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An anonymous user sent out millions of messages about the first official contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. When and where will it take place?

An anonymous user sent out millions of messages about the first official contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. When and where will it take place? 1
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Aliens have been on Earth for a long time but why do they shy away from official contact with us? There is a theory which pinpoints two reasons. First, we are still a young barbarian civilization for them. We do not respect life as such, because we constantly have armed conflicts, the death penalty and similar inhuman actions are practiced. For them, this is unacceptable behavior. In addition, we do not properly deal with the ecology of our planet. Secondly, they adhere to the principle: each civilization must develop on its own. That is, in principle, they do not patronize anyone – as if “learn to swim yourself”, then there will be a conversation. 

In recent decades, and for greater invisibility, they began to use special camouflages. In the range of light waves fixed by the eye, they use the principle of light re-emission from one side of the ship to the other, as a result, against the surrounding background, the ship ceases to be visible. 

In the radar range, a protective field is used that does not reflect the radar signal. But, it happens that sometimes, they do not turn on their camouflage, and then their ships become noticeable. By the way, in the infrared range they have no disguise and they can always be detected in night vision devices. 

Some say they received information through alien contact that in our galaxy there are 723 civilizations of different levels of development. Of these, the most advanced formed an interstellar union 15 million years ago and it currently has 117 civilizations. Some of them look after us on an ongoing basis. They have here, as it were, a nature reserve.

They also claim that there are alien bases on Earth – underground and underwater, and in Antarctica. There are also bases on the far side of the Moon and on the satellites of the major planets. 

They are able to control gravity on such a scale that they can correct the orbits of the planets. Their interstellar flights are carried out through special tunnels in the non-physical world. By entering the portal in one place, they immediately exit in another. They are able to control gravity on such a scale that they are able to correct the orbits of the planets.

Messages in 1999

In 1999, many US users received a cryptic message. It said that in 2028 the Earth will be visited by highly developed beings. It will be something like humanitarian aid for humanity. We will discover new knowledge in various fields, and in return they will be asked to destroy all types of weapons and, finally, to become part of the universal community. At that time, few people took this message seriously.

In 2004, already users in 37 countries of the world received a similar message. Among the recipients were prominent scientists, politicians, actors. A rather heated discussion ensued. For example, the President of Chile then proposed to create a body at the UN, whose members should make the first open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations on behalf of the united humanity. His idea was perceived with scepticism and the proposal was rejected.

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Literally two years later, about 29 million users on the Internet received letters and personal messages with unknown characters and a probable decoding:

“In 2028, the first official visit of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization to people will take place in Hungary. The future of humanity will depend on this meeting.”

All times such messages were sent from an anonymous address. Messages received were repeated in 2012, 2015, 2019 and, most recently, in 2022. The public organization for the study of UFOs “MUFON” conducted a survey among millions of people around the world. It turned out that 71% of the respondents believe that the contact will take place. But, there are also a large number of those who are sceptical of such reports.

What is it really? Some contactee decided to warn humanity and set the stage for an incredibly important contact? Or is it nothing more than a prank, perhaps the largest in the history of mankind? There was very little time left to wait. Most likely, we will receive answers to the questions posed in 2028.


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