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Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 136

If you think that there was only one great flood in the history of mankind, you are greatly mistaken. There are at least 200 different myths and legends about how water washed away everything in its path.

Surprisingly, in most stories, the cause of the flood is divine intervention. That is, different Gods have repeatedly tried to exterminate all evil and left only a handful of good people who were supposed to revive life on Earth.

1. The legend of Trentren Vilu and Caikai Vilu

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 137

This legend came from the mountains from the south of Chile. According to it, there were once two giant snakes – Trentren Vilu and Caikai Vilu. The god of water and the god of earth constantly fought each other. But in the end, after Caikai Vilu flooded most of the Earth, Trentren Vilu defeated it. Of course, there were some losses. But now, off the coast of Chile is a huge number of islands.

2. Unu-Pachacuti

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 138

According to the Inca myth, the god Viracocha created a race of giants, but then he was forced to kill all people, because they became unpredictable and uncontrollable.

3. The myth of Deucalion

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 139

Deucalion was the son of Prometheus. When Zeus decided to destroy humanity for greed, anger, disobedience, Deucalion begged him to have mercy. But God was determined. Then Deucalion, on the advice of his father, built an ark in which he could feel safe during the attack of the water element. As a result, most of humanity was destroyed. Only Deucalion, his wife, and those who managed to get to the mountains before the flood managed to survive.

4. The Bloody Flood of Väinämöinen

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 140

This hero of Finnish mythology was the first to build a boat. After the devil hit him with an axe, the world was buried in the blood of Väinämöinen, and the hero on his own ship went to the lands of Pohjela, where a new page in the history of mankind began.

5. The legend of Tauhaki

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 141

In mythology, the Maori Tauhaki caused a flood to destroy his envious and greedy half-brothers. He warned all civilians about the danger and sent them to Mount Hikurangi.

6. Bochica

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 142

According to one South American legend, a man named Bochica arrived in Colombia and taught people to take care of themselves on their own, without relying on the will of the gods. He spent a lot of time on help, and his wife did not like it at all. Guyhaka began to pray to the god of water that he would flood the earth and kill all of her rivals. God Chibchacun heard her prayers, but Bochica, climbing the rainbow, with the help of a golden scepter, managed to cope with the elements. Having directed water to safe channels, he managed to save some people, but many still died.

7. Maya Flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 143

According to Mayan mythology, Huracan, who was subject to winds and storms, caused a flood to punish people who angered the gods. After the flood, seven people were engaged in the restoration of life on Earth – three men and four women.

8. History of the Cameroon Flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 144

According to legend, the girl was grinding flour at the moment when a goat approached her. The animal wanted to profit. The girl first drove her away, but when the goat returned, she allowed her to eat as much as she wanted. For the kindness shown, the animal warned the girl about the impending flood, and she and her brother managed to escape.

9. The Temum Flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 145

The Teman people have a legend about how their ancestors died due to the fact that they angered the gods. Only one pair managed to survive, who managed to climb a tree in time.

10. The Niskvalli Flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 146

In one myth of the Indians, the Puget Sound tells how the population grew so much that people, having eaten all the animals and fish, began to destroy each other. Then a flood was sent to them. Only one pair survived, and they created a new race.

11. The Sumerian Flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 147

The Sumerians had a chance to survive several floods. One happened due to the fact that the noise created by people did not allow the gods to sleep. Only God Enki took pity on humanity. He warned Zizudra, who managed to build a ship and transported some people to a safe place on it.

12. The flood in the epic of Gilgamesh

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 148

Another Sumerian story. Gilgamesh sought the secret of eternal life and met Utnapishtim – a man who recognized this secret. As it turned out, God Enil awarded him immortality because he, having learned of the impending flood, built a boat, loaded his family on it, all his wealth, seeds and set sail. When the flood ceased, he descended on Mount Nisir, where he began to create a new civilization.

13. Noah’s flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 149

This is the most famous story. People became so evil that God decided to destroy civilization with water. But Noah was instructed to build an ark and assemble his family on it and a pair of each type of animal. The ship sailed for a very long time until an omen appeared in the sky – a rainbow signified the end of the flood.

