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AMAZING! The FIRST Hoverboard GOES on SALE on 21st October 2015!

AMAZING! The FIRST Hoverboard GOES on SALE on 21st October 2015! 1

In 1989 Marty McFlyand Doc Brown traveled in 2015 to change the future. If you have not seen the movie Back to the Future 2, certainly you remember the scene in which was presented the legendary “hoverboard”.

It is almost 2015 now and it appears that the predictions in the film will come true. We got the first hoverbord named Hendo. It is a startup founded by Greg and Jill Henderson who are looking through Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to implement the project. The required amount is $ 250,000, and given that so far was collected more than 195,000 dollars, it seems that with the realization of Kickstarter, the goal will be without problems.

The current price of the Hendohoverboard is 300 U.S. dollars, and featuresa developer kit with everything that is needed to make a hoverboard and a platform which is suitable for floating.

Some media in the United States already had the opportunity to test the hoverboard, “The experience is like sitting in the back of a giant ice that floats 2cm above the ground”, says GigaOM.



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