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Are demonic entity incarnations behind the slave trade and drug trafficking industry?

Are demonic entity incarnations behind the slave trade and drug trafficking industry? 1
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One of the most interesting, although extremely dangerous topics that some exorcists, psychiatrists and anthropologists are engaged in are “conversations” with various kinds of entities that inhabit people. The nature of this phenomenon is not fully understood.

Some suggest that something is really sitting in the amazed people, others talk about some kind of remote control that uses people like talking dolls. But, be that as it may, sometimes these entities possessing people tell quite a lot about the world around them, about future events and so on.

And now, today, it seems, the topic received a very unexpected continuation, when a video with policemen trying to talk with a lady from Mexico, detained for human trafficking, circulated online.

The video was commented by a thousand people, after which it rolled across numerous forums. For a non-specialist, the whole event reminisces of a comedy, but this is absolutely not the case. Doubters need to watch any classic movie about exorcists, where cool and often very famous actors play the possessed. Nobody will act like that. 

The first question that arises among people who have watched the video is how could this deranged woman be engaged in a criminal business? Judging by the interest of the police in her, she was definitely not an ordinary pawn and indeed did some business. There were also people around who were in the same line of “business” and confirmed that their colleague was in an extreme situation. 

Such colleagues are not easily tolerated, because they can overwhelm the whole case. As they can not be sent to retirement, the most correct option is a trip to the desert and a bullet in the head, Mexican bandits have a standard approach. But, for some reason, this approach did not work. Why?

It did not work, obviously, because this entity using this woman as a host, most likely took some part in the business – gave valuable instructions, helped to get away from the police, and so on. Therefore, human trafficking was not so much a two-legged puppet, but a creature sitting in this woman. That’s the conclusion one of the tweeters came to. However, commentators of the video look deeper and further. 

The detained woman is apparently not an ordinary one in the local criminal hierarchy. Above her there is a boss, above which there is also a boss, and so on – the vertical structure stretches to unthinkable tops. Therefore, it would be logical to assume that some infernal creatures involved in the slave trade also have their own hierarchy: those on the sidelines who are smaller and weaker, manipulating small puppets, and those who are more important, sit at the top and manipulate the bosses. And the most important entity already controls the most important boss, who sits somewhere in Switzerland and manages the criminal business all over the planet. 

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Since human trafficking is only one of the crime areas, it is obvious that the same creatures from some hellish worlds are in charge of other areas. Drug dealing, for example. Or the construction of concentration camps and fomenting wars leading to mass deaths.

Unfortunately, we will not find out who and whom is leading until the Last Judgment, we can only guess, but this Last Judgment by all indications will be quite soon.   


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