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Arctic invasion will freeze America and Europe and reinforce the coronavirus pandemic on both continents

Arctic invasion will freeze America and Europe and reinforce the coronavirus pandemic on both continents 1

A powerful wave of Arctic air will pass through the US on Thursday and swallow eastern and central Europe this weekend. 

These unusually cold weather in late March will hit flowering trees and can accelerate the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The European and American continents expect significant weather changes this week. The current “high” temperatures will suddenly drop, because on Thursday in the US and Sunday in Europe, cold Arctic air intrusions are forecasted.

Temperatures will drop below 20 ° F throughout the northern half of the United States, even below 0 ° F near the US-Canada.

The same is on the other side of the Atlantic, where the current warm temperatures over Europe will abruptly stop on Thursday after a powerful Arctic outbreak of cold will hit Eastern and Central Europe this weekend.

As a result, frost conditions will be destructive for early flowering trees.

In addition, these unusually cold late March temperatures could accelerate the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus loves colder temperatures.


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