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Anyone Else Notice Something Weird In This Snapchat Filter?

Anyone Else Notice Something Weird In This Snapchat Filter? 3

We all have seen the crazy and downright random filters that Snapchat come up with. However, as I was scrolling back through my camera roll I came across this one snap that I saved on September 19th 2016 and noticed something quite disturbing about it…

Anyone Else Notice Something Weird In This Snapchat Filter? 4
What is Snapchat trying to tell us?

If you look closely into the filter’s eyes you will see a mysterious, creepy black figure emerging from a lit background…

Who is it?  What is going on? Why is this so unsettling?

If you missed it, this was one of the many alien-like (or bug-like, as some people see it) Snapchat filters that have been released. However, some conspiracy theorists would say there might be a deeper meaning behind this one.

Before you say anything, it is not just a reflection as everyone who used this filter had the same image in their eyes. Check your own pics if you don’t believe me! It was also not sponsored by any company and so couldn’t be explained by that.

My initial thoughts upon seeing this image was that it was a silhouette of someone escaping from their house which has alien space ship lights beaming into it. Alternatively, you could see the figure as another alien, emerging from a house with a kind of ‘ET phone home’ finger pointing.

alien snapchat filter

What do you think this is?!

Is this Snapchat’s subtle nod to all the mysterious missing people cases that were thought to be abductions, and therefore them revealing their belief in extraterrestrials? Is it part of the government’s plan to use social media to get us used to the idea of aliens because an invasion is highly likely? Or is it simply a random smudge that Snapchat forgot to correct?

It’s quite strange that we haven’t seen a  return of this filter like we have with so many others… Snapchat is definitely hiding something.

Are you creeped out by this? What do you see?


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