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Are nanoparticles of fungus spores being released into the atmosphere?

Are nanoparticles of fungus spores being released into the atmosphere? 7

A significant number of fungal spore nanoparticles floating in the atmosphere have recently been detected. Are they ‘exterminating us’?

Are nanoparticles of fungus spores being released into the atmosphere? 8

We all breathe a lot every day, it is essential for life, so the science of what we are really taking in our lungs is very important.

According to a new study, that air could contain two to three times more fungal spore fragments than previously thought.

These fungal cell nanoparticles not only can contribute to asthma and allergic reactions, but they can also be significant in cloud formation.

Particularly clouds formed by ice crystals, which are known to form around similar particles.

“These fragments are probably fungal spore fragments that have burst after swelling with water,” says chemist Michael Lawler of the University of California, Irvine (UCI).

“The appearance of large amounts of atmospheric nanoparticles is generally attributed to reactions of gases in the atmosphere, which grow from molecules instead of decomposing from larger particles.”

At its sample site in Oklahoma, the team used a device that collected environmental particles 20-60 nanometers in diameter and then placed them in a thin platinum filament.

After a vaporization process, a high resolution mass spectrometer was used to analyze the resulting gases.

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Fungal cell fragments measured approximately 30 nanometers in size, incredibly small, if a piece of paper is considered to be about 100,000 nanometers thick.

The researchers think that previous studies may have lost these fragments because they were not working on a small enough scale.

The intact cells that float in the atmosphere can be thousands of nanometers in size, and that means that the biological ‘shrapnel’ of these fungal spores can penetrate much deeper into the lungs.

That is a potential problem for asthma and allergies, and could help explain why rain affects asthma in some.

According to previous studies, these nanoparticles are likely to be excellent candidates for ice cores, capable of becoming ice crystals in the atmosphere and contributing to the creation of clouds.

Cloud creation

Image result of cloud formations spores

The creation of clouds is a crucial factor in short-term weather forecasts and long-term weather forecasts.

“Large and intact biological cells are extremely rare in the atmosphere, but we have identified fungal nanoparticles in concentrations of higher orders of magnitude.”

“So, if some or all of these are good ice cores, they could play a role in the formation of ice clouds,” says Lawler.

The findings were quite surprising, and the researchers consider them definitely worthy of further research.

The next step is to further analyze the relationship between these cell pieces and cloud formation, which should lead to more accurate climate modeling.

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Also, to a better understanding of how the air we breathe could change as the weather changes.

Are they “spraying” us?

Are nanoparticles of fungus spores being released into the atmosphere? 10

Other sources of pseudoscientific research have opened the closure of a new conspiracy theory that nobody leaves unnoticed.

It is proposed that this massive number of fungal spores in the atmosphere may be related to famous chemtrails. They are becoming more common.

Chemtrails have been worrying society for a long time. Many mainstream media have collected some news related to these strange formations.

Although the official explanation is that these lines are nothing more than the contrails that leave commercial airplanes in their wake.

The truth is that they do not always appear in areas called “air cruise zones”, but also happens in rustic places where commercial airplanes do not pass.

Could the real possibility of being exterminated slowly? Many believe so. What do you think? Leave your comment.

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