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Area 52 UNCOVERED? Mysterious aircraft at secret US base ‘intentionally BLURRED’ by Google

Area 52 UNCOVERED? Mysterious aircraft at secret US base 'intentionally BLURRED' by Google 3

SPECULATION has erupted over a mysterious aircraft spotted at a top-secret US military base, amid claims that Google Maps has “refused” to update its satellite imagery of the area for more than eight years.

A mysterious aircraft at a top-secret US military base has been blurred on Google Maps, sparking wide-ranging conspiracy theories.

The unidentified object was spotted at a base which has long-been linked to secretive government tests and has even been nicknamed Area 52.

The base in southwestern Nevada has at the centre of conspiracy theories after Google Maps “refused” to update its satellite images of the area for eight years between 2008 and 2016.

At this time, the online satellite imagery showed only several dry lake beds within the Tonopah Test Range – just 70 miles northwest of the notorious Area 51 facility.

The area has traditionally been rumoured to be used for experimental weapon testing.

However, the mystery surrounding the base intensified this week when Google Maps appeared to “intentionally blur” an object hanging outside an aircraft hangar.

Google Maps normally updates its global imagery every 30 days, prompting speculation of top-level government censorship.

The truth behind the blurred object has led to claims of an alien aircraft, or a secret US spy plane in the making.

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Area 52 UNCOVERED? Mysterious aircraft at secret US base 'intentionally BLURRED' by Google 4
An unidentified flying object has been spotted at a top-secret military base, nicknamed Area 52

In the video footage, a mysterious light object can be seen hanging out the front of an aircraft hanger.

Since everything else in the surrounding sateillite image is clear, the object appears to be “intentionally blurred” out of view.

Tyler Glockner, who found the strange aircraft, released a YouTube video on his findings.

He said: “This is some sort of very secretive flying aircraft.

“What is also interesting is nearby, there are other military vehicles sitting outside which are not blurred. This one has been purposely airbrushed – it is very suspicious.

“And not to mention it has been found inside a range that was also censored for eight years.”

One viewer of the video posted: “Someone needs to take a road trip out to the Nevada desert.”

Another added: “The military is hiding something from other countries.”


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