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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Apocalypse, Right Now: The Smell of Armageddon in the Morning

Apocalypse, Right Now: The Smell of Armageddon in the Morning 86

“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.” ― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Is there?

One traditionally expects the apocalypse to be a reasonably well-planned event, replete with clear warning signs of impending doom, a sufficiently identified cast of characters, and a time frame laid out by the best minds in project management.  Seven Seals broken?  Check.  Four Horsemen rode in?  Check.  Antichrist at large?  Check.  Messiah shows up again and rules for 1000 years? Yup.  All the righteous gathered up to live in eternal bliss?  Okay, that about wraps up human existence.  If you were so inclined, you could put together a pretty snazzy flowchart of the Christian Apocalypse.  Hindu eschatology is similarly well organized despite a cyclic notion of time, and is especially precise regarding the schedule.  While the complete extinction of the greater Hindu universe never actually occurs from the perspective of someone with serious divine juice like Brahma, each Kalpa (4.32 billion years) represents an end of existence for the unwashed masses.  Each Kalpa is broken up into four Yuga cycles of varying length (the Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga, and ending with the Kali Yuga).  The Kali Yuga, incidentally the period we are currently purported to be in usually involves a 432,000 year period of impiety, violence, and decay.  By the very end of the Kali Yuga, tree bark and leaves will be the height of fashion, people will only live 23 years, false religions will abound, and eventually mankind will be utterly destroyed as the entire universe is recreated.  The point is that for most religions, the apocalypse is a relatively long and drawn out affair with lots of mileposts, so you know where you stand.  As with any grand theory, you always have dissenters who up the ante and although, sitting in your cave on the Aegean island of Patmos, you thought you came up with a worst case scenario, some snarky pessimist inadvertently comes up with an even more disturbing version of how the universe will end.  Certain strains of Hinduism and Christianity thought the orthodox apocalypses weren’t horrifying enough and suggested that we are in imminent danger of complete obliteration from second to second.  No grand plan.  No signs and portents.  For any given moment you exist, but in the next blink of an eye your particular universe (or rather that of you and every other mortal sharing it with you) might just be arbitrarily eradicated by an incautious god.

Vaishnavism is one of the major branches of Hinduism, focusing primarily on the veneration of Vishnu (and Vishnu’s ten incarnations, but mostly on the Trimurti or “trinity” of those aspects called Mahavishnu, Garbhodakśayī-Vishnu and Ksīrodakaśāyī Vishnu).  The critters of the Trimurti each have a specific role in the maintenance of existence.  Mahavishnu creates the total material energy of all the universes. Garbhodakśayī-Vishnu enters into all universes and spawns diversity in them.  Ksīrodakaśāyī Vishnu is the “supersoul” in the heart of all living creatures everywhere.  If you’re noticing the clear theological correspondence with the doctrine of “the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost”, you certainly wouldn’t be the first.  Mahavishnu is said to spend his time backstroking in the ocean of Karanodak (the causal ocean), making and destroying entire universes.  Its good work if you can get it.  More specifically, with each exhalation, Mahavishnu creates billions of spiritual universes, and with each inhalation, he obliterates billions of spiritual universes.  The Brahma Samhitā, a collection of fifty-two prayers, one of the oldest and most revered Sanskrit texts of Vaishnavism states, “Brahmä and other lords of the mundane worlds, appearing from the pores of hair of  Mahavishnu, remain alive as long as the duration of one exhalation of the latter. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda of whose subjective personality Mahavishnu is the portion of portion” (Brahma Samhitā, Text 48).  It would seem that we live in a rather precarious position, suspended between the breathing in and breathing out of Mahavishnu.  Now, Hinduism has a rather long view when it comes to time, so one can never be certain exactly how long Mahavishnu’s breathing cycle takes, but rest assured, when he inhales (and oh, yes, he inhales), your sad, little karmically-challenged keister is slated for complete and total erasure.  Could be today.  Could be tomorrow. Could be right now.  Duck and cover!  Whew.  Dodged a bullet there for a second, but who knows what the next second may bring.  This seems to be a little like the theological equivalent of negative operant conditioning, that is behavioral modification by removal of an aversive stimulus when a desirable behavior occurs, thereby increasing the frequency of the desirable behavior.  If you continuously have to worry that your universe will be eradicated, you probably want to maintain your status as a seriously righteous dude at all times, just in case, and each moment the universe doesn’t end could be considered a withdrawal of the Sword of Damocles hanging over your head, only to be replaced by yet another sword.  Of course, you might just curl up into a fetal position and find yourself unable to do anything at all.

