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An angel in Russia and crows over the sky of Kyiv. Does their appearance at the time of the greatest battle mean something?

A unique find in the Russian Far East, and more specifically in Yakutia, was found by miners working at the Elginsky coal mine. They uncovered an Angel statue with a shield & sword. Meanwhile, a second strange “sign” after the discovered Angel appeared in Ukraine, as millions of crows covered the sky of Kyiv.

The statue of Abaddon, a fallen angel

The statue is awe-inspiring, since it is unknown how such a creation could have been found inside a mine. Was he a real fallen Angel? The statue depicts a winged figure of an angel with shield and sword and resembles biblical descriptions of Abaddon.

As they say, they expect experts from Moscow to come by helicopter in order to evaluate this unique find.

From the “Revelation” of John, we learn that the Angel of Death is not the Devil, but Abaddon, the leader of the fallen angels who was entrusted by God with the mission of tormenting people as punishment for their sins.

The role of Abbadon in the Old and New Testaments gives a frightening preview of the role the archangels will play on Judgment Day. And the role of Abaddon in particular becomes even more chilling if one reads the Apocryphal Gospels.

They write that since he is the one who gathered the dust from which God created Adam, then perhaps it is fitting that he should also be the one who will also gather the souls and take them to the place where God will judge them.

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Although Abaddon means “the destroyer” or “destruction,” many believe that he is actually the Angel of Death, a fallen angel whose mission is to oversee the destruction of the earth on Judgment Day. However, there are others who believe that “Abaddon” is a location.

The chilling image of millions of crows in the sky of Kyiv

After the discovery of the Angel holding a shield and sword in the Elginsky coal mine in the Russian Far East, which resembles the biblical descriptions of Abaddon, the Angel of Darkness, another strange, metaphysical one might say scene, appeared in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Out of their migration season, millions of black crows appeared in the sky of Kyiv and literally darkened the city.

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The bottom line is that such a passage in a city that is pounded almost daily by the enemy, creates awe. The matter, in combination with the discovery of the angel in Russia, is taken on another dimension.

According to popular tradition:

  • Crows are the mediator between life and death.
  • They eat the dead, making them embody death and lost souls.
  • It is the reincarnation of damned souls.
  • Crows were considered bearers of tragic news, usually heralding the death of a hero.
  • They have been treated as supernatural creatures that can communicate with humans.
  • Symbolically, ravens were usually a symbol of death and the transformational process from the physical to the spiritual world.

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