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Ancient Astronomical Code Found on Alien Mountain in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, a team of astrobiologists and exogeologists led by Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu Sumanaratna, while examining the famous “mountain of aliens”, discovered forgotten and previously unknown ancient petroglyphs, which, according to researchers, are closely related to astronomy.

Photo: CCF-Polonnaruwa / EASL

Scientists have already published their report in a specialized journal entitled “Encoding on Mount Danigala in Sri Lanka”, and Ancient Origins briefly tells about the discovery.

In a letter to this publication, Dr. Sumanaratna of the South Asian Research Department of Astrobiology and Earth Sciences writes that his team was the first to discover petroglyphs associated with Neolithic humans in Sri Lanka.

The discovery was made in the caves of Mount Danigala, which is revered as a sacred site. In the world, it is better known as the “Alien Mountain”, since it was allegedly observed over it many times by UFOs. For scientists, this mountain is of great interest, since petroglyphs have been found in its depths before.

In the new study, the team describes both previously unknown petroglyphs and engravings found in the 19th century by British officer Fossett. However, scientists have forgotten about them for more than a century. The petroglyphs are located in Edakkal Cave on the western slope of the mountain. Overall, they are comparable to other similar archaeological sites in Sri Lanka.

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Ancient authors engraved both geometric patterns and primitive images of people with weapons in their hands, animals and plants. The drawings are tentatively dated 5500-4500 BC. Scientists point out that this is the first time that “special types of symbols” were linked to each other.

They write that in the cave almost all the available space was covered with petroglyphs. The largest of them are 7.5 meters long and five meters high. Researchers believe that some randomly carved sets of geometric symbols are in fact an ancient “glue code” representing the “lost astronomical counting system.”

However, this is just a hypothesis, and it is possible that it was put forward to attract tourists to this region. Nevertheless, the work deserves attention if only because the petroglyphs of Mount Danigala are still poorly understood. Given the practice of other ancient peoples around the world, some of these images may indeed have astronomical connotations.

Note that there is still debate in the scientific community regarding the period of settlement of Sri Lanka. Recent discoveries indicate that humans may have arrived here about 300,000 years ago. Some believe that this could have happened 500 thousand years ago. However, the age of the oldest human site found near the Danigala Mountain is about 125 thousand years.


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