Lest you think that Vaishnavism has cornered the market on despairingly imminent and moment to moment potential for the creation and destruction of the universe, consider the Christian take on the cosmological state of affairs propounded by one Italian jurist, mathematician, and occultist Facius Cardan (1444-1524 A.D., also known as Fazio Cardano), a devoted friend of no less than Leonardo da Vinci, and said to be in constant contact with a familiar spirit that whispered secrets to him.  Some say he just spent a lot of time talking to himself.  And one of the things this familiar mentioned to Cardano was the fact that creation was not a unique event, rather if God’s attention should wander for even a moment, all of existence would end.  It’s awfully easy to dismiss Fazio Cardano as a brilliant man, but abject loon, given his biography. I don’t like to use head trauma as a go-to explanation for anomalous experience, but our man Cardano seems to have had a litany of problems.

Fazio, albeit he came of such a long-lived stock, and lived himself to be fourscore, suffered much physical trouble during his life. On account of a wound which he had received when he was a youth, some of the bones of his skull had to be removed, and from this time forth he never dared to remain long with his head uncovered. When he was fifty-nine he swallowed a certain corrosive poison, which did not kill him, but left him toothless. He was likewise round-shouldered, a stammerer, and subject to constant palpitation of the heart; but in compensation for these defects he had eyes which could see in the dark and which needed not spectacles even in advanced age (Waters, 1898, p2-3).

Before you dismiss the notion that the universe is in need of continuous creation or is subject to absolute dissolution as the ravings of a sole intellectual, consider the fact that Cardano, although he might not have been aware of it, was echoing a precept of creation, fundamental but buried within the traditions of Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Process theologies, that is the idea of creatio continua, or “continuous creation”, that is existence is an ongoing relationship between man and God.  Should we bore God too much, he could up and walk away in annoyance, ending the universe.  Don’t bore God.  Jazz up your prayers and confessions.  We don’t want to take any chances.

Then there are those darn physicists.  They never want to be left out of a good apocalypse.  For a long time, some physicists have been arguing that the universe will ultimately collapse , but in 2013 a particularly sullen set of Danish physicists refined the calculations regarding this imminent calamity and suggested that a sudden and drastic change in the forces of the universe would unexpectedly occur one day (could be tomorrow, could be in a billion years) that would make every atom in the universe become billions of times heavier than they currently are, something to do with a bubble forming where the Higgs-Boson takes on a very different value from the rest of the universe and then propagates throughout the universe at the speed of light from this supermassive center.  Jens Frederik Colding Krog of the University of Southern Denmark remarked, “Maybe the collapse has already started somewhere in the universe and right now it is eating its way into the rest of the universe…Or maybe it will start far away from here in a billion years. We do not know.”  Either way it sucks for us humans.

An apocalypse in the distant future gives us the time to mentally prepare.  You can start treating people nicely, help more injured animals, give more to charity, and generally shape up before everything goes to hell in a hand basket, thereby reaping the benefits of a life of eternal bliss, prepping oneself for oneness with the universal soul, or investing in real estate in another dimension.  When the end of the universe is continuously in danger of happening right this second it gives one pause.  But don’t pause too long, since existence could end while you spend your time with philosophical musings.  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, as they say, for as Noam Chomsky noted, “The probability of apocalypse soon cannot be realistically estimated, but it is surely too high for any sane person to contemplate with equanimity”.

