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Are the Orions the progenitors of human civilization? The alien contactee controversial experiment

Are the Orions the progenitors of human civilization? The alien contactee controversial experiment 1

While historians, anthropologists and archaeologists are struggling with the mystery of the appearance of man on Earth, an interesting experiment was contacted last year, involving several participants who believe they can communicate with aliens. Whether they can be trusted or not, their account is at least curious to hear. 

As might be expected, representatives of official science perceive this as fiction but it may well turn out that the recent statement of these people has a very realistic basis.

The experiment was conducted in the US in May 2021, with 12 alien contactees placed in a large hall, divided into 12 autonomous rooms. There was no connection between each other and during the session, they were asked questions through speakers, about the appearance of man on Earth. Then they were immersed in absolute silence and, as planned by the experimenters, they tuned in to communicate with those who know the answers to this question. It is not known whether it was the noosphere or the representatives of the universal mind, but the result was simply astounding.

Without uttering a word, the participants, immersed in the altered consciousness, wrote down the received information on paper. After the end of the experiment, all without exception showed what they had been dictated to. It turned out that in the course of communication, people received knowledge not only about the appearance of the human kind on Earth, but also about the creators of man.

According to the recorded testimonies of this unprecedented experiment, people were created for the first time about 40 million years ago. It was a mixture of 16 genomes of creatures already living on Earth. But such “people” turned out to be unviable in the conditions that prevailed on our planet. 

The second time highly developed aliens attempted to create a man, took place 14 million years ago. Then people developed advanced technology and the whole planet was one single civilization. There was no division into countries and people, only one single race dominated. 

But, everything ended badly, civilization was destroyed from the inside. People themselves created machines that annihilated them. Either artificial intelligence, or a destructive weapon, but the second experiment of the creators turned out to be a failure.

We are the third attempt. Five original different races of people were created and subsequently, their number increased due to incest. For the first 25 thousand years, people were helped to survive. They received various knowledge, developed, were protected from epidemics, wars, space threats. When humanity became more robust and stood firmly on its feet, the progenitors left the Earth. However, they still continue to follow us. 

So who are they?

It turned out that the Orions which were able to overcome numerous crises, created our civilization. They gave us a huge amount of knowledge and are present among us everywhere in the form of energy substances.

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The fact is that there are millions of civilizations in the universe. 80% of them, like us, are at the lower level of development. Until humans master all the planets of the solar system and settle in their galaxy, there can be no talk of any development. 

There are 4 levels of civilizations in total. As already mentioned, we are on the lower level.

Then there are the level 3 creatures. These are civilizations that have conquered several solar systems, up to the galaxy. As a rule, creatures that have reached this level have high intelligence and spirituality. There are exceptions, such as the reptilian races or the Apexians. These aggressive civilizations are in the association of evil, in human terms.

On the 2nd level, there are the creators and destroyers. A constant war for worlds is waged in outer space. The balance is very shaky and every civilization that the creators have tried to grow can reach a high level in order to join the association.

Fortunately for us, there are civilizations of the 1st order. They are the progenitors of the universe. Their possibilities are endless. They can control black holes, quasars, parallel worlds and make sure that the struggle between universal good and evil is carried out within the rules. Otherwise, the same Apexians would have destroyed earthlings long ago. Mankind has repeatedly been subjected to their captivity, but the Orions, Nords, Phaetians and Pleiadians at different times fought off the attacks of the destroyers.

The above story is very similar to a science fiction plot, if not for one “but”. All 12 participants described the received data and 90% of their information was similar. 

Additionally, this experiment is the most recent confirmation that people with psychic abilities exist. In recent centuries there have been hundreds of such talented people but in vain, from time to time, their opinion was not listened to.

Has it long been clear that we are someone’s experiment, only academics do not want to understand this?

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