14. The myth of the Eskimo flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 150

According to legend, water flooded the whole earth. People ran on rafts and huddled together to warm themselves. Salvation was the wizard An-ozhuy. He threw his bow into the water and ordered the wind to subside. After the abyss swallowed his earrings, the flood stopped.

15. Vainabuzh and the Great Flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 151

When the world plunged into the darkness of evil, the Creator decided to cleanse the earth with a flood. One of the surviving men was called Vainabuzh. He built a raft for himself and animals and swam, waiting for the end of the flood. But the flood did not stop, then he sent the animals in search of the earth. When Vainabuzh was holding a handful of dirt in his hands, he laid it on the back of a tortoise, which increased in size and became a new world.

16. Bergelmir

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 152

In ancient Norse mythology, the sons of Borr killed Imir. There was so much blood that it flooded the world, and the whole race of giants perished. Only Bergelmir and his relatives managed to escape and give life to the new history of the Etuns.

17. Great Yu

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 153

With the help of magic mud, a turtle and a dragon, Yu managed to redirect the waters of the Great Flood to canals, lakes and tunnels. So he saved the Chinese empire from destruction.

18. The story of the Korean flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 154

According to the old Korean myth, a fairy was born to a fairy and a laurel tree. The fairy went to heaven when the boy was small. During the flood, the laurel tree told his son to recover to wander the water. The boy managed to save another boy and grandmother with two granddaughters. All other people died from the flood, but these two couples managed to revive life on earth.

19. Burmese flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 155

During a great flood, a man named Popou Nan-chown and his sister Changko managed to escape on a boat. They took nine roosters and nine needles with them. Every day after the rain stopped, people threw overboard a cock and a needle to check if the water was sleeping. Only on the last, ninth day, the rooster began to sing and you could hear the needle hit the rock. Then the couple came down to earth.

20. Nüwa

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 156

This goddess from Chinese mythology saved the world during the flood by collecting colorful stones, melting them and covering holes in heaven through which water poured on the earth. After this, Nüwa chopped off the legs of a huge turtle and placed a firmament on them.

Nyuiva – creator of human beings

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 157

Nuiva is the creator of human beings. Illustration: S. M. Jan / The Epoch Times

In China, there is an ancient legend, which states that all human beings, including the Chinese, were created by Nuiva. The first people created by Nuiva from the mud were the same as puppets – toys without life, thoughts and movements. Nuiva was dissatisfied with this, and decided to breathe her magic breath into these puppets and give them a soul. Thus, they became living human beings.

But these people lacked wisdom, as well as the ability to survive in harsh conditions. They did not know how to control their emotions and had no idea what was happening in their environment. They had no logic or worldview, and they were very vulnerable. When the first people became extinct, Nuiva had to make another group of people. This extra work was very tiring and took a lot of time.

Nuiva has given human beings wisdom. The goddess created musical instruments for them, taught music, songs and dances. And then people became able to express their feelings through singing and dancing. Since then, they have been able to control themselves and enrich their lives.

To continue the human race, Nuiva created a concept such as the relationship of the sexes, so that man and woman live together and give birth to children, who would be the next generation of people.

Gradually, people came to understand how to behave and live in harmony with themselves and nature. Human history, culture, and other aspects of life began to develop and gradually spread. Gradually, their primitive life became more versatile, and people moved on to a more civilized way of life.

In the West, they speak of a similar story: God created Adam and Eve – the progenitors of mankind. Based on eastern and western myths, we can talk about a common idea: people were created by God.

21. Hopi Flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 158

The Hopi tribe has a myth about a spider woman who weaved a giant web so that people could escape from the flood on it.

22. Manu and Matsya

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 159

A fish sailed to Manu and asked him to save it. He placed it in a jug, in which the fish soon started grow bigger. Then Manu carried it into the river, but it continued to grow. Only when it was in the ocean did the fish discover itself as Vishnu. God warned Manu about the flood and ordered him to build an ark on which all kinds of plants and animals would be saved.

23. Flood in Saanich

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 160

Local residents were sure that if you follow all the rules of the Creator, you can receive a blessing. But once, people disobeyed the teachings, for which they were punished by the flood.

24. Vali flood

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 161

A monster called Afanc sent a great flood to the earth. Only one couple survived who survived on the ship.