Waters, W. G. 1844-1928. Jerome Cardan; a Biographical Study. London: Lawrence & Bullen, 1898.




Apocalypse & Armageddon

Everyone is waiting for the beginning of the Apocalypse from the New Year while an Israeli mystic warns of a “new plague” approaching

Everyone is waiting for the beginning of the Apocalypse from the New Year while an Israeli mystic warns of a "new plague" approaching 99

On the eve of each coming New Year, all newspapers, magazines and other media resources have always been engaged in promising predictions for the next 365 days. Nothing, of course, never came true, but it was like a tradition: astrologers and political scientists provide forecasts, and the people listen to them. Then, after a couple of months, everything that was promised evaporates and after another ten months, the cycle repeats again.

This went on from year to year, for many years – even from the era when there was no television. However, in 2020, something like that has changed and now, on the eve of the New Year, the tabloids are racing with each other to spread predictions about the End of the World. Some refer to Nostradamus, others to someone else there, but everything promises a noble star – chips, aliens, war, zombies, cataclysms and so on.

We don’t know how it will be with the war and cataclysms, but something has clearly changed in the mass consciousness – after all, newspapers write what the public reads.

Against this apocalyptic background, the editorial office of israel365news stands out well – they have always concentrated more on the signs of the End of the World. And now, in the approach of 2021, the Editorial Board sat down there, summed up the balance and found that at least ten, the main signs of rounding off the current civilization cycle have come true.

We will not retell everything in great detail, since we devoted separate material to each moment at one time or another, but when these new phenomena add up to, as it were, one, this is also a kind of event.

There are many new phenomena: frequent rains over Israel, as a result – the desalination of the Dead Sea and the appearance of fish there; the widespread outbreak of locusts, whose population in some places has increased by 8,000 times; the “plague” epidemic, the role of which today is obviously played by COVID-19; an increase in seismic activity in Israel, which indicates an imminent earthquake of great strength, which will be a harbinger of the war between Gog and Magog, which will enter an active phase. The most important thing though is the elections.

The coalition in Israel has collapsed, and the fourth elections, according to the prophecy, will not happen – the Messiah will come to Israel.

It is possible that everything will happen exactly as the rabbis say, perhaps the rabbis are wrong, but let’s see what happened in October-December in Saudi Arabia:

It has been raining since October, turning deserts into seas, and not for the first time or year. The result is a radical change in the landscape:

The problem is that the Quran says:

“The Day of Judgment will not come until the Arab land is again transformed into pastures, along which rivers flow ”

This is exactly what is being observed now.

At the same time, many other large and small signs of the imminent Doomsday have come true: the spread of printing and books, the construction of high houses, the acceleration of time, the fall in morals, and so on.

After all this, the so-called “Camel Battle” should happen, when two large Muslim countries collide with each other. Then the invasion of the tribes of Yajuj (Gogi) and Majuj (Magogi) will begin. And then – the Middle East will crack in half, and in the literal sense, after which water will rush into some of the holes, and smoke and fire will fall from others. In general terms, the Koran writes about it this way:

“The sun will be twisted, the mountains will move and the stars will fall, the seas will blaze, the sky will be pulled back, Paradise will be brought closer and Hell will be kindled.”

In general, it is rather surprising that Islamic mystics speak about the End of the World exactly the same as mystics in Israel. There is also an exact same picture of the Apocalypse in Christian sources – both ancient and modern. There cannot be so many coincidences out of the blue. Moreover, the main coincidence is that all three religions write about the sudden arrival of all this. The Koran tells about this moment as follows:

“… you will not have time to eat a piece of bread, make a bargain, a deal or drink milked camel milk.”

