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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Ancient Chinese manuscript predicts New Word Order, Wars and Disasters

After the first news came from China, it became very clear to some people, that the world was entering the era of the Apocalypse.

Over the past 200 years, the planet has seen everything: war, revolution, famine, genocide, epidemics, natural disasters. Sometimes these events claimed tens of millions of lives.

Currently, Beijing went on the blockade of several tens of millions of people, the situation in China clearly got them out of control and the plague creeps out.

What will happen when after three or four incubation periods, the epidemic begins a procession on the planet, no one knows.

Therefore, due to the lack of reliable news, people now turned their eyes to the prophecies, because many mystics from different times warned of epidemics. Hence, since China is now, so to speak, the culprit of the main triumph, it would be interesting to see what the Chinese documents are saying about the future, that is, what are the Chinese mystics predicting for the near future?

And in this situation, the Chinese text “Tui Bei Tu” comes to the forefront. It is believed that it was written in the 7th century, but this is more than debatable. Nevertheless, in the middle of the XIX century the book was already there, there are copies from the printing house with the years of publication and it is without a doubt that in 1850, it was impossible to know such things.

Everything is written there so that when the Communists came to power in China, the book was banned to eliminate any traces of these predictions.

Tui bei tu is 60 pictures and 60 explanatory poems:

55 of the poems-pictures have already come true. Everything has been found and proven by Chinese researchers, so we will not dwell on them and immediately proceed to the final part of the prophecies.

56: Image of 2 soldiers, each of which stands on its own continent.

2 continents are separated by the ocean. Soldiers do not use their weapons – they only spew fire at each other. Fishes (fleets?) Collide their foreheads in the ocean, birds (aviation?) They collide their breasts in the air.

VERSE: Leaflets are not birds, swimmers are not fish, War does not depend on soldiers. This is a technology game. Millions of miles of deadly smoke: mushroom on top, and fire below. A look from the imagination of people. The big problem is not solved, but the problem becomes even bigger.

57: Image of a child pouring water on a fire.

Tui bei tu - Verse 57

VERSE: In an extreme situation, everything will turn upside down. A three-foot child will make all foreigners bow. When they fight in the Blue West and Red East, a man of God will appear who brings peace and stops the killing. It will be an incredible genius from the middle of the two, but more pro-Western. So, all wars will end forever.

58: Image of 4 people holding bows and arrows in their hands (Bows and arrows represent strength).

They all hold official seals in their hands (In ancient China, when government officials attended meetings, they all had to keep their seals in their hands as a confirmation of status). This image indicates that there will be some kind of new global organization.

Tui bei tu - Verse 58

VERSE: The big trouble ended and all the foreigners surrendered. Six to seven countries became brothers. Millions of miles without noise and waves. Became brothers, become friends and peaceful again. Only in the northwest there is a lurking danger, so we still cannot sing a common song of the world.

59: Image of a man who sprinkles something from a cup. This image indicates that this person will act according to the will of God.

Tui bei tu - Verse 59

VERSE: No locks, no walls. Not yours and mine. The whole world becomes one family, prospering around the world. One man for the joy of the whole world. Red, yellow, black, white all together. North, East, South, West in perfect harmony. The world is booming.

60: The image of a man pushing another person from behind.

Tui bei tu - Verse 60

VERSE: One negative and one positive, infinite loop. But it ends. The numbers of God will be studied at this stage. The natural path of the human race will be disrupted. Too many things to say here. Pushing a person from the back, forcing him to rest, is actually sometimes good.

Once again, we remind readers that the text in the original is Chinese. It was translated into English. It’s meaning suggests that there will be a war between the West and the East. Moreover, the war will be nuclear, because the word “mushroom”, no matter in what hieroglyphs it is written, reads as “mushroom” and nothing else.

As a result of this war, the east will win, but the ruler of the world will, for some reason, be pro-Western. His height will be, as it says, three feet. That is, either it will be a child, or it will be some kind of alien, or “three feet” – this is either a figure of speech indicating a short person, or there is another type of measurement, in some other, ‘alternative’ feet.

In general, this short ruler will lead the world and simultaneously fulfil the functions of the supreme priest of all religions. Peace will be established all over the world and all that, but somewhere north-west of China this supreme leader will not be recognized and from there danger will come from all over the world.