25. Kenesh and the Comox people

Amazing stories about the great floods in the history of mankind 162

The Comox people have a story about an old man who warned of a flood, coming in dreams. Collectively, people built a canoe and prepared to escape. The rain began right on time – as the old man predicted. Water was arriving. Suddenly, like a huge white whale, a glacier appeared. Soon after, the flood ceased.



Ancient papyrus “Book of the Dead” and hundreds of other artifacts found in Egypt

Ancient papyrus "Book of the Dead" and hundreds of other artifacts found in Egypt 163

Ancient sarcophagi, statues, toys, funerary masks and other artifacts, including papyrus from the Book of the Dead, were discovered during the excavation of the necropolis in Saqqara, 30 kilometers south of Cairo. According to experts, the finds are about four thousand years old.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that the sarcophagi were found in 22 burial mounds at a depth of 10 to 12 meters.

Among the finds was a four-meter scroll of papyrus from the Book of the Dead. The ancient Egyptians believed that hymns and texts from the Book of the Dead helped the recently deceased walk through the underworld.

According to the famous Egyptologist Zaha Hawass, the finds date back to the Sixth Dynasty, which ruled Egypt from 2323 BC to 2150 BC. e. More than 50 wooden coffins dating from the later “New Kingdom”, between 1570 and 1069. BC e., were also opened on Sunday.

He also believes the artifacts will help bring back tourists to Egypt who have almost stopped arriving due to the pandemic. The country has previously stimulated the tourism sector with the help of new archaeological finds. Later this year, authorities are planning to open the Great Egyptian Museum, also known as the Giza Museum.

Earlier excavations at Saqqara focused on the step pyramid of Djoser, one of the first in ancient Egypt. Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani notes that “the finds of Saqqara are not yet exhausted.”

In 2020, more than a hundred sarcophagi, about 2500 years old, were found in Saqqara. Saqqara 3000 years ago was actively used for burials and was the main necropolis of Memphis – the capital of Ancient Egypt. Now it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Tibetan Secrets Vaults and Aircraft Weapons

Tibetan Secrets Vaults and Aircraft Weapons 164

From the Mahabharata, an ancient Indian poem of unusual volume, we learn that someone named Asura Maya possessed a vimaana of about 6 m in circumference, equipped with four strong wings.

 This poem is a treasure trove of information pertaining to conflicts between gods who resolved their differences using weapons that are obviously as deadly as those we can use. In addition to “bright missiles”, the poem describes the use of other deadly weapons. “Indra’s dart” is operated with a round “reflector”. When turned on, it gives off a beam of light, which, being focused on any target, immediately “devours it with its power.” In one particular case, when the hero, Krishna, pursues his enemy, Salva, in the sky, Saubha made Shalva’s vimana invisible. Unafraid

Astra – means weapons of mass destruction and many other types of terrible weapons are described quite authentically in the Mahabharata, but the most terrible of them was used against Vrish. The narration says:

“Gurkha, flying on his fast and powerful vimaana, threw a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe at the three cities of Vrishi and Andhak. A red-hot column of smoke and fire, bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor. An unknown weapon, the Iron Thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death who turned to ashes the entire race of the Vrishis and the Andhaks.”

It is important to note that these types of records are not isolated. They correlate with similar information from other ancient civilizations. The effects of this iron lightning contain an ominously recognizable ring. Obviously, those who were killed by her were burned so that their bodies were not recognizable.

Astra: weapon of mass destruction of the gods

Tibetan Secrets Vaults and Aircraft Weapons

Astra appears before us as a supernatural weapon used by a particular deity. The mastery or use of a weapon required the knowledge of a mantra or invocation,

Each Astra had special terms of use, and violation of the terms could be fatal. Due to the gigantic destructive power of this weapon, his knowledge was passed from teacher to student exclusively orally.

Astra will play a very important role in both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, where they are used in great battles by archers such as Rama, Karna or Bhishma. In fact, there is a suspicion that, as in the case of the Vimanas, some Asters work on the basis of mercury, or very similar liquids, which can circulate, rotating almost at the speed of light.

There are several dozen different Astra, according to their “operating model” and characteristics. Each main god had his own Astra, endowed with a certain power. For example, Devastra was the mythical equivalent of the modern traditional rocket; The asurastra that destroyed the asuras was the mythical equivalent of modern biological missiles.