As experienced military people say, a real war always begins suddenly. With the End of the World, it will also be, obviously, approximately the same. That is, it is impossible for mortals to predict the exact date, so all that remains is to wait for the fulfillment of other, the final signs.

Israeli prophet warns of approaching “new plague”, in the material of December 23, posted some small forecasts with reference to the new sermon of the mystical rabbi Nir Ben Artzi.

Ben Artzi has a number of confirmed predictions, the main of which is a pandemic, which he guessed month after month and even described a little in the most general terms. Also, Ben Artzi has predictions and less, predictions, so to speak, local, concerning the events in Syria.

So, when the Russian military began to hastily deploy unparalleled S-300 systems in Syria in large numbers, everyone in Israel became terribly nervous. But the rabbi reassured the people that these missiles would not threaten the Jews in any way. Although the generals of the Russian Federation on TV argued the opposite – somehow miraculously not a single Russian missile flew into any Israeli plane.

Everyone is waiting for the beginning of the Apocalypse from the New Year while an Israeli mystic warns of a "new plague" approaching 100

Further, as we all remember, the Iranians were indignant about the non-firing missiles and said that Russian missiles were bad and that “we will put our own.” Since December last year, Tehran began to carry these miraculous missiles to Syria and civilians in Israel again got scared and again came to the rabbi for advice. To this, Rabbi Rabbi Ben Artzi only quoted Psalm 37:15:

“Their sword will enter their own heart, and their bows will break.”

As soon as the rabbi said this, a streak of misfortunes fell on the valiant Iranian missilemen – the missiles began to explode either at the start, sometimes during transportation, and sometimes even at the plant.

This summer, when the pandemic seems to have calmed down a bit, Ben Artzi promised a second wave. Moreover, he promised not for the fall, as everyone was wanging, but said that at the end of December a new strain would come and wild blockages would begin. As you can see, everything happened exactly as he predicted, so the words of the mystic about the next plague should be taken into account. He said the following about this plague in a recent sermon:

“There is an epidemic of plague in the world now, but very soon there will be another epidemic. This is because God wants to change humanity into a different species. “

According to the rabbi, the new epidemic will be much worse than what we are now seeing, it will sweep in a wave across the United States and Russia, so Ben Artzi urged the Jews of these countries to urgently go to Israel, for only there will be salvation, especially since the next stage, according to rabbi, there will be the coming of the Messiah.

Of course, the words of the rabbi about “changing people into a different species” are not very clear, which should probably be understood somehow in the context of the whole sermon, but israel365news does not cite the whole sermon. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: if you believe Ben Artzi (and we wouldn’t believe a mystic with such a reputation) – the world is waiting for some new disease, against which even coronavirus may seem like a children’s matinee.

However, whatever the reputation of Ben Artzi, any new prophecy should be compared with the words of other mystics. Oddly enough, other mystics, for example, the famous Polish parapsychologist Krzysztof Jackowski, say almost the same thing, that is, the adventures with the plague for the next three months will be tough.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

50,000 earthquakes in Antarctica and mysterious trumpet sounds in the sky. What’s next?

50,000 earthquakes in Antarctica and mysterious trumpet sounds in the sky. What's next? 101

According to Strange Sounds, there are a lot of weird things going on in Antarctica right now. While unusual radiation from space comes to the surface of the continent, more than 50,000 tremors have rocked Antarctica since late August! Scientists have never seen such an impressive surge in seismic activity.

Large magnitude 6.0 earthquakes, as well as thousands of other small earthquakes, have been recorded in Bransfield Strait, a 60-mile (96 km) oceanic channel between the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Although there are several tectonic plates under this strait and earthquakes there should be by definition, nevertheless, according to the University of Chile, the last three months have been anomalous. 

“Most of the seismicity was concentrated at the beginning of the sequence, mainly in September, with more than a thousand earthquakes a day,” the center said.