Then there will be some outside interference, world peace will be broken, people and their natural paths will be “stabbed in the back” with some strange forces.

At the end, when people will eventually recover, they will sit under palm trees, walk in animal skins, throw stones to each other and rest, because sometimes it’s also necessary to rest, which is a good thing. This is likely to end the current civilization cycle, so we’ll keep a keen eye on the unfolding events.


Apocalypse & Armageddon

In China, for the first time since the 1960s, posters about atomic bombs and bomb shelters have appeared

In early July 2020, the vigilant residents of the town of Pembri in Wales noticed a very strange picture – an Airbus A400M Atlas transport aircraft landed on a local beach right on the sand:

Airbus A400M Atlas is a new four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft manufactured by the European concern Airbus Group.

The reason for its creation for military experts, as it was incomprehensible 20 years ago, remains a mystery: this aircraft is not capable enough to transfer armored vehicles, but there are already many of them for the transfer of infantry, especially considering the fact that it is undesirable for a heavy aircraft to land on unprepared airfields. 

Nevertheless, since it was made and adopted, then, presumably, it was driven out in all modes – including on landings almost on rough terrain. Therefore, we are hardly talking about aircraft testing – rather, it is about training pilots. 

However, pilots are also trained not by stupid people, and from time to time they are taught to land at field airfields, including even fighter pilots. And for this they choose not a beach, but a special airfield. 

In the light of these considerations, the vigilant British immediately realized that the pilots were being prepared for war, during which there would not always be convenient landing strips. But with whom? And when will this war be? 

And now, as if by order of perplexed British conspiracy theorists, such videos suddenly come from China:

Thus, in the Chinese megalopolises, some people walk the streets and place in prominent places visual agitation about how to hide from a nuclear explosion and where to run to an anti-nuclear bomb shelter. 

Such posters are a worldwide practice, especially for small and proud totalitarian countries. We have never been to North Korea, but we are sure that such visual agitation is there at every corner – so that citizens do not relax and understand that only the great supreme leader Kim Yeo-jong protects them from the aggression of imperialism. That is, enemies can start bombing at any moment. 

However, in more or less normal and conventionally normal countries, such posters are hung out on the streets only in a situation when there is a real need for them. For example, in the USSR and Germany in 1944, such posters were hung everywhere, but after 1945 they were removed even in the USSR so that people would not be afraid.  

In China, such visual agitation was present only in the 1960s, but again, this was not agitation for communist power, but a real guide to action, for the Chinese leaders every day voiced threats to start a war with the United States. That is, the war was quite real. 

And now it seems that the 1960s are returning to China, and Dunkirk and 1939 in general are returning to Britain, so we will not be surprised if they start hanging loudspeakers there in London and train people to react to the FAA’s flights.

It is obvious that similar events are now being held in other countries, only people do not really notice this. Therefore, since the authorities are already making the last preparations in preparation for the war, the war may come very soon.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Earth on the verge of a cosmic catastrophe

On July 16, 2020, a video message was posted on the Israeli News Live channel, in which the author and owner of the channel warned of an imminent size asteroid falling to Earth: According to the source, information comes from senior officials in the Pentagon, where they already know about the situation and are preparing for the strike for about four months.

The story began around April, when NASA reported that the Earth was passing through a huge field of space debris. Usually, all these stones are pulled by either Jupiter or other large planets, but now all the large planets are grouped within one narrow sector relative to the Sun, and therefore a hole has formed in space, into which a cloud of asteroids has slipped.

The first expected collision with a particularly large stone was supposed to be in April, on the occasion of which a “quarantine” was started, but now NASA and the military say that the strike will be either in August or in early September. At the same time, one stone has obviously already fallen, causing a dust storm, which the officials attributed to “sand from the Sahara.”

The news, of course, is sensational and requires analysis and comments, so we can say the following from ourselves. Israeli News Live is a very serious channel that never deals with fakes and whipping up hysteria. Therefore, if Steve says that he heard something from high-ranking military personnel, then it is so.

The second thing we can notice is the strange fact that since January 2020, the number of asteroids passing by the Earth at a distance closer to the lunar has doubled compared to the same period last year. So, on April 23, there were about forty of them:

Obviously, the trend should have continued, however, since May these close asteroids disappeared somewhere and in three months there were only 9 of them:

There are no such sharp jumps in statistics, so the NASA service is simple suppresses information. And this is exactly what Steve is talking about.

