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The 12,000 years old underwater city of Nan Madol in the Pacific Islands is the oldest civilization on the planet 5


There is an amazing Pacific island of Ponape on the world map, where the mysterious city of Nan Madol stands. It is said that 250...

Baalbek, a sanctuary for the fallen: the city built by Cain and the Anunnaki in 5377 BC 6


Baalbek means “Lord of the Beqaa Valley” and its ruins are located 65 km (42 mi) northeast of Beirut. It is known that Baal in...

Hel Scandinavian goddess of death 43 Hel Scandinavian goddess of death 44


It is clear that Scandinavian mythology from Marvel is significantly different from reality. Despite the fact that Hel is the goddess of the underworld, she...