Earthquakes have become so frequent that the strait itself, once expanding in width at a rate of about 7-8 mm (0.30 inches) per year, is now expanding 15 cm (6 inches) per year. “This is a 20-fold increase … which suggests that right now … the Shetland Islands are increasingly separating from the Antarctic Peninsula,” says Sergio Barrientos, director of the Chilean seismic agency.

There is still no definite answer to this geological phenomenon. However, there are several hypotheses that help explain everything, and the first of them is volcanic activity under water. As shown on the map, Bransfield Strait contains volcanoes and volcanic regions. 

50,000 earthquakes in Antarctica and mysterious trumpet sounds in the sky. What's next? 102

Moreover, it is known that many volcanoes are buried under thousands of meters of ice in Antarctica itself and may be one of the reasons for the sharp melting of ice on the white continent.

Also, earthquakes can be associated with the separation of icebergs. When large icebergs break off, they sometimes cause serious earthquakes, which are then recorded by seismometers around the world. 

Finally, earthquakes can be caused by the destruction of bottom gas hydrates and the subsequent release of methane. In particular, in the McMurdo Strait in the Ross Sea just 6 months ago, just such a phenomenon was discovered and documented. 

The fact that a pole shift is coming, the flooding of continents and the reformatting of geographical maps of mysticism have been warning the public for about a hundred years. However, geological processes are rather slow relative to the life time of cockroaches crawling along the lithosphere, so neither Casey nor other prophets have a special total faith in people. At best, people think that everything predicted by Casey will happen in three hundred years, in some unknown year and for their lifetime.

But, as the gaining strength of the earthquakes in Antarctica show, the reformatting of the land is already a matter of the very near future. 50,000 earthquakes in three months is an abnormally high number.

Mysterious trumpet sounds in the sky

As again reports, citing Australian television broadcasts, on December 15, 2020, Sydney residents were slightly frightened when the so-called “trumpet sounds” shook the city in the middle of the night. The record does not give, nevertheless, what at stake is understandable – these strange sounds are heard by people all over the world.

Weymouth, Dorset in South West England, December 16:

Alaska, December 6-9:

Texas, December 6-9:

Virginia, November 17:

In general, all these rumbles, although absolutely incomprehensible, nevertheless, are as if familiar. However, in the second half of 2020, something new appeared:

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to search for such videos on the Internet and their purpose here is purely illustratative, nevertheless, televisions around the world give a detailed description of its scale: IndiaUSAUSA . 

In the cited links to news broadcasts, numerous obvious ones tell how they witnessed incomprehensible “booms” in the sky. And everything is like on a video: somewhere, something bangs from above so that alarms are triggered and even spark wires, the police come to the scene, ride around the blocks – but they never find anything. At the same time, either at the moment of these “booms”, or some time before / after in this or that area, people heard the same trumpet sounds. 

The main theory of the “trumpets of the Apocalypse” has always been traditionally seismic – these noises were associated either with deformation of rock layers, or with steam emissions into some underground cavity, which at that moment was buzzing like a musical organ. However, it is now very likely that the booms and rumbles are related by some kind of correlation. Not always, of course, something buzzes in the sky and then bangs there, but the geography of messages is correlated.

In addition, reports of UFO sightings correlate with all this. So, recently in the state of New Jersey quite a lot of “little flying saucers” have been seen, and in New York – in general, there is a 300% increase in the number of observations compared to 2018. The “booms” are also reported from there – the city of Osuigo, where the surveillance camera recorded a mysterious roar, is located somewhere in this area. Therefore, most likely most of the unexplained noises are still of some kind of atmospheric rather than lithospheric origin.

And, most likely, these rumbles and booms are not natural, but represent some kind of noises generated by alien ships (or other creatures that pretend to be aliens). But what is the reason for such an increase in strange atmospheric sounds? Hardly anyone knows the answer to this question, but judging by various medieval sources, it promises little good.

