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Are you sure that the sun will rise tomorrow? Photos of the star horrified scientists; humanity faces a new Ice Age

Are you sure that the sun will rise tomorrow? Photos of the star horrified scientists; humanity faces a new Ice Age 1

The photographs of our star received by observatories around the world are are creepy. Despite the fact that another cycle of activity is underway, there are almost no sunspots on its surface. Then where are they?

Back in 2019, the Sun could not get out of the minimum solar activity and did not flare up. There were even wild theories that deep inside itself, it had actually cooled down. A photon born in the depths travels to the surface for about a million years. The Sun will shine for a million years, but in reality it will go out a long time ago. So maybe this has already happened

Are you sure that the sun will rise tomorrow? Photos of the star horrified scientists; humanity faces a new Ice Age 2
In a recent photograph of our star, there are almost no sun spots. Photo: @hosi_tori_ga.

But as soon as the pandemic began, the activity of the Sun also went up, and with a bang. The current high is considered the most violent in recent memory. Auroras are constantly seen in mid-latitudes – a sure sign of a raging star. And they thought that this would be the case until 2025, when a peak is expected (the period of fluctuations in solar activity is about 11.5 years). And here it is.

Astronomers’ comments are still cautious. They point out that this is not uncustomary, the sun may freeze slightly, and then continue to accelerate to its peak. So soon new spots will emerge from the edge of the disk and everything will return to normal.

Optimism justified?

Back in 2011, several studies appeared proving that the Sun is gradually cooling down and its activity is falling. As astronomer Frank Hill said then, perhaps the regular cycle of activity changes is breaking. “This is very strange and unexpected,” he noted. He saw the reason that the magnetic field of our star is gradually weakening. It is the spots that can signal this, because spots are areas of high magnetic field. According to Hill’s estimates, the current cycle should not be strong. When it broke up, they forgot about the prophecy, but isn’t it time to remember?

Secondly, in the summer there were forecasts that the current maximum of activity would occur earlier than expected. This also suggests that the cycle is broken. So, there are two arguments in favor of the fact that there is something wrong with the cycle.

A recent study showed that at the height of the Little Ice Age (XVI-XVIII centuries), the Sun changed its activity not once every 11.5 years, but once every 8 years. Thus, when the star cools, its cyclicity breaks down. During the Little Ice Age, humanity suffered greatly. The fields did not bear fruit, the summers were terrible and rainy, and the winters incredibly harsh. Everything seems to indicate that a repeat of this story is not far off.

Of course, we won’t rush. The climate may not change right now. Activists will continue to fight against “Global Warming”, sincerely believing that it is only caused by human activity. But, if the signs listed above are not a chain of coincidences, in a decade or two everything will become obvious and a new ice age will become the main concern of humanity.

Daylight chronicles

Strange records have been preserved in the chronicles that our daylight “faded.” And we’re not talking about an eclipse: people might not have seen the Sun for years. Usually such evidence was attributed to artistic exaggeration, error, deliberate lies, or was interpreted as the “activity of volcanoes”, which, they say, clogged the atmosphere. 

But what astronomers seem to have discovered is that stars like the Sun can actually dim. Their light is obscured by megacomets – and these punishing tailed guests resemble either the planet Nibiru or the Wormwood Star, about which legends speak. 

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The worst year in history

If you type this combination of words into a search engine, a story will unfold in front of you that you most likely will not believe. However, it is true. In 536 AD, the Sun disappeared from human sight for more than a year. In humanity’s collective memory, this event remained as the Twilight of the Gods (Ragnarok in Scandinavian): people decided that the gods had destroyed each other in a colossal battle, and abandoned people to their fate.

Darkness fell and the Sun shone dimly, like the Moon, all year. It was like an eclipse, for the rays of the Sun were not pure and not as usual. And from the moment it began, people could not escape either from war, or from plague, or from many other deaths, known and unknown to man. Procopius of Caesarea, writer

So, the Sun rose and set, but it seemed to shine reluctantly. Its light was no brighter than the moon! Of course, the cold came. In the spring the fields seemed to turn green, but they remained barren. It snowed in the summer, and a terrible drought set in in Northern Europe, resulting in forest fires that destroyed crops, forests and cities.

