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"Disk of Death": what could be the origin of the mysterious artifact from Teotihuacan? 5


One of the most mysterious artifacts of the “city of the Gods”, the so-called “Disk of Death”, has been generating a lot of unanswered...

The Egregors are mysterious creatures that have surpassed the limits of reason and even mastered resurrection 6


The mystery of life and death is one of the most complex and exciting for modern society. Until now, no scientist can confidently say whether...

Sumerian Texts Decoded 34 Sumerian Texts Decoded 35


Expert in theology, biblical languages, and world civilizations, Mike Heiser shared his research critique of Zecharia Sitchin’s work. He believes Sitchin has imposed his...

E.T., the Flood and the Giants 36 E.T., the Flood and the Giants 37

Aliens & UFO's

by Leonard Farra In a previous blog, I drew attention to ‘The Flood’ because legend says that this happened when Earth people had their...

The Rise & Fall Of The Nephilim 46 The Rise & Fall Of The Nephilim 47


Paranormal investigator and author Scotty Roberts his research into the Nephilim and their origins. He explained that his investigation of the infamous entities focused...