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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Ancient Chinese manuscript predicts New Word Order, Wars and Disasters

After the first news came from China, it became very clear to some people, that the world was entering the era of the Apocalypse.

Over the past 200 years, the planet has seen everything: war, revolution, famine, genocide, epidemics, natural disasters. Sometimes these events claimed tens of millions of lives.

Currently, Beijing went on the blockade of several tens of millions of people, the situation in China clearly got them out of control and the plague creeps out.

What will happen when after three or four incubation periods, the epidemic begins a procession on the planet, no one knows.

Therefore, due to the lack of reliable news, people now turned their eyes to the prophecies, because many mystics from different times warned of epidemics. Hence, since China is now, so to speak, the culprit of the main triumph, it would be interesting to see what the Chinese documents are saying about the future, that is, what are the Chinese mystics predicting for the near future?

And in this situation, the Chinese text “Tui Bei Tu” comes to the forefront. It is believed that it was written in the 7th century, but this is more than debatable. Nevertheless, in the middle of the XIX century the book was already there, there are copies from the printing house with the years of publication and it is without a doubt that in 1850, it was impossible to know such things.

Everything is written there so that when the Communists came to power in China, the book was banned to eliminate any traces of these predictions.

Tui bei tu is 60 pictures and 60 explanatory poems:

55 of the poems-pictures have already come true. Everything has been found and proven by Chinese researchers, so we will not dwell on them and immediately proceed to the final part of the prophecies.

56: Image of 2 soldiers, each of which stands on its own continent.

2 continents are separated by the ocean. Soldiers do not use their weapons – they only spew fire at each other. Fishes (fleets?) Collide their foreheads in the ocean, birds (aviation?) They collide their breasts in the air.

VERSE: Leaflets are not birds, swimmers are not fish, War does not depend on soldiers. This is a technology game. Millions of miles of deadly smoke: mushroom on top, and fire below. A look from the imagination of people. The big problem is not solved, but the problem becomes even bigger.

57: Image of a child pouring water on a fire.

Tui bei tu - Verse 57

VERSE: In an extreme situation, everything will turn upside down. A three-foot child will make all foreigners bow. When they fight in the Blue West and Red East, a man of God will appear who brings peace and stops the killing. It will be an incredible genius from the middle of the two, but more pro-Western. So, all wars will end forever.

58: Image of 4 people holding bows and arrows in their hands (Bows and arrows represent strength).

They all hold official seals in their hands (In ancient China, when government officials attended meetings, they all had to keep their seals in their hands as a confirmation of status). This image indicates that there will be some kind of new global organization.

Tui bei tu - Verse 58

VERSE: The big trouble ended and all the foreigners surrendered. Six to seven countries became brothers. Millions of miles without noise and waves. Became brothers, become friends and peaceful again. Only in the northwest there is a lurking danger, so we still cannot sing a common song of the world.

59: Image of a man who sprinkles something from a cup. This image indicates that this person will act according to the will of God.

Tui bei tu - Verse 59

VERSE: No locks, no walls. Not yours and mine. The whole world becomes one family, prospering around the world. One man for the joy of the whole world. Red, yellow, black, white all together. North, East, South, West in perfect harmony. The world is booming.

60: The image of a man pushing another person from behind.

Tui bei tu - Verse 60

VERSE: One negative and one positive, infinite loop. But it ends. The numbers of God will be studied at this stage. The natural path of the human race will be disrupted. Too many things to say here. Pushing a person from the back, forcing him to rest, is actually sometimes good.

Once again, we remind readers that the text in the original is Chinese. It was translated into English. It’s meaning suggests that there will be a war between the West and the East. Moreover, the war will be nuclear, because the word “mushroom”, no matter in what hieroglyphs it is written, reads as “mushroom” and nothing else.

As a result of this war, the east will win, but the ruler of the world will, for some reason, be pro-Western. His height will be, as it says, three feet. That is, either it will be a child, or it will be some kind of alien, or “three feet” – this is either a figure of speech indicating a short person, or there is another type of measurement, in some other, ‘alternative’ feet.

In general, this short ruler will lead the world and simultaneously fulfil the functions of the supreme priest of all religions. Peace will be established all over the world and all that, but somewhere north-west of China this supreme leader will not be recognized and from there danger will come from all over the world.

Then there will be some outside interference, world peace will be broken, people and their natural paths will be “stabbed in the back” with some strange forces.

At the end, when people will eventually recover, they will sit under palm trees, walk in animal skins, throw stones to each other and rest, because sometimes it’s also necessary to rest, which is a good thing. This is likely to end the current civilization cycle, so we’ll keep a keen eye on the unfolding events.


Apocalypse & Armageddon

Buddhist monk predicted plague, locust and flood 100 years ago

With the beginning of certain not very good events, huge masses of people begin to fall into mysticism, turning to psychics, doing fortune telling on their own or delving into a huge sea of ​​predictions for the future, made at different times by different outstanding and not so prophets.

