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Are These Signs in the Sky That the Next Big Earthquake is Imminent in the USA 

in recent years it has been speculated that there is sky phenomenons that occur prior to, during and sometimes after some earthquake events, could these images be an indication of such a coming event?

via strangesounds:

Signs of earthquakes appeared in the sky over Kentucky and Colorado on February 18, 2018. The next Big One is imminent!

Kentucky circumhorizontal arcs and sundogs:

Colorado rainbow clouds on February 18, 2018:

The rainbow cloud was huge over Colorado. via Twitter

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And full of earthquake colors. via Twitter

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Large iridescent cloud over Littleton, CO. By Jenn Cornelison via Twitter

Like telling us prepare for the next big one, it will be sudden and is overdue. By Walter Eskridge in Severance, Colorado via Twitter

Time to prepare?



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