Finally, we remind you of a video from Mr. Glazerson, who has been deciphering Old Testament texts for many years. He said that in the region of April 29 an asteroid would fall to the Earth, just as many people repeated the same thing: someone had a warning dream, someone recognized some rumors and so on. But, as Steve says, it was at the end of April that the military was waiting for the light show.

For some reason, it did not take place. Most likely, the asteroid was destroyed by aliens, as they did with the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Most likely, they also destroyed the stone that caused a cloud of dust over Mexico, because if a kilometer-long rock fell to the Earth, all of us would have felt it.

However, even the possibilities of the aliens do not seem to be unlimited, since they gave the command to the military to prepare. And they are definitely preparing.

So in the Russian Federation, for example, on July 17, some ridiculous “military alert” was declared out of the blue and about 150,000 people were on combat readiness.

What this is connected with is not yet very clear, but it fits into the preparation for the asteroid. Moreover, this is how Bill Ryan, the founder of the Avalon project, described the preparation for the meteorite strike.

It also coincided strangely that the “second wave” of the Covid-19 didn’t come in June, as the renowned experts voted, but it falls in late summer and autumn. How so? Pandemic waves are calculated based on the incubation period of the disease, therefore, since epidemiologists said June, the second wave should have been in June, but not in August. And now everything is suddenly replayed for a period that strangely coincides with the time that Steve talks about.

Based on the above, we believe that there is no smoke without fire and the authorities are really expecting some large-scale cosmic catastrophe, about which they forgot to warn citizens.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Experts: the war between China and the United States will begin in no later than 6 months

Tensions between the United States and China seem to be growing day by day, prompting a number of politicians in Washington to worry about a possible military conflict between our two countries over the next six months. Last flash point: the vital waterways of the South China Sea.

This week, the US government for the first time declared the activities of China in the South China Sea illegal – it was an official statement.

“On Monday, we first clarified our policy on the South China Sea: it’s not China’s maritime empire,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters at a news conference on Thursday.

And now, it seems that this transport corridor of four million square kilometers is turning into the main point of the conflict outbreak.

Rep. Ted Yoho, a leading Republican in the House’s Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs for Asia, sees potential military action in the very near future. In an interview with Washington Examiner, he says the clash should happen over the next six months:

“I would predict that a collision will occur in the next three to six months,” says Ted Yoho.

Such a scenario would be devastating for a global economy already undergoing a viral pandemic, as annual trade transit through the South China Sea is about three trillion dollars.

“This is an incredibly important transport corridor for both US import / export and the import / export of our regional allies. Therefore, there are huge economic interests in maintaining freedom of navigation through this area,” said Bradley Bowman, a military expert at the Democracy Defense Fund, in an interview with CBN News.

However, China wants to limit this access, claiming that it has exclusive rights to almost the entire South China Sea.

“The territorial sovereignty, rights and interests of China in the South China Sea are based on a sufficient amount of historical and judicial evidence and are consistent with international law and practice,” Zhao Lijiang, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told reporters this week.

But despite these Chinese arguments, Pompeo is irreconcilable, accusing China of violating international law and urging world leaders to confront Beijing’s growing territorial ambitions.

“If Beijing violates international law and free nations do nothing in return, then, as historical practice shows, China will seize another piece of the territory and call it“ historical ”. This is exactly what happened during the last administration,” Pompeo warned.

America opposes China’s aggressive ambitions, including attempts to turn several islands and reefs into military outposts equipped with aviation, navy and other high-tech capabilities.

“This is all a well-known old story about healthy dunce, who came to the kids on the playground and began to offend everyone. This is precisely what the PRC is doing now, taking resources from some and trying to intimidate others. Well, and who will deal with this bad bully? Of course United States, ” says Bradley Bowman.

However, Bowman notes that since his rise to power, Chinese President Xi Jinping has embarked on a massive military modernization. And now China’s growing military strength – The biggest threat to US military superiority.

“If we continue to rest on our laurels, assuming that the battles in the coming years will be the same as they were in the past – that is, with an undeniable American military advantage, then very soon the Pentagon will be waiting for an extremely unpleasant surprise. Therefore, you need to act now. ” – says Bowman in an interview.

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