So, as chroniclers write, from Roman to Chinese, before all sorts of wars, cataclysms and other adventures for the kingdoms, people certainly watched some gods on fiery carts that galloped over the clouds with bright light and roar. Therefore, it is obvious that something like the fall of Rome or the disappearance of another Chinese kingdom is being planned now. 

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

“Guardians” of governments and people: World elite have found a way to rule nations

"Guardians" of governments and people: World elite have found a way to rule nations 103
Lady Lynn Forrester di Rothschild (left) with Prince Charles and Christine Lagarde at the Inclusive Capitalism Conference on May 27, 2014 in London. Source: News Media

This week, the Vatican entered into a partnership agreement with a certain “Council for Inclusive Capitalism”. On December 8 and 9, publications with such headlines were published in various media. In fact, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism is the Vatican’s project, which is supported (probably mutually) by large financial institutions, including the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Ford and others.

The idea of ​​creating such a council arose after the Global Forum in Rome in 2016, where the pontiff also spoke and was attended by representatives of large world companies.

The council includes firms such as IBM, Lenovo , EY, Mastercard , Dupont , Allianz SE , TIAA, State Street Corporation and many others with US registration.

The Fortune publication noted that Bank of America , BP, Johnson & Johnson , Salesforce and several others from the Fortune 500 have recently joined the council . It should be noted that the publication is a media partner of the council. And the secretary general of the International Trade Union Confederation was also present at the presentation of the council last Tuesday, December 8. 

“Guardians” of governments and people?

The  council’s website states that it manages US $ 10.5 trillion, the market capitalization of the member companies is 2.1 trillion, and represents 200 million workers in 163 countries.

At the top of the council pyramid is a governing structure called the “guardians”. Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan is one such “guard” . In his opinion, “capitalism exists to do the right thing if it is managed appropriately.” There are 27 such “guards” in total. It is important to note here a very interesting “coincidence”: in Freemasonry, the 27th degree is the “Sovereign Head of the Temple.” Upon initiation to this degree, it is explained that new members of this level must defend their doctrines and principles, as well as monitor the execution of the prescriptions issued by the highest ranks of the order. In addition, the 27th degree Freemasons are supposed to be a kind of judges

Among the “guards” also the chairman of the board of directors of Johnson & Johnson Alex Gorski; Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Angel Gurria; Chairman of Visa Inc. Alfred Kelly; California State Treasurer Fiona Ma; President of the Rockefeller Foundation Rajiv Shah; Ford Foundation President Darren Walker; renowned investor and manager Mark Weinberger.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who is the founder and managing partner of Inclusive Capital Partners , also spoke at the presentation, saying that “this advice follows Pope Francis’s warning to heed the” cry of the earth and the cry of the poor “and respond to society’s demands for a fairer and more sustainable growth model “.

“Davos”, “guards”, the Bilderberg Club – some decisions of a single world behind the scenes

The section on the guidelines of the council says that an approach is needed that provides:

– Equality of opportunity for all people to achieve prosperity and quality of life, regardless of criteria such as socioeconomic background, gender, ethnicity, religion or age;

– Fair results for those who have the same opportunities and use them in the same way;

– Fairness between generations, so that one generation does not overload the planet and does not receive short-term benefits that entail long-term costs at the expense of future generations;

– Fairness in relation to those members of society, whose circumstances do not allow them to fully participate in the economy.

The declared goals are strikingly reminiscent of those that the order of “free masons” does not hide from society, but almost parading. However, if some analogies with Freemasonry are indirect, then with another powerful force on a world scale – globalists – they are the most direct. 

Similar statements about the need for fairness and the distribution of resources can be found in those structures that often include the same people – the Davos Forum, the Bilderberg Club, etc.

The decisions made there and the consequences of these decisions are widely known. So there is no need to be under any illusion about the intentions of the leadership and their advice, signs of the end of times and the coming of the Antichrist.

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