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Angelic language or Alien message: Is there an encrypted pattern hidden in the sudden transition of Schumann resonances?

Angelic language or Alien message: Is there an encrypted pattern hidden in the sudden transition of Schumann resonances? 1
Photo: Twitter

The global hype around the Schumann resonances continues as services in the USA and in Italy are still disfanctioning since June 17th. 

However, it seems unthinkable at first glance, since the contactees who connected to the topic write that this is not just a picture, but some kind of Angelic Divine Plan, which psychics have long been receiving.

Another approach was also tried – the use of software that turn pictures into sound:

If the Schumann signal itself translates into sound, it turns into something extraordinary:

The original video is on Tik-Tok, where numerous people write in comments that when the playback speed increases, they clearly hear the phrase ‘We Are Here’. This is written by various people who wanted to report their discovery, but saw that they were not the first to do so. 

Finally, and most surprisingly, there is a crop circle in Wiltshire again, so the saga continues:

If all of the above happened in some kind of science fiction film, then, predicting the development of the plot, we would say that extraterrestrials informed humanity that they take control of this zoo, until the change of planetary administration. 

However, all this happens in reality and we do not exclude that aliens actually arrived at the Planet Earth amusement park and they are most likely not bored tourists. 

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