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Japanese megaliths created by giants? Details of ancient mechanisms weighing hundreds of tons 5


Giants often appear In the Japanese myths. There are even legends that the heyday of their culture and civilization fell on 40-60 thousand years ago. It...

Graham Hancock version: Why do the authorities want to forbid the study of Sphinx dungeons for 100 years? 6


Egyptian authorities are preparing a law prohibiting exploration of the premises under the Sphinx in the next 100 years. Thus, all the hopes of researchers...

The El Dorado – ET Link 7 The El Dorado – ET Link 8


by Leonard Farra When the Spaniards arrived in Colombia, South America, 500 years ago, they heard legends  about a Golden Man, (El Dorado), which...

The lost city 12 The lost city 13


Lindsay Murdoch Scratched and exhausted, Damian Evans pushed through dense Cambodian jungle into a clearing where mountain villagers long ago attempted to grow rice,...

The Lost City Of Ciudad Blanca 14 The Lost City Of Ciudad Blanca 15


It is time to open the gates of a hidden, long forgotten empire. Located in the remote, impenetrable and incompletely mapped rainforest of  the...