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Alpha People: How will the children of millennials change the world?

The alpha generation is people born from 2010 to 2024. This is the largest generation – there are more than two billion of them. Experts believe that alphas are the most unhappy part of our planet’s habitants. These are children who do not know what an analogue is, they will have to study all their lives, work harder than anyone else and have no property. 

The essence of the theory of generations

The well-known theory of generations, founded by American scientists William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1901, divides the development of mankind into cycles with identical patterns of behavior. These are people born in a certain period, brought up under the influence of the same sociocultural factors, world events and a specific stage of technological and economic development.

All this creates similar values, experience, principles, and way of thinking. According to the theory, generations change every 20-25 years. Lately the transition has been happening more frequently. 

The Silent Generation /1925 – 1944 

There are very few people of this generation left – their values ​​were formed until the end of the 50s of the last century. Their share was the Second World War, repressions, which forced these people to “silence”, because anyone could inform on them and ruin their lives, a fact most applicable to Europeans. The first place for them is family, which will not betray. They respect laws and are thrifty. 

Baby Boomers /1944 – 1967 

This is a post-war era with a shortage of men. The demographic situation began to level out in 1950; this period was popularly called the “baby boom” – the birth rate then, was higher than now. In addition, people born before 1952 were also called the “Cold War generation.”

Boomers are optimists with good health, they love the team, team games, they are hardy, they can work for an idea and a bright future – this ideology fell apart in the 90s, when people lost their jobs, savings, and were disappointed in their values.

When this disruption occurred, the boomers were not yet elderly, so the generation was forced to start living by different rules, hence another name – the lost generation. This term, of course, can be applied to any generation that has experienced dramatic changes. 

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Most Boomers use modern technologies little and have at most one account on social networks. These are hard workers who work as long as their health allows. Praise and recognition of their usefulness are important to them. They are conservatives, consumers of newspapers and TV. They love to talk and “teach life lessons.” 

Generation X / 1967 – 1984

This was the time of the beginning of the drug and AIDS epidemic, and the majority of divorces occurred among X-parents. Single mothers had to work a lot instead of raising them. Most of the X’s were left to their own devices.

They are independent. As children they were pioneers, interested in politics, try to keep abreast of everything, and believe in the state much less than their predecessors.

They often see solutions to various issues in an extraordinary way and are flexible to change. However, they are more prone to depression. Fortitude helps you survive.

Xers are actively moving up the career ladder and are afraid of losing their job. More susceptible to burnout than others. Have difficulties with technology. X’s are distinguished by their careful attitude towards money. They try to give children what they did not have.

Not interested in team success; personal career is more important than the results of team work. Xers need to constantly develop – they usually choose one or two areas of activity. These are punctual, reliable people, distinguished by leadership qualities.

Generation Y or Millennials / 1984 – 2000

This is one of the hardest generations to understand. Born at the turn of the millennium. They grew up during a time of global advancement in technology. Due to their addiction to smartphones, Gamers are also called the “thumb generation.” Y’s are radically different from their predecessors.

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For the most part, they are selfish, they don’t think about children and family until they are thirty. Self-knowledge is important for them; they know how to earn good money, but until they get on their feet, they sit on their parents’ necks. They are not in a hurry to get a job – for them, work should bring pleasure.

They are dependent on receiving information via the Internet. Hence the excessive trust in information from online networks. Getting an education at universities is not a priority for them. Most of the professions for which they studied are no longer in high demand or will soon lose relevance. They are focused on maintaining the level of comfort to which they have become accustomed since childhood, hence the interest in food, gadgets, cars, and clothes.

Millennials are unsure of the future and the suitability of what they are doing today. They put off “being an adult” until the last moment, because it is a responsibility. These are liberals, they monitor any changes in technology, fashion, food.

They want to have everything at once; for survival and financial well-being, millennials value profitable acquaintances more than education. They have difficulty managing money wisely and have several loans.

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They feel better in virtual reality than in real life. They surf the Internet 24/7.

They need honorary positions and big salaries now. However, they try to be skilled in several areas.

Millennials are optimistic, love to travel, and are not afraid to quit without a backup option. If they are interested in the project, they will be hardworking and ambitious, will be able to work overtime and show extraordinary thinking. They are also not afraid of new things and are well versed in technology. These are the first people whose development was inextricably linked with the Internet.

Generation Z or Zoomers / 2000 – 2015

This is the generation of Digital, startups and creative entrepreneurship. These are people without patterns, restrictions and stable knowledge. The Zetas live in fairly comfortable times, with some starting businesses as teenagers. The generation born with a smartphone in their hands. They are brought up on authorities from the World Wide Web. Therefore, they have few or no friends in the yard. This makes it difficult to work in a team.

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As a rule, they do not have their own point of view on political events, economics, or global changes. It is difficult to interest Zoomers with their salary or prospects. They won’t do anything they don’t want to do.

They love to gain new knowledge and are able to remember and process large amounts of information. They take basic information from the World Wide Web. They are distinguished by their versatility and innovative abilities. Capricious, prone to narcissism and selfishness. If they don’t get what they want, they can throw a tantrum out of the blue.

These are free artists. They do not need comfortable conditions, stable work and financial privileges. They are drawn to the new and unfamiliar. They care about the reaction of others to everything they do. Attention is the main thing for them. They need money for instant pleasure and emotions.

The Zetas believe that all people are equal – they are an ambitious generation with a positive outlook on life. They strive for freedom of choice. Office work scares them.

Generation A (Alpha) / 2010 – 2024

The largest generation Alpha is replacing the zoomers. Experts think that this will be the most unfortunate category of earthlings – they will have to work and study all their lives, while they will have almost nothing of their own.

There are great hopes for alpha – researchers believe that they will radically change our world and leave the biggest mark in human history.

These are children who do not even know what the “analog” world is. By age 2, about eight out of ten alpha generation children are already actively playing games on smartphones and tablets. They are mobile, loosely tied to countries and regions.

Alpha is the first generation that was not “raised with a belt.” 20 years ago, parents could afford to “beat” their children, now it is taboo.

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Unlike zoomers, education is important for alphas. They do not see the difference between real and intangible goods: for them, “skins” or subscriptions are as important as gold and diamonds for older generations.

Children of generation A practically do not walk in the yards alone – they are overprotected. But at the same time, great results are expected from them. They are very interested in the practical side of the acquired knowledge. It is difficult to amaze them with anything or make them happy.

Also, alphas very quickly process information through themselves and analyze it in detail. Their thinking is radically different from all their predecessors: it is important for them not to remember addresses, dates or names, but to know through which source it is better to find the necessary information.

They will not start families early, and may never buy their own home. This is a generation of long-livers who will work until old age. On average, they may have up to six careers with more than ten employers.

Rapid changing world

The separation of generations is not a label, but rather a conditional guide to better understand each other. Sociologists have noticed that the average generation change is 20-25 years, but these periods are constantly decreasing, since the modern world is a world of rapid change and developing technologies.

It is extremely difficult to predict how generations will change and, in general, what will happen in ten, twenty, or a hundred years. Methods of transmitting information, behavior patterns, life expectancy, even values: what is good and bad may change.

Time passes, life changes. It will be even more interesting later as it happens we live in interesting times where we can truly feel the passage of time.


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