This applies to the citizens of the People’s Republic of China, who suddenly remembered that the current situation in the country was predicted in detail by a Buddhist monk in the Forbidden City, named Zigong, who saw the coronavirus a hundred years ago and converted it into a short text.

This is a printed duplicate in more modern Mandarin. It is part of a large cycle of Chinese literature known as the “Ancient Internal Bible”.

Now, this composition is being handed over from hand to hand by Chinese citizens, moreover, for the most part, citizens living abroad, since this kind of prophecy is forbidden by the Communists. However, foreigners who have Chinese friends, laid out this prophecy in English, adapting it to the Western public and using, among other things, the modern calendar. The text was difficult to translate into modern language because it is written in a very old dialect. So:

“The year 2020 – The year all of China will weep. The omens will be so bad that the New Year will not be celebrated. Then the plague will come. It will come with a fury – the tigers and the wolves will hide in the mountains. The plague will encompass all the land – and will eventually spread to the whole world. Very soon – rice will become so expensive that no one can eat. Then the rivers will sink all the boats. People in that year will only be able to harvest rice in the very early spring. There will be no harvest of late season rice, beans, wheat, and oats because vast clouds of locusts will lay waste to the entire countryside. I, Gentleman Zigong, assure you Chinese in 2020 that the locusts will fall from the skies and the destruction will be complete. Smoke and fire will fill the fields – but nothing will be able to stop the swarms. Once the locusts have destroyed the land and the smoke is still coming from the ground, the rivers will flood the countryside. I, Gentleman Zigong, will tell you Chinese in 2020 how to survive. Remain very close to your families and your neighbors. The best is to have stored up plenty of gold and food to live and share freely with those you love. Tolerate no thieves among the people. Be uniters and not dividers. If you can do all these things, you will survive.”

As we all know very well – the plague has already arrived in China, and with the plague the invasion of locusts begins, so the prophecy of this master came true and therefore it should be noted.

Now, if the prophecy will continue to come true, then in the Second Act, the plague from China will spread to the whole world. In the Third Act there will obviously be volcanic eruptions and earthquakes (smoke and fire from under the ground), after which the Fourth Act – the Great Flood – will come, so we follow the development of events.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Clouds of locusts covered the Sun over the Middle East

In December 2019, the first alarming messages about the appearance of large quantities of locusts began to come from the coast of the Red Sea. The situation there, with the exception of the countries of East Africa, was tolerable, however, forecasts for the development of the situation were frightening.

And now the forecasts have come true – the locusts invaded Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia:

Current infographics from entomologists:

The bulk of insects came to the Arabian Peninsula from India and then to China, where there are news that 100,000 geese were released to help the situation there:

In fact, geese are dying from bird flu by entire farms. Some farmers slaughter them, others simply release them into the wild, which implies much less labor:

“And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth,
and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth.
They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.
They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them…
Apocalypse, ch. 9, Art. 3-5.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Messiah is here for the Gog and Magog orchestra finale

Messiah and the Gog and Magog Orchestra -

The world has come to a time when the prophecies of Christians, Muslims and Jews, which in many respects they contradict each other, converge in one historical line.

The real world is moving in the same direction: in China, a plague, a great war is brewing in Syria, as many American, Russian, Turkish and Syrian soldiers, aircraft and artillery have gathered there for a final round. In Europe, there is a concentration of US tanks, the number of which people have not seen since the landing in Normandy. Also in the economy, a total collapse is planned.

Each episode listed individually is already called the End of the World – financial Armageddon, the Apocalypse of public health and so on. Looking at everything that is happening in the world, now even the materialists understand that the Last Times have come. And then mystics say the same thing, so all that remains is to follow the development of events and wait for the Day of Judgement. 

Here in Soul:Ask, you do not see lately as many entries in the Apocalypse and Armageddon category, even though the initial perception of the site itself was to inform people of all the signs, visible or not, towards a new reality which may soon affect us all!

Now, as we think, the signs are clear enough, even though, as humans, there is always the element of error.

There is an imminent appearance of the Messiah, a salvation symbol in Judaism, Era of the Antichrist for others. Some call it the war of Gog and Magog which has been going mainly on the spiritual plane. Nevertheless, now the hour of the physical war has come, and all military operations of previous years compared to this war will be like rain drops before the flood.

This is what will happen very soon. Right now the situation is explosive more than you can even imagine.

There will also be a war with Iran, most likely in the coming days, as the elections in Israel will be canceled due to the war. 

A war between Turkey and Greece has been prophecized more than once and most probably will connect lost dots in this cosmic puzzle.

Natural disasters will continue around the world, against the backdrop of which the coronavirus will rage. However, another catastrophe is approaching, which should occur in the atmosphere. 

This is not a conspiracy theory. It is unfolding reality. For some.

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