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A myth that turned out to be true: was the legendary city of Krishna found more than twenty years ago and why do the Indian authorities still prohibit its research? 5


A mythical place, the city of god was discovered at the bottom of the Arabian Sea in 2001. Dvaraka, as it is called, has been...

How ancient is Ancient Egypt: deciphering the rare Dendera zodiac signs 6


Dendera is a city located in Egypt in the middle reaches of the Nile, on the left (western) bank of the river. known throughout...

Hel Scandinavian goddess of death 29 Hel Scandinavian goddess of death 30


It is clear that Scandinavian mythology from Marvel is significantly different from reality. Despite the fact that Hel is the goddess of the underworld, she...

The old ships of Atlantis 46 The old ships of Atlantis 47


Flight technology could not be an exclusive invention of current humans, there are indications that ancient civilizations like Atlantis, would have mastered this thousands...