Many say that 30,000 years ago the gods destroyed the asuras with nuclear weapons – but this is most likely a matter of opinion and interpretation of ancient texts in the modern sense. Also mentioned is the fearsome and destructive Brahmastra, the gift of Brahma (the Creator), the mythical equivalent of modern nuclear weapons. As mentioned in the epic sagas of India, the power of Brahmaster is capable of destroying the entire world.

This is how the Mahabharata (Vanaparvan, chapters 168-173) describes the battle in which the warrior Arjuna – the great hero – fought against the horde of Asuras:

Indra, the lord of heaven, demanded that Arjuna destroy the entire army of Asuras. These thirty million demons lived in fortresses located in the depths of the seas . Indra, the lord of the heavens, gave his own vimana to Arjuna, piloted by his clever assistant Matali.

In the fierce battle that unfolded, the Asuras caused crushing rains, but Arjuna marched against them with a divine weapon that managed to drain all the water … Arjuna fired a deadly projectile that destroyed the entire city of the proud.

Tibetan Secrets Vaults and Aircraft Weapons

Information about a number of ancient artifacts was obtained in 1929 during the interrogation of the Trotskyist Y. Blumkin, who had previously participated in the NKVD expeditions to Tibet, in connection with the sale of secret information about the weapons of the “civilization of the gods” to German and Japanese intelligence services. Y.Blyumkin’s betrayal in fact allowed the leadership of the Third Reich to use the high technologies of the “civilization of the gods”, which were later used by the Nazis to create a secret base in Antarctica, as well as to create various types of “weapons of retaliation.”

“As I already told my investigator, on a business trip to Tibet in 1925, with the order of the head of the Tibetan state, the Dalai Lama 13, I was taken to underground halls and shown some so-called artifacts – weapons of the gods, preserved on Earth from 15-20 thousand years before our These weapons are kept in separate rooms. I wrote about this in detail in my reports …

The characteristics of the weapon are approximately as follows:

1. Giant forceps – “Wajaru”. With their help, precious metals are smelted. If you melt gold at the temperature of the sun’s surface (6 thousand degrees C), then the gold flares up and turns into powder for 70 seconds. This powder was used in the construction of huge mobile stone platforms. If this powder is poured onto the platform, then its weight is lost to a minimum. The powder was also used in medicine in the treatment of incurable diseases and for the elite – mainly the leaders used it for food to prolong their lives.

2. Bell – the so-called “Shu-tzu”, with the help of which you can blind for a while a large army or an entire army. Its mode of action consists in transforming electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency, which the human ear does not perceive, but acts directly on the brain. This is a very strange weapon. With his help, the Indian prophet Arjuna won big battles, causing his enemies to panic.

Tibetan Secrets Vaults and Aircraft Weapons

I have not seen how this weapon works. I saw the units themselves in the underground halls, and a member of the Council of Tibet gave me explanations about the technical characteristics that I passed on to the Germans, or rather to the representative of German military intelligence, Mr. von Stilhe. I met Shtilhe in Europe on a business trip abroad.

In addition to the technical characteristics of these two units, I also gave Shtilhe information about another weapon of the gods. This weapon remained from about 8-10 thousand years BC, it was discovered in underground cities under the ice of Antarctica in the area of ​​Queen Maud Land. As far as I know, in order to get there, you need a key and a rite of passage, since this place is guarded by guards.

These devices can move both under water and in the air, and they do it at great speed. They move on special round-shaped aircraft, which are not like airplanes and airplanes known to us. I also told their technical characteristics to Shtilhe …

I also informed Shtilhe about objects that are located in all parts of the world in the mountains. With the help of these objects, in one moment it is possible to destroy all cities and industrial centers of all countries on earth, regardless of the state and social system. As far as I understood from the explanations at the Headquarters and as I pointed out about this in my articles, in all parts of the world there are spheres dug into the mountains made of extra strong metal that cannot be sawed or blown up.

Within these spheres are certain mechanisms that, when activated, generate a cloud similar to the sun. This cloud erupts into the atmosphere, it is controllable, i.e. can move along a certain trajectory. It explodes in the right place.

