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Analysis result: Are these Masked Boogers Living foreign organisms, morgellons?

Analysis result: Are these Masked Boogers Living foreign organisms, morgellons? 1

Previously, information on the detection of Morgellon’s disease fibers in tests for COVID-19 was denied by independent fact checkers with AP Fact FeckFullFactFrance 24 – Les Observateurs.

Morgellon disease is a rare, poorly understood condition characterized by the appearance of small fibers or other particles emanating from skin ulcers. People with this condition often report feeling like something is crawling or stinging their skin. There is no consensus in the scientific community, indeed, Morgellon disease is physical and not a hallucination. There is not enough research on this condition yet. Therefore, Morgellon’s disease is not included in the international classifier of diseases.

Dr. Aaron E. Glatt, Fellow and Representative of the American Society for Infectious Diseases, described the condition as a neuropsychiatric disorder because patients suffer from gratuitous symptoms.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States conducted a 4-year study that showed that Morgellon disease is similar to delusional parasitosis, when people believe their bodies are infected with organisms. Laboratory analysis of fibers found in people complaining of Morgellon’s disease has shown that these fibers are from cotton. Therefore, it cannot be argued that morgellons are hollow polymer tubes with a uranium tip that can receive radio signals.

An alternative perspective on the existence of such parasites which has not been proven.

The first laboratory data appeared on wiggling worms in masks and on test sticks. Preliminary conclusion: according to their external structure, these are the so-called morgellon fibers, which cause Morgellon’s disease in some. 

“The nano-fiber structure itself, nano-tube, in composition, in elemental base, in spectra, practically one-to-one coincides with the so-called “familiar” morgellons… But now they are trying to figure out the filling. Due to the fact that the filling is potentially a great threat to the health of the operator, you have to work extremely carefully and methodically, taking a lot of preventive measures, and this complicates the research.”

The fact of the matter is that they do not melt and do not burn. They are identified as nanotechnology (artificially created) and are in no way composed of eukaryotic cells, animals, plants or any living biological forms. 

Analysis result: Are these Masked Boogers Living foreign organisms, morgellons? 2

Some specimens have a “biological artificial” appearance known as artificial life or pseudo-life. It is known that these types of artificial life forms use DNA / RNA / siRNA or sRNA plasmid templates of viruses, microorganisms, animal / plant proteins and / or enzymes to create a structural form of artificial technology at the nanoscale. Research is ongoing

Among morgellons, there are also such “friends” who have a microscopic receiver / transmitter “on their head” operating at a certain frequency, and “on the tail” – a nano battery made of uranium particles! Inside the body of the “worm” is a thin metal rod. There is such a tiny nano-robot, at the junction of the living and the inanimate.

A distinctive feature – it can multiply inside the human body. On earth, this has not yet been thought of. So, all the same alien technology, unless, of course, everything is so.

To explain what is still moving in masks, a version of graphene nano-tubes is now increasingly being considered

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“Morgellon has nothing to do with it. These villi are made of carbon (graphene), they are not alive, but they electrify and magnetize very well, line up in lines. In these videos, particles fall into a drop of water, in addition, metal tweezers are used there. The electromagnetic field is enhanced, and they begin to move, which creates a wiggling effect. If you inhale graphene particles, they are not excreted from the body, but on the contrary, they accumulate, are structured into threads, cobwebs and all kinds of crap. Graphene is toxic, it has sharp crystals that rupture cell membranes. Causes pneumonia, immune disease and cancer.”

Our qualifications are not enough to figure out how morgellons relate to graphenes. Is this the same thing or are there two fundamental differences? Let’s estimate by eye. We look at teslaphoresis:

Well, do they look like maskworms? In our opinion, not very much. 

Mask fibers bend like worms without any field, but only under the influence of steam, heat, when metal is brought to them, similar to magnetization, but not limited to. For example, they react to a human finger (heat? Biofield?), bounce off saliva! Strange selectivity. Only one end (conventionally the head) reacts to metal, while the other end (tail) does not react.

Now let’s compare morgellons, since videos with them have accumulated over 10 years or more.

Red morgellon. Unlike mask worms, they are mainly colored – red, blue. Skip a minute.

The dude has enough nerve to examine the wiggling morgellon on his own skin:

And this one sits on … a cactus! Loot awaits:

But look what a charm – a man tamed a Morgellon! Our little pet nano-worm! Sits on a finger, eats from the hand. Poor, tiddly, it lets himself be stroked. Everyone wants human warmth and kindness, even alien parasites.

The appearance and behavior of morgellon fibers and those black worms in masks are really very similar. The masked ones are not so active. Apparently their task is to begin to penetrate into the nasopharynx, into the lungs, and only there they will unfold. Graphene tubes need to be dealt with.

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It looks like this is a compromise option between alien technologies and terrestrial ones for those who want to firmly stand on the ground and not fly into the heavens. Those stubborn ones who do not believe in aliens (because this is ridiculous and embarrassing for an educated person) will stop at the graphene version. We will go further and allow any option without brakes and prejudices.


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