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Apocalypse & Armageddon

An old prophecy talks about the US war with Iran, which will begin before the end of the coronavirus pandemic

An old prophecy talks about the US war with Iran, which will begin before the end of the coronavirus pandemic 1

An ancient 800-year-old text states that the United States will be embroiled in a conflict involving Iran and Saudi Arabia. This conflict will bring “great strife and darkness to the world.” 

The prophecy predicts that the United States will go to war with Iran even before the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Decoding of the prediction was carried out by independent researchers by the method of detecting the code in the holy book of the Torah. It claims that a month before the disappearance of the coronavirus pandemic, a military conflict will break out between Iran and Saudi Arabia, in which the United States will be drawn. The scripture states that war will bring “great strife and darkness to the world.”

This version of events is described in the 1939 book Yalkut Ishayahu, which was written on the basis of Yalkut Shimoni, a collection of Jewish commentaries on the Bible, presumably compiled in the 13th century.

Quotes from the book, which, according to the interpreters, speak of the beginning of these events:

“The king of Persia will irritate the king of Arabia, and the king of Arabia will go to Edom to receive advice from them.”

“And the king of Persia will go and destroy the whole world, and all the peoples of the world will tremble and panic, and fall on their faces, and feel labor-like labor, and Israel will tremble and panic and ask: where are we going?”

And (God) will tell them: “My children, do not be afraid, for everything that I have done, I have done for you. Why are you afraid? – Do not be afraid. The time has come for your redemption.”

Persia is modern-day Iran, and the “ancient kingdom of Edom” is often used to refer to the United States or Western culture in general.

According to researchers, the prophecy says that Saudi Arabia will make every effort to drag the United States into a conflict with Iran. The blog of interpreter researchers says that the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran will allegedly begin even before the end of the “plague” (coronavirus pandemic).

The fulfillment of the Damascus prophecy

On the night of March 1, 2021, the Israeli Air Force struck another blow on Iranian positions in Syria. Two F-16s reportedly attacked in response to which the Syrian and Iranian air defense began to shoot from everything that is there. 

According to the Syrian news agency SANA, all the missiles were shot down and Damascus is celebrating victory:

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More objective and independent sources report that the target of the Israelis was the headquarters and barracks of Iranian proxies, that all the guided munitions hit the right place and that the death toll goes to tens, at least, if not hundreds. 

This is written by independent sources, since the situation in Israel is now quite difficult and they are not inclined to exaggerate the degree of their victory, rather the opposite. 

Nobody can predict the dynamics of the situation in the near future, since somewhere in the global top it seems that there is still no consensus and there is a struggle of possible scenarios. However, there is a prophecy by Prophet Isaiah:

Behold, Damascus is excluded from the number of cities and will be a heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer will be abandoned – they will remain for the herds that will rest there, and there will be no one to frighten them. The stronghold of Ephraim and the kingdom of Damascus with the rest of Syria will not become.

Subsequently, the same thing, but in other words was described by Ephraim the Syrian, Jerome of Stridon, Cyril of Alexandria and many other Christian mystics, who either left eschatological prophecies or commented on what was known earlier. 

Therefore, Damascus will be a heap of ruins, no other options here. Tehran will have most likely a similar outlook, and Damascus will become something like a sister city. 

Iran abandons nuclear talks with the United States

As reported on Monday, March 1, 2021, Iran appears to be abandoning nuclear talks with the United States: Tehran has refused to meet with the United States and several European countries over the resumption of the 2015 nuclear deal. urging Washington to lift its crushing sanctions. Washington said Sunday it was “disappointed.”

The future conflict is obvious and inevitable, so the clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski decided to say a few words about this conflict:

In the last few videos, the famous Polish parapsychologist walks through photographs, trying to get a grasp of the thoughts of the world’s leading politicians, so this time Krzysztof used a photo of the Israeli prime minister as a tool. Here’s what he said in this video:

I feel that if this starts, Russia and China will not want to intervene and Iran will not receive any help, at least not at the first stage. This conflict is difficult to provoke because the great powers are mitigating it as best they can. Until Iran is provoked or Iran is not provoked, it will not be easy to create a conflict, but in my opinion the issue of Iran and Syria is open. I’m afraid a conflict could start there at any moment. Physically, this will not affect Europe, but something will affect the regions that will be involved in the conflict.

Everything can begin with the destruction of some important oil field (Iran or Syria), but this will be a kind of official reason and the explosion will be symbolic, the consequences will be exaggerated. In fact, something else will happen there, and this event will be serious enough to cause a conflict. If a conflict breaks out in the Middle East, it will not start with Israel, but between two other countries, one of which will be attacked on the border – possibly on the border with Saudi Arabia.

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There is a certain “pact” that Benjamin Netanyahu is thinking about now. The pact definitely includes Saudi Arabia and a number of important countries in the Middle East. When they enter into a pact, the Middle East will be able to create an alliance of states like the EU. The union will be so strong that it will be able to dictate its terms to everyone. But this attempt to unite states is stuck somewhere and this gentleman (Netanyahu) is now thinking about some kind of decision in the UN.

The United States pulled back when Trump ostentatiously left Syria. I got the impression that Israel is now alone in this situation, and the United States will not intervene in the region on its own without Israel’s consent. Thus  , Israel will have more room for maneuver and decision-making. Europe is also excluded from the game. Netanyahu thinks – the crisis caused by the plague turns off Europe for about 8 years. Europe is threatened with bankruptcy and will not interfere in the affairs of the Middle East.  

Europe has weakened itself socially and politically – it has practically ceased to be some kind of global force in the world. Europe can be plunged into such a deep economic depression that large corporations / holdings will massively buy up industry and make large investments. All this will look like “help”, but the provision of this pseudo- aid is impossible without the knowledge of European politicians.

Europe is now generally abandoned. England is gone, the former US support is gone. Netanyahu knows that Europe is failing, that this whole pandemic story will greatly affect it and make it possible to  create something like an Arab Union, which will already dictate its terms to everyone in such a situation.

Netanyahu has no positive thinking about Europe – rather a tactic to weaken it. This is rather strange, since  Israel is an ally of the United States and the United States is an ally of Europe. Nevertheless, Netanyahu thinks about Europe somehow gloomily. I do not feel that he is thinking about some kind of conflict – he has tactics in his head, not black scenarios.

Netanyahu just thinks about the current US president – that the team president of the United States have little time to do something important.  I have the impression that earlier Trump agreed with something, did not keep his word, and now Netanyahu is waiting for action from the new administration. 

There is an interesting remark by Krzysztof about the beginning of the conflict on the border of Saudi Arabia. In its recent article about the war between Gog and Magog, writes the following :

And the Most High will appear to them, and His arrows will flash like lightning; My Almighty will sound the shofar and march in the midday storms. Zechariah 9:14

Rabbi Bar Leib explained that the Hebrew word תֵּימָן (Taiman) is translated here as “storm”, but in fact it means “Yemen”.

“The war between Gog and Magog will begin from Yemen,” Bar Leib stated unequivocally, citing this verse, read before the last sounds of the Rosh Hashanah shofar, as his source. “The third explosion comes directly from the mouth of God Himself in all His glory.” The last war between Edom, the Western world, and Persia, that is, Iran, will not be focused on Israel. God will “send an arrow” to Yemen, where this war will begin.”

Thus, we already have, as it were, two indications of Yemen.

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