The air defense system of ancient civilizations or civilizations is a separate huge mystery that we still have to solve.

Now it becomes quite understandable the “secret” stamp imposed on the official research of artifacts of ancient civilizations, as well as why, at the official level, all these research and the artifacts themselves are hushed up or denied. 

The targeted campaigns to falsify our real history are also becoming understandable. In addition, this information sheds light on the question of what kind of vehicles attacked the squadron of American Admiral Richard Byrd near Queen Maud Land in 1947.

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Ancient recipe books are like a panacea for modern diseases!

Ancient recipe books are like a panacea for modern diseases! 165

Six months ago, the world media reported that the mixture, created according to the Old English medical book of the 9th century, destroyed up to 90 percent of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, one of the antibiotic-resistant strains of this bacterium that causes barley in the eyes. Only the antibiotic vancomycin, the main drug used in the treatment of MRSA, had the same effect.

And the drug, which was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine, would not have surprised the doctors of Ancient China.

Chinese pharmacologist Tu Yuyu discovered the drug artemisinin in the 70s, which cures malaria.

But the plant from which this substance is obtained, wormwood (Artemisia annua L), has been used to treat fevers, including those caused by malaria, as early as the 3rd or 4th centuries.

Tu Yuyu invented a cure for malaria after reading traditional Chinese medicine texts that described herbal recipes. The path to discovery and recognition was very difficult because hundreds of plant species had to be tested. In addition, the political atmosphere in China in the 70s was difficult. But her tenacity paid off. Artemisinin has now become an important antimalarial drug.

Her story is unusual in modern medicine. However, artemisinin is far from the only substance isolated from plants. Another malaria drug, quinine, is made from the bark of the officinalis L tree found in the rainforests of South America. The pain reliever morphine was isolated from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L), and the poison strychnine from the tree Strychnos nux-vomica L.

These plants were used in medicine for centuries and even millennia before chemists were able to isolate their most active components.

Is it possible that physicians can discover new drugs simply by studying ancient medical treatises, as did Tu Yuyu or English specialists? The answer to this question is ambiguous. Ancient pharmacological texts in Chinese, Arabic, Greek, or any other ancient language are not easy to study for a number of reasons.

Ancient recipe books

Ancient pharmacological texts are usually a list of recipes without explanation, whether they were used, and in what cases. Submit your favorite cookbook. You hardly cook all the recipes from it. If you do not make notes in it, then no one will know what recipes you tried, and so much you liked them. Commentaries are rarely found in ancient pharmacological books.

It is often difficult to determine which plants are listed in an ancient recipe. Nowadays, the Linnaean system is used to classify plants, where the genus and species of the plant are indicated. But before the Linnaean system became generally accepted, the classification of plants was extremely erratic.

Different local names could be used to denote the same plant. This means that it is not always possible to accurately determine which plants are discussed in the book. If we cannot accurately translate the names in old recipes, how can we evaluate their effectiveness?

Disease definitions also have links to local culture. This means that each nation has a different definition of the disease. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans considered fever to be a disease, but in modern medicine it is seen as a symptom of the disease.

The millennial collection of recipes “Kitab al-tabih”, written by Ibn Sayar al-Warak.

In the Greek and Roman texts, there are many descriptions of wave-like fever, that is, a fever that repeats every few days.

In modern medicine, wave-like fever is a symptom of malaria, but it is also a symptom of other diseases. Should scientists searching for new cures for malaria test all ancient Greek and Roman remedies for “wave-like fever”?

Holistic Medicine

The most important aspect, according to medical historians, is that each medical system must be considered holistically. This means that it is wrong to focus only on those aspects of ancient medicine that are successful by modern standards, and brush aside everything else.

Although there are effective medicines in ancient medicine, many of them are useless or even harmful. For example, in our time, hardly anyone will dare to be treated by taking huge doses of hellebore, as the ancient Greeks did.

But even with these shortcomings, there is great potential in ancient medical books for new drug discovery. This requires collaboration between pharmacologists, historians and ethno-pharmacologists who study traditional medicine from different cultures.

Such cooperation is not an easy process, because each of the specialists feels that they speak different languages. But the great examples mentioned above remind us that the result can be outstanding, especially when looking for cures for common diseases.

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