After the famine came the plague. This connection has been noted more than once in history. The immunity of the people of that time was mediocre (in vain they think that in ancient times everyone was healthy, they lived in the dirt, without medicine and ate monotonously), so as soon as they were left with the already meager food, the disease was right there. Entire cities stood empty; thieves who tried to rob the houses of the victims died themselves.

Bible Testimony

But was that terrible year the only one? The Bible records very similar events. Egyptian darkness, remember?

According to the plot, Moses asks Pharaoh to release his people to their homeland, otherwise the Ten Plagues will befall the country. Pharaoh refuses, executions begin and Darkness is one of them.

Moses stretched out his hand to heaven, and there was thick darkness throughout all the land of Egypt for three days; they did not see each other, and no one rose from his place for three days; And all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings. Bible, Exodus

It seems that Darkness was the cause of the other nine disasters. Namely: there was a crop failure, toads crawled out of the swamps, locusts and midges from the steppes, people got sick and died, the rivers were left without fish, and the water in them turned into blood. And although it is not clear how all these could happen, especially water being turned into blood, in general, it’s as if it was a similar script from 536.

Scientists doubted the historicity of the story, but now they found a papyrus in which the same events are described. So it became known that all these horrors happened in the 13th century BC, during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II.

Sun’s double

Far away, at a distance of 3600 light years, there is a twin of the Sun – the star ASASSN-21qj which was found at the center of a scandal in 2014, when it suddenly went dark. It looks like the year 536 has arrived there! Since then it has slowly returned to normal.

After scientists have exhausted all possibilities, it now appears that an international team of researchers has identified the real cause. In short, it’s a megacomet. 

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Stars condense from dust and rocks, which are brought together by gravitational forces. It is gravity that initially “ignites” nuclear reactions in the center of the clump. A star is born but “construction waste” remained and planets are assembled from it. However, there is still a lot of “garbage” anyway, concentrated so far, far away, even the Voyagers have not reached there yet.

The Oort cloud is what we call this region at a distance of one hundred thousand Earth orbits from the Sun (only forty Earth orbits to Pluto). It is from there that new comets arrive from time to time.

The star ASASSN-21qj also has such a cloud. Astronomers have come to the conclusion that emissions from this “heap of construction debris” caused an ice age for those who may live near this star. Exactly the same thing happens with us.

Call it a comet swarm invasion and it would be true. Comets – this is what the primary matter of the solar system looks like. Or maybe one megacomet? It’s possible.

Civilization Reboot

The legends of different nations say that from time to time a certain celestial body approaches the Earth, which destroys everything, and we have to learn to live again, to reboot civilization.

Thus, Babylonian texts talk about the planet Nibiru, which cannot be identified with the known planets. When Nibiru appears, a worldwide cataclysm occurs. From the Bible we know the star Wormwood who will herald the end of the world, poisoning everything on our Earth.

Of course, so far the conclusions look too bold. Something periodically flies in from the outskirts of star systems, blocks the light of the star and destroys fully or partially life on planets. Was the cataclysm of 536 a mini-end of the world? And the Egyptian Darkness? What about the Year Without Summer?

Looking at the events at a distance of 3600 light years from us, let’s say – “perhaps yes.” When can we expect the new guests arriving? We do not know.

Sun as a variable star

4 billion years ago, the Sun was 30% dimmer, and has been getting brighter ever since. Then, the average temperature on Earth was -7 ºC, and the liquid oceans where life arose splashed only thanks to the tectonic heat emanating from the depths. Secondly, the Sun changes its activity every 11 years. 

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Now is the maximum activity and at around 2050, a super minimum is expected, and then the planet will become noticeably colder. They even talk about the return of the Little Ice Age.


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