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An alien attack, a mysterious virus, an asteroid and the struggle for water: what Vanga predicted for the end of 2022?

When difficult times come in the world and the planet is going through another stage of turbulence, many people remember the predictions of famous oracles, who were rarely wrong. It is known that, along with Nostradamus and Messing, the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga was also distinguished by superpowers. What future for humanity did she foresee at the end of 2022?

Rarely wrong

Those who are familiar with the biography of the Bulgarian mystic know that Vanga foresaw the September 11 tragedy in New York:

“American brothers will fall, pecked with iron birds. Wolves will howl from the bush, marking the death of the innocent,” Vanga said in the distant 80s, when it was not possible to understand at least something of what was said.

However, the seer’s mysterious words came true in 2001, when terrorist groups hijacked planes and destroyed New York skyscrapers, resulting in thousands of deaths.

Vanga also predicted the death of Princess Diana and the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. She also spoke about the fact that the Soviet Union would cease to exist.

Mysterious disease

In metaphorical phrases, the predictions of the clairvoyant about the days of the day are also hidden.

Vanga’s forecasts for the end of 2022 do not inspire optimism. The seer promises that these times will be gloomy and dark as it is expected that a terrible disease will come from Siberia, where frozen particles of a virus will begin to enter the air as a result of climate change. Clairvoyant interpreters believe that we are still talking about new strains of COVID-19.

A world without water

According to Vanga’s forecasts, at the end of the year, many countries of the world and cities will face a large shortage of drinking sources accompanied by the political consequences of this problem. Leaders in many countries will urgently start looking for alternative ways to get water:

“There will be a disaster. There will be no water. There will be nothing for people to drink. Everyone will fight for water. Close it in banks. It will become more expensive than oil and gold. People will go and exchange gold for water,” the healer said in her revelations.

At the same time, natural disasters will begin, Vanga warned. The earth, according to her, will begin to take revenge on people for their bad attitude with global catastrophes.

So, India, which is already one of the poorest countries in the world, will begin to suffer from mass starvation. And all because of the 50-degree heat and the attack of locusts, which will attack the crops remaining after the drought.

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“Severe attacks of floods,” according to the mystic, will fall upon the countries of Asia and Australia. In these parts of the world, scientists will begin to record many earthquakes and tsunamis more often than others.

Asteroid and alien invasion

Vanga argued that the Earth is not the only inhabited planet in the universe and often said that is a mind in the universe that has overtaken humans in development many times over.

“There is intelligent life on all the planets in our universe, but we are misinformed because we are at one of the lowest levels of development,” she said.

But one of the most surreal warnings of the clairvoyant sounds like this: aliens will invade the Earth, who will send an asteroid to the planet, and the outcome of such an “encounter” promises to be monstrous. 

Vanga called not only the date when the aliens would invade Earth, but also announced the name of the planet of space aliens – Vamfim. Until now, scientists have not known anything about such a cosmic object, but the clairvoyant assured that this planet is close to ours and has a highly elongated orbit, and therefore constantly “travels” around the universe.

“Humanity will meet with aliens. The Hungarians will be the first to receive signals from distant space worlds,” the prophetess believed.

That’s just contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations will not bring joy to people. According to the forecast, alien beings will visit the Earth with unfriendly purposes.

“You can’t see, but there are many strange aircraft in the sky. I see three beings inside each. Alien ships will attack the Earth and take people prisoners,” she predicted.

How exactly the alien attack will happen and how humans will react to their visit, the Bulgarian clairvoyant did not specify.

As for the beginning of 2023, the mystic predicted a change in the Earth’s orbit but just before that, 2022 will indefinitely divide the world into “before” and “after”.


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