Amplifiers-repeaters of a certain “universal energy”: The secret purpose and mystical power of obelisks

in many modern “centers of power” of the so-called “world government”, such as the Vatican, the City of London and Washington (District of Columbia), obelisks are currently installed, which, most likely, are by no means anchor points for memorial purpose.

There is a theory that ancient obelisks, in particular the Egyptian ones, were repeaters that caught the universal energy emanating from the pyramids, resonating with it, amplifying and transmitting it for the needs of an ancient civilization. That is, according to his version, the obelisks are amplifiers-repeaters of a certain “universal energy”. This confirms the opinion of many alternative researchers that the great pyramids of Giza are not tombs at all, but real ancient power stations. 

These devices are now used by representatives of parasitic satanic clans in their “centers of power” while under these modern architectural complexes are buried the remains of hybrid non-humans or even alien creatures-parasites, which are the true owners of the so-called “world government”.

Thanks to these remains, people’s consciousness is encoded for the perception and assimilation of the very degradation “values” that are diligently imposed on humanity by the parasitic satanic clans of the world “elite” for its degeneration and death.

This kind of wave genotype, distributed with the help of these devices, has a very strong influence on the entire environment, and people who are within the range of such repeaters-amplifiers automatically become the same parasites by nature, with children and young people being the most affected.   

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Earlier, such obelisks were also placed to the heroes of the war, i.e. under them were the real burial places of these heroes. In this case, the obelisks amplified and relayed the genotype of these heroes to the masses. But in our time, in many places the remains of real heroes were replaced by the servants of parasites with representatives of a parasitic civilization or their hybrid servants. 

That is why most of these complexes also work for the “promotion” of parasitic satanic “values” of the true masters of the “new world order”. This explains why so many representatives of humanity and especially its younger generation have become carriers and conductors of these most degrading and degenerate “values”.  

In addition, these devices can now also be used to “take energy” from people (apparently that’s why the obelisks are installed in public places), which is used by the parasite civilization for its own purposes. Of course, there is no direct evidence of the theory’s correctness but you can’t deny it has a certain logic.

it is possible that the day is not far off when devices will be created that capture wave radiation from these obelisks. And then, with the help of such devices, it will be possible to reliably test all these technological devices for the presence of a positive or negative energy-informational impact on the surrounding space and confirm or refute this bizarre theory. But up to this point, as a working hypothesis, it has every right to exist.


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