entities in the mountains. In the video you can see how an incandescent sphere moves among the vegetation and undisturbed a mysterious figure that moves with slow movements. The Alien appears to have a green-colored jumpsuit and some sort of self-luminescent case.

In the video we publish below, it seems that at some point one or more mysterious silhouettes can be observed next to the UFO. These shapes, which can be observed near the sphere of light, suggest the presence of possible alien entities which in turn move in an anomalous way among the rocks and vegetation of the Cerro Uritorco mountains. Certainly what you see are not people who are having a picnic, the shapes that appear near the sphere are too different.

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Other testimonies, reported and cataloged by MUFON are many, including that relating to a documented sighting in the mountains of Capilla del Monte. The eyewitness and other friends were driving on National Route 38, coming from Cordova to Capilla Del Monte, when they saw a black flying saucer behind a strange cloud over a hill. The witnesses stopped the car and photographed the flying saucer. The mysterious object was stationary in the clouds, in the sky and made no sound. The witnesses present at the event stated that at one point the UFO rocketed towards the mountains, disappearing into thin air at incredible speed.

Other evidence comes from Capilla del Monte, where a group of hikers were able to document a huge cigar-shaped UFO over El Cerro Uritorco.

Post Update – HOAX – The Beings of Light at Ongamira

According to the Argentinean UFO researcher Daniel Valverdi, Pablo Dessy sent him the JPG file in September 2008, stating that he was at that location – but not in the photo – and that they had actually seen that manifestation. The photo file was manipulated “in order to remove someone who did not want to be in it.”

The image was submitted to Salvatore Carta for analysis. The result? The photo shows nothing aside from two people lit by the sun, overexposing them as they enter the cave. The same condition can be seen on the surface upon which the “beings” are standing.


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