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Are Human Beings Alien to Planet Earth?

Are Human Beings Alien to Planet Earth? 1

Why Are We so Different from the Other Species? Are humans Alien to This Planet?

There are U.F.O sightings and E.T. encounters all over the world every day but despite this fact most of us are still on the fence in regards to whether or not aliens actually do exist. Alien crop circles incessantly appear in farmer’s fields all over the world, especially in England and this ‘could’ be an attempt by aliens to contact us. The evidence is insubstantial as far as we know and therefore not enough to prove the existence of Alien visitors to Earth, however, I have another question I wish to pose: Are Humans Alien? Where do humans come from?

Did the Human Race Originate On Another Planet?

Evidence found in ancient ruins and texts from every corner of the globe, from places such as Peru, India, Easter Island, China and Bolivia clearly indicates the presence of an advanced race. A Human-like race of aliens that visited Earth in flying machines and were treated like gods as can be seen from the many paintings and pictures from ancient times. These drawings and paintings often depict humans descending to earth in ships and can be seen all over the world. Who were these beings? Were they us? Is part of the human race Alien? Where did our space-faring ships go if we originally came from another planet?

Unanswered Questions

There is a plethora of unanswered questions regarding aliens and for every theory that is put forward, there are doubts and an irritating lack of evidence. The same applies to the birth of humanity. Evolved from monkeys? There are doubts about the theory of evolution too. However, there is one other theory which I shall put to you in just a moment and there is scientific evidence to support this theory. So please join me for this exploration as we search for answers.

“Religious leaders and men of science have the same ideals; they want to understand and explain the universe of which they are part; they both earnestly desire to solve, if a solution be ever possible, that great riddle: Why are we here?” – Sir Arthur Keith


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