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Animal Magnetism, Poltergeist effects and Body Overheating: People say that something is in them after vaccination

Animal Magnetism, Poltergeist effects and Body Overheating: People say that something is in them after vaccination 1
Photo: Black Sunday

Since the start of the global vaccination campaign, there are many daily online reports on some bizarre situations with people who have received vaccine injections. Spoon magnetism, poltergeist style situations with TVs turning on and off, trying to contact with someone and unusual reactions. 

It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish truth from fiction because, on one hand, Internet is full of defective hypers and pranksters, on the other hand, vaccine developers discredit each other’s ‘users’ and products, and on the third, the authorities themselves may hide something. 

For example, as the most important and famous infectious disease specialists in the United States now say, America has about a month left before the Indian strain of Delta becomes dominant. At the same time, the United States has very close ties with India. Not as dense as in London, but there are enough Indians in the US every day. 

In general, everything is complicated and we do not know what to believe. Nevertheless, as food for thought, there is a post with GLP, which in a matter of hours received a bunch of comments and views:

Animal Magnetism, Poltergeist effects and Body Overheating: People say that something is in them after vaccination 2

Several replies from other thread visitors: 

My dad complained about the same thing after the injection. He said “everything inside is strange.” Then he died. 

I didn’t get the shot, but when I had covid in January 2020, that’s how I felt. I could feel my veins pounding and tinkling, there was definitely something seething in my blood. The sensation is very unpleasant, as if a bruised leg hurts, but only this leg is everywhere.

Poor temperature tolerance?

At least 34 people in the Vancouver area have died in a record heatwave that swept western Canada and parts of the US Pacific Northwest, police said.

“While an investigation is still underway, it is believed that the majority of deaths were caused by heat,” Cpl Michael Kalange said in a statement, adding that the majority of those died were elderly.

“I have been with the police for 15 years and have never experienced so many sudden deaths in such a short period of time,” Police Sergeant Steve Addison said. Three or four a day is a normal amount.

He said that people come to their relatives’ homes and “find them dead.”

British Columbia’s chief coroner, Lisa Lapointe, said there were 100 more deaths than usual between Friday and Monday.

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In some regions of Canada, up to 80% of the population received one vaccine dose, so in Vancouver, 70% of those were vaccinated, at least. Therefore, according to the theory of probability, out of 34 deaths, 25 received injections. This raises the question: does the vaccine somehow affect the tolerance of high temperature? 

Judging by what happens to the pilots after the injections, it most likely somehow affects. Heat is dehydration, that is, an increase in the viscosity of the blood and the pilots had problems with coagulation, which intensified with a pressure drop. 

Therefore, one must think that one of the side effects of the vaccine is the body’s weak resistance to high temperatures; a person reacts to an ambient temperature of 35-40 degrees like an astronaut during tests in a heat chamber, where they are heated to 70 degrees. 

For the final establishment of the truth, statistics are needed – that is, so that many people report the feeling of the presence of something foreign in themselves or getting a very poor temperature tolerance. 


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