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An Earth clone is hiding from us on the other side of the Sun for thousands of years: the insane hypothesis about the Twin-Earth has been confirmed

An Earth clone is hiding from us on the other side of the Sun for thousands of years: the insane hypothesis about the Twin-Earth has been confirmed 1

The Earth has a twin – its exact copy, located not somewhere in the depths of space, but in our solar system. Since the end of the 90s of the last century, multiple astrophysicists have been assuring this.

The earth copy was called “Anti-Earth” or “Twin Earth” and in response to the question “Why twin earth is not visible?” it is because it shares the same orbit with the Earth, moves along at the same speed, but is located on the other side of the Sun – directly opposite from our planet. Therefore, it is not visible – just because the Sun hides it.

The announcement

For almost thirty years, a bold, if not crazy hypothesis has become popular all over the world, has gained millions of supporters and was confirmed in principle only the other day. Visual evidence was obtained by astronomers of a large international team who worked at the European Southern Observatory in Chile (The European Southern Observatory – ESO). This is what the observatory announced in its press release:

“Theoretically, two planets of the same mass can be in the same orbit around their star,” says Olga Balsalobre-Ruza, an astrophysicist at the Center for Astrobiology in Spain. “But no one has seen it yet. We are the first.”

   Two planets in the same orbit in the PDS-70 star system.  The second planet is circled by a dotted line.
Two planets in the same orbit in the PDS-70 star system. The second planet is circled by a dotted line.

Scientists have obtained an image of the star system PDS-70, located 370 light years from us. Previously, two planets were discovered here – PDS-70b and PDS-70c. And now we managed to make out the third one – located in the same orbit as the PDS-70b.

The planets are young, perhaps in the process of formation, but they are there, not hypothetically, but realistically. They orbit at about the same speed, although not quite on opposite sides of their star.

Moreover, the detected twin – anti PDS-70b – is located at one of the Lagrange points of its system, At point L5 – where the gravitational interaction between the planet and the anti-planet is minimal.

The anti-earth could also be located at the L5 point of the Earth-Sun system, but it once occupied the L3 point – on the other side of the Sun.

For reference: there are five Lagrange points in the Earth-Sun system, named after the mathematician who calculated their coordinates. At these points, the forces of attraction of the luminary and our planet balance each other.

Observations show that the two planets get along quite well in the same orbit and theory converged with practice and the hypothesis about twin earth was indirectly confirmed. 

Aliens are near

By the way, analogues of the Sun, Earth and Anti-Earth exist even closer than the PDS-70 – however, on a greatly reduced scale. This is the Saturn system. If we imagine the gas giant as the sun, and the large satellites as planets, then it turns out that two of them are in the same orbit on opposite sides of Saturn – Epimetheus and Janus.

   Panel in ancient Egypt with Earth and Anti-Earth
Panel in ancient Egypt with Earth and Anti-Earth.

Several times twin earth seemed to have even been seen when she looked out from behind the Sun. There is belief that she who an unknown celestial body near Venus, which was mentioned in their writings by European astronomers of the past – Giovanni Cassini, James Short, Johann Mayer, Joseph Louis Lagrange.

It seems that the existence of the Planet – the same as the Earth – was known to the ancient Egyptians from somewhere. The panel in the tomb of Ramesses VI in the Valley of the Kings depicts the Sun (in the form of the Sun God) and two identical planets on both sides of it.

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From time to time, our twin earth pretends to be a little influence on her neighbors – Venus suddenly begins to mysteriously accelerate, and Mars slows down. Or vice versa and that’s contrary to calculations. But if you bring twin earth into them, everything falls into place.

The most remarkable thing is that with the confirmation of the Anti-Earth hypothesis, belief in aliens makes sense and all the stories about them are true.

After all, our copy may well be inhabited – its place under the Sun is no worse than ours. Intelligent beings can live there and if so, then aliens could be nearby, and not somewhere in the utter distance, from where they can not be reached even in a thousand years. Neither they are up to us, nor we are up to them. Suddenly, the twin earth inhabitants or anti-Earthlings have been here for a long time – they are watching, as ufologists assure. There is no need for supernatural technology to fly around the Sun. And we could if we wanted to.

We will not envision what level our alien neighbours have reached, what they might look like, whether the authorities or at least the secret services are hobnobbing with them. There are many options.

   Five Lagrange points in the Sun-Earth system
Five Lagrange points in the Sun-Earth system

Objections and theory supporters

Not a single apparatus sent into deep space has ever seen our twin earth and there are no photos.

There is nothing suspicious – in the sense of unknown large celestial bodies – in the images transmitted by the space STEREO, SOHO, SDO observatories, observing the Sun.

Twin earth is not visible in the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which displayed the Lagrange point L2.

On the other hand, not a single device turned its cameras in the direction of the Lagrange point L3 as the STEREO, SOHO, SDO space observatories see the Sun, not what is behind it.

From the Lagrange point L2, where the James Webb telescope is located, point L3 is not visible.

According to calculations, our twin earth can be seen from a distance that is 15 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon. And that’s if you know where to look.

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